Snail Mail & Marketing Mix: Why we buy

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Currently, snail mail is so effective in the marketing mix, both B2C and B2B, because it is delivered through a channel that is no longer glutted. 

Snail Mail - Still Should Be Part Of Marketing Mix, Especially When Targeting Over-55

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"According to a new report from marketing research firm MarketingSherpa, 54% of consumers surveyed said they want to receive [snail] mail from brands they're interested in. However, only 19% of marketers in the study said they send updates as coupons and discounts in the [snail] mail."

Bloggers migrating from trusted opinion leaders to part of marketing mix

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  So, it's no surprise that marketers have noticed this credible force and are harnessing it for everything from branding to actual selling.  We bloggers have proved ourselves trusted opinion leaders.    For example, head writer Elie Mystal on  and Erick Schonfeld on TechCrunch  are likely more respected than the official players in their fields. 

Why Internet marketing is green

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Locally (Fairfield, Iowa), I help people with Internet marketing. Along with two colleagues, I recently held a free “Marketing Makeover Session&# during which we went over the basic structures: blog/website. email marketing. After that, we pulled people’s names from a bowl, asked a few questions about their business, and offered on-the-spot marketing makeovers for them. Phyllis Khare specializes in social media marketing.

Marketers - Headlining Your Content with a Question

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Yes, involve the target market to participate in a poll, click for more information/insight, comment, like, and so on. It's part of the marketing mix. It's well-known that interactive content can be very effective.

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The Marketing of Everything: America's Dirty Little Secret That Must Be Kept Under Wraps

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

His background in public relations reaches back to a time when the discipline was separate from marketing. How public relations agencies market themselves reflects on how they might be positioning and packaging their clients' marketing - and even hands-on sales.

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Podcasts - About 80% of Listeners Stay for the Whole Episode

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  That stickiness is only one reason why podcasting quickly became a necessary part of the public relations and marketing mix.  Voice is back. Is it because listeners missed its sound that about 80% stick with a podcast for the whole episode? Maybe. Or it could be that those doing podcasting recognize that they better have an engaging idea for the series. 

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The Influencer Era - How Corporations Can Protect the Brand from Scandal

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Influencers are playing an increasingly important role in marketing. It can't be bypassed in the marketing mix. Yet, that legal territory still remains the wild west. The field is so relatively new.

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You can't harvest until you cultivate

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You know you need to add speaking to your marketing mix. We recently bought two blueberry bushes, and I''m ecstatic! I suddenly "discovered" blueberries about two years ago. Never liked them before, but I had some really delicious local organic berries and was sold.

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I'm back.from a blogging hiatus

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As a sole proprietor, my time is valuable, so I needed to think how blogging fit in my sales and marketing mix. Tags: e-Business e-Marketing presenter Presentations blogging hiatus communications skills ConnectingDots Paul Gibler presentation skills I've been on a self-imposed blogging hiatus. . I needed a break from blogging and had to re-evaluate the reasons that I blog.

LinkedIn Communities - Maybe Some Articles Should Be Targeted for Third-Party Media

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This goes back to the fundamental of selling: We need a marketing mix. Social networks provide one kind of platform for marketing and sales. Opinion-editorials, articles and hard news published in third-party media have more influence, build more brand equity and create a pull force in selling than does material published on social networks.  Those networks include LinkedIn.    Sure, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful professional networking tools.

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Big Time Internet Usage Stats From 2011

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Whether or not you’re finding a way to work video into your marketing mix at tradeshows or otherwise, you can’t help but admit that your audience is consuming online video in a big way.

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Wendi McNeill: As A Public Speaker Do You Twit?

Using twitter in your marketing mix will open many doors of opportunity that you would not get anywhere else and will place you in front of millions of people looking for a solution to their problem and answers to their questions.