4 Ways to Use Storytelling in Marketing That Have Nothing to Do With Heart Wrenching Videos

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So many of the articles about storytelling in marketing today focus on brand storytelling. They typically explain the storytelling marketing techniques that we can use to stir up emotion via beautiful advertising videos. Storytelling in Marketing; Not Just for Advertising.

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15 Ways to Market Your Speaking Business and Build Your Brand

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We all know that whether you are a new business or one that’s been around for years, marketing is the key to building a brand and getting your message to the world. That said, there is no shortage of things that we “should” be doing to market our business. The post 15 Ways to Market Your Speaking Business and Build Your Brand appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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[Podcast] Marketing Strategies to Book More Business with Carolyn Crummey

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I think one thing anyone reading this article can agree on is that developing effective marketing strategies for your speaking business is essential for finding and securing new prospects and clients. So, let me ask you this: Do you have effective marketing strategies in place and are they doing what you want them to do? […]. The post [Podcast] Marketing Strategies to Book More Business with Carolyn Crummey appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

[Podcast] 15 Marketing Initiatives to Book More Business

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I recently received an email from Betsy Allen that asked a question about marketing initiatives that I get all the time: “What income generating marketing activities should I be doing on a daily basis to get more speaking business?” ” In episode #61 of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, I’m answering this question and sharing 15 Marketing […]. The post [Podcast] 15 Marketing Initiatives to Book More Business appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

How to Use PowerPoint to Spruce Up Your Content Marketing Campaigns


PowerPoint not only rules the presentation industry, it also helps make content marketing much easier. With PowerPoint, you wouldn’t need to immediately contact your favorite design studio or freelance digital artist for everyday content marketing efforts, saving you extra bucks that you can then use for those special media campaigns. So how do you leverage PowerPoint for content marketing without endangering your brand?

How to store your presentation in the cloud–for embedding, collaboration, or marketing

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You can share the link with colleagues for collaboration or potential customers for marketing. Storing a presentation in the cloud, that is, in a Web-based location, has great advantages: It’s an off-site backup. You can use Embed code to embed the presentation on your website or blog.

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To Get More Speaking Gigs Do You Fix the Speech or Marketing?

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A week or so ago I asked this question on Facebook about getting new speaking gigs: If you weren’t getting the bookings that you wanted, would you a) work on the speech or b) work on the marketing? The post To Get More Speaking Gigs Do You Fix the Speech or Marketing? Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing Speaking Business Strategy building your speech Epic Keynote getting more gigs improving your speech

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Digital Marketers - Ditch All Those Links, Except for CTA

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Some digital marketers tend to want everything documented. So you include plenty of links in your blogs, web content and email blasts. Big mistake. Those links provide a pathway for prospects to escape your content - and not return.

Strategic Marketing: Making Social Media WORK

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After all, strategic marketing, brand building, should be the primary focus of your social media effort. Strategic marketing…building a brand…as opposed to pushing a particular product is a key element of success that far too many enterprises simply ignore in their social media campaign.

15 Marketing Initiatives to Consider For Your Speaking Business

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It is a business tune-up, which I love, and the topic we concentrated on was marketing. Our instructor asked a question, “How good are you at marketing?” The post 15 Marketing Initiatives to Consider For Your Speaking Business appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing blogging business marketing marketing ideas marketing initiatives marketing your speaking business Social Media

Why Internet marketing is green

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Locally (Fairfield, Iowa), I help people with Internet marketing. Along with two colleagues, I recently held a free “Marketing Makeover Session&# during which we went over the basic structures: blog/website. email marketing. After that, we pulled people’s names from a bowl, asked a few questions about their business, and offered on-the-spot marketing makeovers for them. Phyllis Khare specializes in social media marketing.

Purpose, Not Promotion - Marketing from the Soul

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A global copywriting firm and a computer sales/repair service both have hired me to make their marketing communications more effective. Such an approach might be called "marketing from the soul." Marketing from the soul, of course, is nothing new.


Book Marketing Made Simple – A Review

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Having published by first book The Presenters Edge, back in December 2016 and, having made loads of book marketing mistakes along the way, I was keen to read Karen Williams Book Marketing Made Simple. Of course, that would have been impossible as I published my The Presenter’s Edge 5 back in December 2016 and Book Marketing Made Simple has only just been published in the summer of 2017. Presentation Skills book marketing made simple

Marketing - When What Used to Work Doesn't, Not Any More

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The moment of truth in marketing comes in hard cold numbers. And square one, in this era of data, means research about market segments and how to reach them.  The business and investment librarian-Stuart Gibbs-presented seven sources of market intelligence.

3 Keys to Make Your Marketing Campaign Rock

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Many marketers — from all fields — try to say too much… They try to hit their prospects with everything they’ve got — full specs, 12 benefits, etc. Allan did throw in a fourth essential ingredient for an effective marketing campaign: consistency.

Quiz Marketing in Professional Services

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Quiz marketing is nothing new. Way back when, nonprofit Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) attracted new members with its quiz about drinking habits. The list of questions was widely distributed.

Hi-impact, lo-cost marketing with presentations

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It’s called “Latest Trends in Hi-Impact Lo-Cost Marketing with Presentations.&#. Presentations for Hi-Impact Marketing. Tags: Content Multimedia: Music, sound & video authorstream marketing I just posted a presentation on authorSTREAM. Uploaded on authorSTREAM by ellenfinkl | Upload your own presentation.

The Best Marketing Move I Ever Made

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The post The Best Marketing Move I Ever Made appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing Building Your List content marketing email marketing Hugh Culver marketingWe have been talking a lot about lead generation and lists lately.

How to Create an Extraordinarily Effective Speech-Marketing Tool

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You will learn: • how to strategize your speech-marketing campaign, and what singular tool will distinguish you from others seeking that booking. • the contact letter, flyer, and “kit” components you will have digitally accessible to accompany your new speech-marketing book or booklet.

The 2017 Best Speaker Website Contest Winner is Announced!

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Best Website Contest Speaker Marketing 2017 best speaker contest winner 2017 best speaker website contest elaine froese speaker website website marketingThis year’s Best Speaker Website contest was one of the closest contests in our history. Thank you to everyone who voted!

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Shoot all 5 arrows in your marketing quiver

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This blog post applies primarily to freelance writers who want to conquer corporate writing markets. We have at least five arrows in the marketing quiver , including: 1. What a marketing plan allows you to do is shoot them all in a planned and systematic manner to generate new and repeat business. That’s the key to any successful marketing campaign: implementing the marketing tasks that support your business objectives in a planned and systematic manner.

Email Marketing - 8 Common Mistakes

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Email marketing is low in cost. I know that because more of my marketing communications business is coming from those totally frustrated because their email had no reach. Wrong target market. Do it right and the outcomes could be amazing.

Book marketing hints and tips to help you sell your published or self-published book

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Using the book marketing hints and tips in this blog post won't guarantee that your book will become a best seller or that you will sell boxes of books. However, not using the book marketing hints and tips in this blog post all but guarantees that you will not sell any, or will only sell a few, books. Marketing Your Services My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand POD promoting books self-publising

Summer Marketing Camp for Speakers – Register Now for as Little as $99

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Never before have professional speakers — both experienced and emerging — had access to such a powerful combo of marketing guidance… and certainly not for such a low price. More about the “camp counselors&# : Marketing Marketing Training for Speakers

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Five ways writers can land clients

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Freelance Writing - Corporate Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services freelance writing marketing marketing writing services sales and marketing selling writing servicesFreelance writers can land new clients five ways: through referrals, from previous clients, through a well optimized website, by email, by mail or in person.

Content Marketing - Post-Election & Clickibait

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For those of us whose businesses live and die by traffic, Campaign 2016 has been, well, a gift from the universe. As soon as we figured out the keywords for the subject head and first line of content, so much of our digital communications went viral.

Public Speaking Marketing - Google +

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If you haven't yet used Google + for your social media duties , you may want to start now. Google + is growing quickly into a powerhouse of networking for all types of industry people including public speakers. Having a Google + account can help you with the search positioning of your websites in the long run. Sharing on Google + will help those resources get higher searchability and more credit for the subjects you write about.

Marketing with a Bow & Arrow

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How focused is your outbound marketing? You might ultimately decide that you can only market to one industry effectively, that would be fine. You might make real estate one of your target markets. I HAVE MY TARGET MARKETS, THEN WHAT?

Rotten Tomatoes, et al. - Shutting Off Power of Traditional Marketing

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Are we coming to the end of marketing, at least as we have known it? Reviewer Rotten Tomatoes, reports the LA Times , can kill off a film, no matter how much the makers have spent in marketing. The marketing has begun for her September 25th 9:00 A.M.

Is your presentation like a flea market?

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They're like the junk store or flea market of presentations, except that your audience doesn't want to have to dig through the mess to find the treasure. Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro Presentations can go wrong in a lot of different ways.

Content Marketing - Be Interactive (8 Musts)

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The problem with much of content marketing is this: The focus is on providing polished content, not a sales pitch. Reality: Content marketing is, of course, about eventually closing the sale. The meme in content marketing has become: More is Better.

Content Marketing in Professional Services - Stop Giving Away the Store

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Every successful player in content marketing knows this: There is a clear line between providing enough information and insight to indicate you know your stuff and too much. All marketing content should be oriented to move the prospect along to the Call To Action (CTA).

Beware the Stale Mailing List

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We all know how important having a list is to our business marketing efforts. Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing cleaning your email list email list email marketing email marketing strategy

The Power of Knowing Your Target Audience

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Best Website Contest Speaker Marketing business marketing strategies focused marketing Jane Atkinson marketing scaling your speaking business target audienceSo often, the experts of the internet tell us what we “should” be doing to grow our businesses. The problem with this, however, is that not all businesses are created equal and what may work for one business may not work for another.

Perfect Your Sales Presentation to Win in a Down Market

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New demands of a global economy, the immediacy of the internet, increased and hungry competition and most of all a ubiquitous down market make it a treacherous climate. The old way just won’t work in this new market. Is this challenging market taking the wind out of your sails? Tags: Presentation Skills Sales Presentations customer down market provative questions sales presentation stress understanding

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Can We Really Trust Your Marketing Department With Your Sales Presentation

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If you are in sales, you might occasionally wonder if your marketing people are really working in your (and the company’s) best interest. How does your marketing department get rewarded? Often, your marketing department prepares or hires a marketing agency to prepare the standard sales PowerPoint presentation. Because marketing is less concerned about selling and the needs of the prospects – the slideshow becomes a marketing feel-good show.

How (and Why) to Tell Killer Sales Stories

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Audience Engagement Delivery Marketing Storytelling Strategy Tips communication duarte sale stories sales storytelling sales storytelling techniques storytelling

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Why consider a career in Marketing

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My son recently graduated with a degree in International Business and Marketing and is looking for an entry-level position in this area. I met today with a group of marketing professionals who shared the many reasons young people should consider a career in this field. To hear what they told me, click on the podcast […] My son recently graduated with a degree in International Business and Marketing and is looking for an entry-level position in this area.

Writers - Monetization Depends 95% on Marketing (not talent)

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Those in fields such as journalism and book ghostwriting/publishing who have been laid off have retooled for niches such as content marketing. The trick is to take on the mindset of a marketer. The essence of marketing is testing.

[Podcast] Tapping the Education Market with Josh Shipp

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The education market is different from other speaking markets. Few people have a better handle on what it takes to make in the youth market than Josh Shipp. The post [Podcast] Tapping the Education Market with Josh Shipp appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The education market is different from other speaking markets. Few people have a better handle on what it takes to make in the youth market than Josh Shipp.