Is busyness a competition?

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Back in the late 90s, after having started and run my nonprofit organization for several years while also working a full-time job, I started noticing a tendency to brag about my busyness. The busier I appeared and the more meetings and events I organized and attended, the more important I felt. The latest busyness competition on social media is around how many Zoom meetings we're having in a day, thanks to COVID-19. People are busy. People are overwhelmed.

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6 Ways to Achieve Your Resolutions Through Public Speaking

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However, "people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don't explicitly make resolutions."** You may not explicitly make resolutions about public speaking, but here's how public speaking might enhance your 2008 resolutions. Resolution: Get a better job/advance your career Building public speaking skills can help build your career. Resolution: Make more money/get out of debt Get paid for speaking!

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Favorite fan mail…that has made it through

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Our goal is to stay better organized so we can respond to your questions faster. For all things media-related, including speaking engagements, contact: It’s from a guy named Scott Lynch who works at Sustain Dane , a nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. I *heart* fan mail. There is nothing better than hearing from you guys.

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