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In July, following my talk on My Life as a Freelance Comedy Writer for Durrington WI I sat at the front of the room in the village hall while they had their business meeting. The talk had been a great success and the meeting afterwards produced some very funny comments of its own: numerous crossed wires and innuendos. Back in 1998, when I had been a speaker for just a couple of years, I spoke at a WI Group meeting in Oxford. Humour perfectly tailored for London.

Creating visual aids that really work: Designing effective slides using PowerPoint

Pivotal Public Speaking

Used unwisely, PowerPoint becomes a distraction that upstages the presenter and buries the message. PowerPoint also lets you create your own graphics and tailor the data to meet your own special needs. Used wisely, PowerPoint® and similar programs can be an effective tool to help audiences remember your message, while allowing you to prove, reinforce, and support your claims.