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Public speaking, media training, presentation training, crisis communications Home Live Video About TJ Products & Services FAQs « Huffington Vs. Keller “Live is Better than Tape&# » Governor Walker’s Negative Ratings Make for Good Comedy Here’s why Governor Walker’s negative ratings are so high and why so many people are siding with the teachers union in Wisconsin. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

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Does simple=stupid in speaking? Why Congress's report card isn't bad

The Eloquent Woman

Media coverage went for the snark, with terms like "dumbing down" and "mental teenagers" to describe the shift in vocabulary that has members of the U.S. Congress speaking at one grade level lower than they did seven years ago, around the sophomore level in high school. And lawmakers of both parties still speak above the heads of the average American, who reads at between an 8th and 9th grade level. How do you feel about members of Congress speaking simply?

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Drudge Report Ramps Up Trump Support - Damns Paul Ryan With Headline "Pussy-Whipped"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" In a speech in Wisconsin, Ryan said that he found Trump's banter with Billy Bush "troubling."   Current Affairs Games Intuitive Media Personal Musings Politics Public Speaking Web/TechDrudge Report didn't have a moment of ambivalence during this latest crisis for the GOP in Campaign 2016. The conservative and influential news site found a shrewd way to stand toe-to-toe with those damning Trump for lewd talk.

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Favorite fan mail…that has made it through

Duarte Blog

For all things media-related, including speaking engagements, contact: It’s from a guy named Scott Lynch who works at Sustain Dane , a nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. I *heart* fan mail. There is nothing better than hearing from you guys. We’ve been getting so much mail that we’ve decided to take the load off by setting up specific accounts for different needs.

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Donald Trump - Can this Brand Be Saved?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The other problem has been Trump's media screw-up when being interviewed by Chris Matthews on abortion. If Trump does what is necessary to save his brand that might or might not be enough to give him a victory in Wisconsin.   Branding legal Media Personal Musings Politics Public Speaking Rebranding ValuesThe Washington Post made it official: Donald Trump had the worst week among politicos.

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Famous Speech Friday: Jill Abramson's "to anyone who's been dumped"

The Eloquent Woman

It worked for Carol Bartz, fired as CEO of Yahoo, in her 2012 commencement speech at the University of Wisconsin , another Famous Speech Friday entry. The university live-streamed it, Twitter lit up with people watching from afar, and the media ( including the outlet that fired her ) covered it like a blanket, giving her a great opener: "I think the only real news here today is your graduation from this great university."

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