How to use a microphone

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I'm not going into the details of a handheld vs. fixed vs. lavaliere mic except for this: if you're wearing a lavaliere mic, make sure to turn it off when you use the restroom!

Public Speaking: Which Type of Microphone Should I Use?

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There are three types of microphones: shotgun, handheld and lavaliere. Lavaliere The lavaliere is a wireless microphone that clips onto your clothing. Public speaking often requires the speaker to use a microphone.

Public Speaking - Tips For Television and Video

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Make sure a lavaliere or lapel microphone and transmitter can be attached to your clothing. MEN * Wear knee-length socks. Always keep double breasted jackets buttoned. Single breasted jackets can be opened, but not too wide. * I SAY AGAIN Wear Makeup.

Public Speaking: Microphone Tips

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The first is a lavaliere mic that clips to your lapel or collar. When wearing a lavaliere, speak conversationally with the same amount of volume and vocal projection you would use to address a small group. If you are speaking in any venue that is larger than an average sized classroom or conference room, I strongly suggest using a microphone to prevent vocal strain. There are two types of microphones you are likely to encounter.

Don’t complain to your audience

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And the microphone was a wired lavaliere mic. Last week at a conference I saw a speaker do something that I recommend never doing. She complained about the A/V setup to the audience. The room wasn’t the best room, I’ll give her that. It was what we refer to as a bowling alley room - very long and narrow, so the last row was quite a distance from the stage. The screen was set directly under a fluorescent light that couldn’t be turned off unless you darkened the entire front of the room.

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