Six Elements of Vocal Variety and How to Master Them Part 1- Volume

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” “The human voice is capable of producing a broad range of intensity from a faint whisper to an ear-splitting scream, but most people only use a small part of that range.” ” Let’s say we measured this vocal range on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is a whisper, and 10 is the loudest roar you could produce. What is Vocal Variety?

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Guest Blog: A Corporate Speechwriter’s Halloween Tour of Medieval England

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While Barons and Knights give measured advice the Fool whispers in the King’s ear “That’s boring. As Robert Schlesinger said about JFK’s White House , speechwriters counter the “diplomatic blandness” the State Department bureaucracy produced. A veteran speechwriter and executive communications specialist, Ian Griffin helps CEOs and senior managers develop strategic messaging and content for presentations to audiences worldwide.

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Interview w/Ian Tyson: comedian & motivational speaker

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You have to measure the reaction from a listener and see if you have kept them engaged and had a satisfying ending as well. I know for example that in the fall, when my busy season ramps up, I need a show or two to shake the rust off, but it sometimes those shows that end up having some more improvisation (while I am remembering what comes next) and occasionally that produces absolute gold.

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