The Speakers Bureau Myth

Speak and Deliver

One of the many myths about the speaking industry is that Speaking Bureaus will line your pockets with money, promote you to stardom, and remove any need for you to market yourself. I'm sure reputable agencies exist - they just don't seem to be intent on marketing much.)

Expressing your uniqueness in print

Ron Kaufman adds to this, "Take that one step further. " Evolution of one-sheets As we reinvent ourselves and our industry, clearly showing that we are experts who speak professionally, we need to reinvent our marketing materials as well.

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How to develop a paid public speaking career – V: What you need

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Let’s talk about the marketing materials you need to develop a paid public speaking career.    There are a few essentials:  a DVD, a website, a book, a one-sheet.    He’s a brilliant marketer, and it shows (and it works).    It really needs to contain one thing and one thing only:  a 20-30 minute excerpt of a speech similar to the kind you want to book.    Fourth, the one-sheet.

How to develop a paid public speaking career – IV: 3 Rules for Long-term Public Speaking Success

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

You’ve created both push and pull demand – you’ve wooed the bureaus and meeting planners and you’ve created a strong platform – and you’re getting inquiries.    The greatest fear of a meeting planner or a speaker bureau rep is that a speaker will do something stupid, disastrous, or unforgettable.    “How could you have hired (Speaker X) when he insulted every single one of our customers by saying they weren’t green enough?” 

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Charli Jane Speaker Services - how to create a media kit

A well-built media kit is vital for effective marketing. Name: Email: FREE Speak-to-Me eZine for Speakers & Meeting Planners Includes great tips, Speaker of the month profile, and much more!

Speaking for Dollars by Vickie Sullivan

You’re the industry star, the one who always gets asked to do the high-risk presentations for your company. Invitations flowed in without much marketing effort. Therefore, to get the big fees – or any fee at all – you must compete in the keynote or general-session market. If a speaker bombs in a workshop, people may grumble but no one gets hurt. Because the risk of failure is much higher in a keynote, planners are much choosier about who they hire.