Crop a picture by an exact measurement in PowerPoint

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But if you want to end up with an exact measurement — let’s say to fit the picture into a predefined space — you can do that as well. Crop to an exact measurement. The post Crop a picture by an exact measurement in PowerPoint appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

A bizarre method of measuring speaking skills

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So let me get this straight: A member of Congress who speaks at a grade level that most Americans can understand, using shorter sentences and shorter words, gets the lowest rating of speaking skills in all of Congress?

Measuring who's talking: Men or women? A tool for your next meeting

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We all owe Cathy Deng thanks for coming up with this simple tool that measures who's talking more: men or women? Freely available on , side-by-side timers let you keep track of who dominates the conversation, be it in a meeting, a panel discussion, or a conference.

How Will You Measure Success in 2013?

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When measuring success, will you focus on how far you have come or the vast distance between you and your ultimate aspiration? Late last year I became involved with Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program (even a coach needs a coach).

No-Tech Survey Monkey - Unitarian Minister Matt Alspaugh Measures Happiness

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My hunch is that I pulled down the score by measuring my own happiness at 5. The surprise was this: The Happiness Index at the First Unitarian Universalist Church , based in Youngstown, Ohio was 7+ on a scale of 10 (the latter was the highest.).

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Ailes, Denton - The Measure of a Man

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How do we take a measure of the man? Both media titans, Roger Ailes and Nick Denton, have fallen.    But the age-old question of character arises. Especially since David Brooks published "The Road to Character." " It remains #145 on Amazon. Here you can order it. 

Fred Price - The Measure of a Man

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He gave us the measure of a man. " The church at Northminister Presbyterian , Tucson, Arizona, was full. With respect for the family of the late Fred Price, friends had arrived early. John Cheek began the celebration of Fred's life right on time. That was 2 P.M. on July 18, 2016.

Barack Obama’s Speech on Gun Control

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In it, he discussed a number of measures that he proposes to take by Executive Order to reduce gun violence in the United States. President Barack Obama began the final year of his presidency with a speech on gun control. It … Continue reading → Analysis of a Speech Anaphora Aporia Barack Obama Diacope gun control public speaking

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Top 10 Presentation Measurement Units

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Accordingly, some objects have evolved their own official units of measurement outside of the usual metric or imperial systems. The top 10 Standard Presentation Units of Measurement are: 1. Is measured in Olympic Swimming Pools per hour or day.

Glassdoor - Becoming Metric For Measuring Organizational Leadership

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To assess Yahoo leader, Marissa Mayer, BusinessInsider's Eugene Kim went to Glassdoor. He did a keyword analysis of  2,200 employee reviews. Then Kim connected the dots. Verdict: Employees like Yahoo and their smart colleagues. But essentially they are fed up with the leadership.

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David Witchs - Is Harvard the measure of a man?

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 Is that the measure of a man? Was the measure of this man less because he was no longer a producer in capitalism? On , Kathryn Rubino was among the first to break the story of the fatal crane accident in Manhattan.

The Communication Blog: Communication Strategies: Self-Esteem

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2.12.2011 Communication Strategies: Self-Esteem Self-esteem is a measure of how valuable you think you are; people with high self-esteem think very highly of themselves, whereas people with low self-esteem view themselves negatively. The basic idea behind building self-esteem is that when you feel good about yourself—about who you are and what you’re capable of doing—you will perform better. When you think like a success, you’re more likely to act like a success.

Webinar on Social Media Measurement

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IABC Philadelphia will present a webinar on Wednesday, February 16th, 12 noon-1:30pm Eastern. Cost : $30 Members; $40 Non-Members. For information and registration details: [link

Michelle Obama: Rhetorical effectiveness measured in tweets-per-minute

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Since the tweet count has become such an important measurement, those seeking influnce will push for their supporters to tweet.  Like Ann Romney's convention speech, Michelle Obama's told of a love story.

Analyze This Social Media Measurement Expert | Media Training

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Public Speaking - Measured (Official) Rhetoric About No-Indictment For Darren Wilson

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Those who anticipated that they would be making official statements about the Grand Jury decision about Michael Brown's death knew that their rhetoric had to be measured. Tension had been growing for months.

Does Murdoch’s Apology Measure Up?

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This apology would have been a great first step in Murdoch’s crisis communication strategy. Instead, it comes 12 days after the scandal broke and when most people had already made up their minds on whether there was wrongdoing or not. Murdoch’s legacy will forever be painted with the brush of this scandal. The printed apology [.]. Analysis Body Language CEOs/Financial Crisis Communications crisis communication news of the world Rupert Murdoch

SURPRISE: Consumer Sentiment Rises Unexpectedly to 5-Year High…Drudge

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Beyond the Personal Brand: Measure of a life for Class of '67

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 We needed to take a measure of those. From reading my published work and googling me, Irene Nunn, a former close friend from the Class of '67, knew my personal brand. From following her art shows and viewing her portraits and landscapes, I knew hers.

Hans Rosling: Upgrading our worldview via data visualization

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Note, however, here how Dr. Rosling introduces the problem and what he'll be measuring. One way he often compares the progress of countries is by measuring the change over time of the variables life expectancy (in years) and family size (number of babies per woman).

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PowerPoint Slide Makeover - Presenting Test or Measurement Procedures

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Presenting tests or measurements usually includes talking about how often the testing is done and what tests were performed.

The Great PR Measurement Debate of 2014—How to Tie Results to C | Media Training

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Ted Kennedy - Taking the Measure of a Man

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  How do we take the measure of the man?  Given that framework, I take a measure of Ted Kennedy as a man who often made it his mission to leverage his influence and power on matters which could benefit the common good. Senator Ted Kennedy is dead.   Perhaps that's best done each in our own way, according to our own values. Last night I attended a viewing of the film "Out of the Poison Tree," directed by Beth Pielert.

Lady Gaga For Gay Marriage: Pop Star Urges Voters To Back Equality Measures In Four U.S. States

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Public Speaking getting through recovery measures speech crashI recently heard a speaker tell his audience that public speaking is always fun. I’d take a bet that that speaker hasn’t done a lot of speaking in the real world! Of course public speaking can be huge fun. But every speaker who gets up on a stage on a regular basis in the real [.].

How to specify the position of an image or object on a PowerPoint slide–precisely

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The most common reason I want to specify the position of an image using a measurement is so that objects on adjacent slides are in the same place; otherwise, they appear to jump as you move from slide to slide. Click the Size and Properties icon–it looks like a square with measurements.

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In Love Poems and Presentations, Less is More

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“It’s difficult for us to dispose of pieces that we worked so hard on, but the value of a bit’s worth—whether it’s in film or literature or multimedia presentations, or even writing software for that matter—should not be measured merely in terms of the labor we put into it.

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8.15.2010 Salaries One measure of an ailing society has to be the large gap between the salaries of normal people working in education, science, and government and television performers. For example, the median elementary school teacher salary is $50,590. A licensed practical nurse earns $39,772; a dentist, $136,303; a biostatistician, $143,392; a level 1 engineer, $54,948, a clinical psychologist, $63,000, and a firefighter in New York City, $37,426 to $81,313.

Rhetoric and applause in Obama’s inaugural speech as a measure of what the audience liked best

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The second burst of applause also came after two three-part lists, each of which had a third item that was longer than the first two: "The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness."

Nelson Mandela: Lessons for Future Orators

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He spoke with a measured cadence, and effectively utilized pausing to emphasize key points. * First appeared in The Atlantic Post. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace.

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Movie Magic: How to Sync With Your Audience

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As professional “presentation people,” especially ones who love cinematic presentations, Duarte is always looking for ways to help presenters increase audience engagement and measure the success of their presentations—and this research may help presenters become better at both.

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The Myth of the Perfect Presenter

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Because they think they can only speak if they measure up to the impossible standards of the Perfect Presenter. As a young lawyer I idolized a senior lawyer in our city. Margaret Nixon was cool and poised. As a speaker she was clear and logical, but still warm and engaging.

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The Most Talked About Super Bowl Commercial Was a Presentation in Disguise

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The spot was the most talked about commercial of this year’s crop, according to Bluefin Labs , a Massachusetts–based company measures the impact of television via social media. During Sunday’s Super Bowl, a presentation went undercover, posing as a commercial.

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Create a system for your message

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A presentation doesn’t stand by itself. Your presentation started out with a reason, a goal, need, or a situation that led to the presentation itself. Here are some examples: Employees in your company are not getting the desired results, so they need training.

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Guest post: Simple ways to avoid cyber attacks on your computer or mobile phone

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Despite a growing sophistication among hackers and scammers in their ability to steal and exploit personal and corporate information, there is a low sense of urgency among small and medium businesses to take proactive protective measures. Freelance Writing - General

Is your audience suffering an engagement drought?

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Doing "nothing" in California has led us to the place we are today, with our state having to take drastic measures to reduce water use. One solution to the drought: Succulents!

Leveraging existing slides with TeamSlide, slide library software

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In both cases, TeamSlide uses state of the art security measures like encrypted connections, CSRF countermeasures or parameterized database queries that have been confirmed in penetration testing.

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Slides that pop! Using the 3rd dimension on a slide–Part II: 3D rotation

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Note that PowerPoint measures depth in points. There’s also an interesting setting, Distance from Ground, also measured in points. In this post, I explain in detail how to use 3D rotation.

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Crisis Communication and Timing – Sony and Johnson & Johnson

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Since then, the Company has unveiled a series of measures to reduce the risk of this happening again, including creating the position of Chief Information Security Officer and adding new firewalls, encryption and monitoring services. In a crisis, and in crisis communication, timing, and time, is crucial. Johnson & Johnson ( J&J ) and Sony Corporation (TYO) both faced crises over the past seven days.

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Public Speaking Apprehension-

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Don’t think of public speaking as a measure of your self-worth. In looking over the literature on dealing with pubic speaking apprehension, I searched for less likely sources than NCA journals. Here are some of the things I found, not surprisingly, not that different from what we have in our textbooks: From an article in Forbes: 1. Begin small, with baby steps. Organize what you want to say. Slow down. From Psychology Today : 1. Don’t expect perfection.

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