when the speech hands you lemons.

The Eloquent Woman

That's two different mindsets: One to get ready, rehearsing for the ideal; two, to toss that out the window and take what the situation brings. Unlike the original space, this room also lacked a lectern, microphone, or projection. If push came to shove, I could speak without the slides.

From the vault: A checklist for the speaker's wardrobe

The Eloquent Woman

When you choose what to wear for a speaking engagement or presentation, what goes into your thinking? Once you get used to working your way through this checklist, you'll find yourself making smarter wardrobe choices for your speaking engagements and presentations automatically.

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A checklist for the speaker's wardrobe

The Eloquent Woman

I started this list with the wardrobe questions from my popular Checklist for the whole speaker (it's a free download), then added more items to make it a comprehensive checklist focused on how your wardrobe appears when you're speaking or presenting.

2011 87

20 tips for better conference speaking ~ Authentic Boredom


20 tips for better conference speaking ~ 16 February 2009 ~ View from on stage as I’m preparing to speak at An Event Apart New Orleans 2008. But if anything, I’ve done quite a bit of speaking over the past four years (see the summary on my LinkedIn public profile ), and therefore I’ve learned a few things about speaking along the way. The art of speaking is roughly 51% entertainment, 49% meaty content. Speaking is hard.

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