Different types of “W” leads

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In a previous post , we looked at the W5 lead. Let’s look at some other W leads. Sample W4 News Lead. You don’t always have to use every W in your lead. Lead : House prices are expected to fall eight percent across Canada this year and sales are predicted to slip nearly 17 percent, according to a new report from The Canadian Real Estate Association. Summary Lead. Summary leads summarize the most important idea in the story. Blind Lead.

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Writing W5 News Article Leads

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The W5 — who, what, where, when and why (and sometimes hoW) is key to the news article, particularly to the lead of a news article. Here is a news headline followed by a W5 news lead: Headline : Wildfire towns declared crime scenes Lead : Police in Whittlesea, Australia declared incinerated towns crime scenes today, and the prime minister spoke of “mass murder” after investigators said arsonists may have set some of Australia’s worst wildfires in history.

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The Sales Myth: Delighting Customers Converts Leads

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Are you proactive in your thinking, offering a preliminary proposal as early in the process as possible, or wait for them to take the lead? If you sell luxury products, it’s likely that you want to delight your customers.

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Writing Article Leads

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Why is the lead important? If you don’t capture your reader’s attention in the lead, chances are your article will remain unread. Freelance writers must capture the editor’s attention in the lead of a query letter (the letter or email used to pitch a story idea) or chances are the article idea will not be read, let alone accepted. In addition, if you produce strong, dynamic leads, you will write in a more structured manner. Many writers bury their leads.

Pacing to Lead « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

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Elizabethkuhnke's Blog Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Home About Elizabeth X-Factor Attitude to Success Pacing to Lead Posted by: Kuhnke Communication on: September 10, 2010 In: Communication | Executive Presence | Listening Comment!

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How Gretchen Rubin Uses Social Media to Lead The Happiness Project Movement

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Because when you’re leading a movement, then you’re about something bigger than yourself. When speakers ask me how to get more exposure for their speaking business, I often advise that they think of themselves as the leader of a movement.

The Results are In: How Most Speakers Are Getting Business

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Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy Speaking Profession business sources getting business lead generation tools where do you get businessI was curious whether or not all of the new platforms promising “lots of engagements” for speakers were resulting in speakers getting business. To find out, we sent out a survey to our community of speakers to see exactly where you are getting business. Thanks to all of you who participated, because it told us what […].

Lead Magnet Ideas For Self-Published Authors

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You can find your target market and the people interested in your work through lead magnets. A lead magnet is an offer that could entice potential customers to buy your books. However not all forms of lead magnets apply to a specific field of interest, so it has to be appropriate.

How to take a moment to lead…quietly

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An actor is required to get up on stage and do their part whether they feel like it or not. Leaders need to do that too. However, very capable leaders may resign themselves to sitting back and letting someone else speak up or show up because that leader can’t seem to get a word in […].

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3 Steps to Lead Presentation Change in 2014

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This article shares three steps you can use to lead the change in your own organization to create more effective presentations in less time. This leads to better decisions, improves the results for your organization, and boosts your career. You can lead the change to more effective presentations in 2014 if you start small, build support, and always focus on the bottom-line benefit to your organization

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Women speakers: Are you the backup singer or the lead performer?

The Eloquent Woman

One of the many insights I''ve had as I roll out my Be The Eloquent Woman workshops involves women who, in effect, are playing backup singer to other speakers.

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Politicians Beware… Appearances Matter!

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Executive Pitch — What Should I Lead With? « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

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» Executive Pitch — What Should I Lead With? News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Chapter 16:Chapter 1: Writing Article Leads – “Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing”

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If you take time to produce a detailed query letter, you will often find your lead, the beginning of your article, is in your query. Why is the lead important? If you don’t capture your reader’s attention in the lead, chances are your article will remain unread. If you don’t capture your editor’s attention in the query lead, chances are your article idea will not be accepted. In addition, if you produce strong, dynamic leads, you will write in a more structured manner.

How Speakers, Authors and Thought Leaders Can Capture More Leads, Make More Connections and Close More Sales

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As a speaker, author or thought leader, capturing leads, making real connections with those leads, and ultimately converting them into paying customers is the lifeblood of your business. I use multiple channels to capture leads, including: Web page and blog page registration forms.

Chapter 17: Soft and Feature Article Leads – from “Everything You Wanted to Know about Freelance Writing”

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Chapter 17: Soft and Feature Article Leads - As you have gathered by now, rather than using the W5 to deliver the news, soft leads capture the attention of readers by using a story-related anecdote, painting a picture of a person, place or thing, or posing a question. The paragraph that follows a soft lead—the nut ‘graph—often contains the most important W5 elements.

"Breaking News" - David Muir's Lead-in, Not "Bombshell"

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This evening, David Muir opened the ABC 6:30 P.M. New York time) evening news with the phrase "breaking news." " He did not use the term he had used last week several times. That was "bombshell."

Hurricane Sandy shows Europe widening forecasting lead

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Lead Paint - Issue Back, in U.S. and Abroad

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Lead paint, both in the U.S. toddler Heavenz Luster, mouth everything they can consume the vestiges of lead paint which remain in older housing.  the residential use of lead paint was banned in the late 1970s. She has a high level of lead in her blood.

How to Win and Lose Gracefully « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

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While the BAFTAS, Oscars, Grammys and Emmys may lead in the glamour stakes, most industries hoststheir own award ceremonies, in which the achievements of its outstanding performers are acknowledged.

Coca-Cola Joining Tobacco (asbestos/lead paint) as Bad Guy

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The template was applied to asbestos, then lead paint. We still don't know if the lead paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams will be brought to their knees legally, in terms of funds they will have to pony up and brand damage.


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Leading Questions about Leadership. Here is a brief but very clever excerpt from a new book by Teri and Mike Gamble, Leading with Communication (Sage, 2013). When called on to lead, can you. leadership and communication questions about leadership Leading with Leadership leadershipWhat is leadership? Who is a leader? Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

Singing vs Song-Leading

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Watch this video comparing Obama and Romney singing: [link] Vocal talent aside, why was Obama's performance so much more compelling? Obama's "Let's Stay Together" conveyed real emotion, while Romney's "America the Beautiful" did not. Romney led the song, while Obama sang the song.

Sherwin Williams, PPG - The Story of Lead Paint Isn't Dead

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Environmentalists are again focusing on the toxic effects of lead paint. Only, at the current time, the lead paint issue isn't in the U.S. companies selling that lead paint in locations ranging from Africa to Asia will create an international crisis.

Drudge Report - All Roads to Power Lead to Trump Tower

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The Drudge Report provides a snapshot of the new seat of power in the free world. It's the Trump Tower in Manhattan. It is there that old-line and freshly established influentials get on the elevator to, as the cliché goes, kiss the king's ring. That ruler is Donald Trump, president-elect.

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Pitching - You Bet, "No" Leads To "Yes"

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Rejection. There's no such beast. Only the inexperienced frame a "no" that way. And whine about how much rejection there is in outside sales, pitching to the media, applying for jobs, and chasing after new accounts.

Leads for work

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AmyLu Riley, who has attended several of my speechwriting seminars, wrote to share this info: “Want a career with a marketing company that’s focused on exceeding our clients’ goals? Visit www.grayloon.com/careers. Don’t see a job listed that fits your skills, but still interested? Send us your info, and we’ll take a look.” ” (No phone calls

CA Lead Paint Trial: Guerrilla media action

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On this site and my regulatory one , my analysis of the California lead paint public nuisance trial is getting plenty of attention. The big digital media brands like BUSINESS INSIDER and ABOVE THE LAW had taken over the blogosphere.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 253) – Dale Carnegie

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“Practise, practise, PRACTISE in speaking before an audience will tend to remove all fear of audiences, just as practise in swimming will lead to confidence and facility in the water. You must learn to speak by speaking.” — Dale Carnegie. Quotes for Public Speakers Dale Carnegie practice public speaking public speaking quotes quotes

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Leading Consumer & Lifestyle Magazine Editors | Media Training

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Take the Lead

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Take the lead and ask them "Why?" IF YOU WANT TO BE REALLY EFFECTIVE in influencing or persuading others, it's critical that you tune into their needs, issues, and goals. But sometimes it's not enough to ask them "What's your pain?" or "Tell me about your situation."

"Leading Your Life"

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It was about leading YOUR life. By now many of you have either heard of or actually seen this video, by the late Dr. Randy Pausch , Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

Drudge Report - Smackdown with The Washington Post Headline on Clinton's Shrinking Lead`

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That's because it is a link to an article reporting that her lead is shrinking. " Any development can create a tipping point in which the declining lead accelerates into a steep downward trajectory. A confident Drudge Report is back to its bombastic self.

Leading Competently with the Language of Leadership

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But without going too deep into philosophy and/or sociology, I think that people generally follow somebody else’s lead because it is perceived that the everybody can get the job done in a better fashion. Learn to lead well. And Speak and Lead your way to glory. Home About Gary Testimonials FREE MATERIALS!

All The President's Personal Lawyers - Will Ty Cobb Lead Them Effectively or Wind Up Cartoon Character in Media?

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It's been said that the hardest job for judges is riding herd on a bunch of lawyers. Also a former lawyer in recovery told me that what triggered the depths of substance abuse was not the work per se. It was having to deal with "all those other lawyers."

Drudge Report Lets Us Know 1) Hillary Is Alive, and 2) She's Losing Lead in Polls

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" That links to Hillary's imploding leads in the polls and Donald Trump's creep upward. With great glee, the conservative Drudge Report headlines "Poll Collapse." There is a special focus on Michigan.   Here   you can read the article.    To keep us reading, the Drudge Report is changing its headlines more often. Earlier today, the headline announced that Hillary was indeed alive.

"Obergefell v. Hodges" - American Conservatism, Catholicism Have To Rebrand (Jame Murdoch Can Lead)

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New head of historically conservative Fox, James Murdoch, can lead that. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in same-sex marriage case "Obergefell v. Hodges" triggered a 9.3 earthquake in the heartland of conservative, including Catholic, values. The old order collapsed into the earth.

How to inspire others

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Leaders often feel a need to be inspiring because they want to get people to embrace their ideas and follow their lead. What makes a talk or conversation inspiring? Is it magic? Is it power? Is it beauty that inspires? Is it joy, pain, or sorrow?

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Drudge Report - Questions Why Hillary Backed Out of NC Fundraiser, Despite Trump's Lead in Elon Poll

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Conservative Drudge Report was busy changing headlines today. Earlier it was the one about Hillary's c**k-eyed left eye. This evening the headline is about her abruptly backing out of a fundraiser scheduled for Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She gave no reason. This is at a time when Donald Trump is 1 point ahead of her in the Elon University poll. Here is the coverage in Zero Hedge. Of course, blasting news of the no-show hammers the Sick-Hillary issue.

Investors Watching Lead Paint Litigation Issues: Sherwin-Williams, Arco et al.

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As with asbestos, litigation against the former manufacturers and sellers of lead paint could wallop stock prices. This year the huge lead paint public nuisance lawsuit - "Santa Clara v Atlantic Richfield" - will finally go to trial.

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