8 Presenter Principles To Master: A Guest Posting by Jeff Hurt

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Jeff has worked in leadership roles with five associations, five government organizations and several companies in the education, events and meetings departments, including Meetings Professionals International and Promotional [.].

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How to Get Noticed by Meeting Planners with Lori Pugh Markham

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On this episode of the Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking with Lori Pugh Markham about what it takes to catch the eye of meeting planners. We are excited to have with us, Lori Pugh Markham from Meeting Planners International. Lori has 14 years of experience in the meetings and events industry on both the […]. The post How to Get Noticed by Meeting Planners with Lori Pugh Markham appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Good content/Bad presentation?

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A keynote speaker at Meeting Professionals International’s MeetDifferent 2010 has been generating sparks from bloggers who followed the conference, not because of his message, but for the way he delivered it. Tags: PowerPoint audience in public speaking public speaking meetings presentation speakers From a Commentary post at Meetingsnet … Don’t Let a Speaker’s Style Defeat Substance.

The main reason you haven’t closed the sale today

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Attending my local Arizona chapter of Meeting Professionals International is always a treat. No one approached me about buying tickets during the networking time prior to the meeting. My friend and tech guru, Jim Spellos , was presenting and I was in Arizona so there was every reason to attend.

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Age as a communication barrier

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You may want to check out Meeting Professionals International’s One+ magazine, September 2010, Generation Why article for even more on this subject. The attendees were there to learn how they could communicate more successfully. All “inside&# folks, some of them arrived fairly frustrated with their office mates. When I asked them what they think prevents honest, direct, clear communications, one of the first responses was: generational differences.

The Future of Conferences – Part Two: What are the current trends?

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  How long will it take for conferences and meetings to rebound from the financial meltdown of Fall 2008?   That seems to be the consensus in the conference world; from a low of 13% in June 2009, the number of meeting planners who think conditions ahead are favorable has only bounced back to 19% (in October, the latest figures available).   That’s according to Meeting Professionals International (MPI), one of the two big organizations of conference people.

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The symposiums senior event planner, along with the convention centers senior event manager, both recent CMP designation recipients as awarded through our meeting partner alliance, Meeting Professional International, brainstormed the theme for the February 12 date, and created Heart of A Woman.