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A well-built media kit is vital for effective marketing. A brilliantly designed media kit is good, but although visual impact is important, your content is equally as important. Your media kits value is in the information it provides and in its news worthiness.

How to Create a Great Investor Pitch Deck and Close the Deal


Serviceable Available Market (SAM) – The segment of the TAM targeted by your start-up which is within your geographical reach. However, keep in mind that when Facebook first launched, they used a media kit to raise funding although not a pitch deck, it served the same purpose. If you’re a start-up, then you probably already heard the term “pitch deck.”

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Mommy Bloggers: Tim Sullivan, President of School Family Media, Talks

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Their mission was to learn "search-engine optimization, building a 'comment tribe' and how to create an effective media kit."    So, I asked Tim Sullivan, President of School Family Media Inc.,

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Eight Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements : MarketingProfs Articles

It should take the following eight steps: Decide which product or service areas the firm should be targeting for increased visibility. Decide on the geographic area to target for speaking engagementslocal, regional, national or even international. See Whats New on the Agenda!