Shoot all 5 arrows in your marketing quiver

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This blog post applies primarily to freelance writers who want to conquer corporate writing markets. We have at least five arrows in the marketing quiver , including: 1. What a marketing plan allows you to do is shoot them all in a planned and systematic manner to generate new and repeat business. That’s the key to any successful marketing campaign: implementing the marketing tasks that support your business objectives in a planned and systematic manner.

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How to Do Market Segmentation The Right Way


You may have a great product, top-notch go-to-market strategy and a bullet-proof sales campaign, and still fail to generate the revenues you expected. In most cases, such campaigns end up appealing to no one in particular. So what smart marketers are doing instead?

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Tips to Help Position Yoursel

Marketing yourself Add this to your weekly business tasks, this is of course a must, if you dont market you all know they wont find you! Marketing yourself and your company, should be one of your major priorities, which requires to be done on a regular basis.