Why speakers fail

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Such understanding necessitates that you read about the organization, get information about the audience's current challenges and hot buttons, and learn what the meeting planner has in mind for the presentation. Five-minute conversations over the phone with a meeting planner do not tend to supply you with all you need to know in that area. What is this particular meeting designed to do? What did they hear last year or at a similar meeting?

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The Future of Conferences, Part Three: What is a green conference?

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  Nick:   Tim, your recent book is all about doing well by doing good, and a part of doing good for any organization is hosting a green meeting.   Has the green revolution in meetings survived the economic downturn?   I always say that meetings are the movies of the business world.   Those are like the food miles that Whole Foods started and Walmart has taken on in a big way, only for meetings.

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Keynote & Training:Before you start, it's time for a reality check


Although the recession has turned the market toward more content-driven programs, meeting planners still expect a riveting performance. A demo that is captivating to a training director may not be captivating to a meeting planner who’s been exposed to NSA’s master keynoters. The meeting planner will assume that your timing and use of humor would be the same in a keynote situation as on tape.

Who's on First:Selling Your Programs to Education Committees


With the exception of sales meetings and incentive programs, vendors for customer service, TQM, CQI and other kinds of training are now being selected by education committees. (An In the past, the committees would decide the theme or topics and meeting planners would present a slate of recommended speakers. Association meetings are more competitive than ever, with pressure from declining pools of members because of downsizing as well as more meetings from outside sources.