K-12 Education: Theme of BigData for Ghostwriters/Speechwriters

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 Those range from persuading stakeholders about online education to creating background  material for Second Language teaching. Startup Panorama Education provides to schools for a fee an analogue of SurveyMonkey, reports Darrell Etherington in TECH CRUNCH. Unlike  Unlike SurveyMonkey, which is free, Panorama Education goes beyond mere collection of data. K-12 Education is big business.

Who's in the audience and why should I care?

Speak Schmeak

Another problem with not learning about your audience in advance is in presenting material that is too advanced or too simplistic. Get some background on the company, the culture, the level of experience with your topic, the event you're part of, the demographics of the attendees, and basics like how many people will be there (I use a SurveyMonkey questionnaire for this so it can be completed easily online).

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