PowerPoint Tip: Wide screen laptops

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Almost every laptop sold today is a wide screen model. In PowerPoint, you can set the Slide Show Resolution to be different than the regular resolution that your laptop normally uses. So how does it look on my laptop screen? Either your laptop screen will show a horizontally stretched version of your slides, or it will show a display that has black bars on each side and is not stretched.

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A Public Speaker’s Checklist

Manner of Speaking

Laptop computer. Laptop power cable. Consider having a PowerPoint version as well, if practicable.). Tags: Preparation PowerPoint public speaking Keynote Business Business Services Microsoft PowerPoint Education and Training Public Speaker Communications Banana Checklist Universal Serial Bus Notebooks and Laptops Contact lens As public speakers, we should be focused on our audience and the material.

eLearn: Best Practices


I was able to jump in and delivered my portion of the talk earlier than planned, which bought Jim enough time to get his second laptop to the place where the first had frozen. Date: 07/21/2009 04:06:26 Two webinar "addicts" took an irreverent and almost systematic look at webinar practice.

Barnes & Noble - Should it also pull plug on laptop users, non-paying magazine readers?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

I always had my profit doubts about the genteel practice of turning coffee shops and book stores into those Third Places - that is, where folks could just hang.    They are banning laptops.  That doubts skyrocketed Sunday when I had to kill three hours while Best Buy geeks prepped my new laptop and transferred files.    Four tables were shut down by those with, yeah, laptops.

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the speaker's wish list: practice tools

The Eloquent Woman

Calling someone a "practiced speaker" is a compliment that recognizes the work involved in becoming a smooth, eloquent presenter, interviewee or speaker. But even speakers who invest in training need to spend time practicing on their own.

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How to become a good speaker

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Lack of practice. Practice, practice, practice. Then stand up and practice giving the talk at least two more time. Practice with a projector to make sure you don’t have connection problems. Tags: Delivery practice speaking

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7 Deadly Sins of Presentation Preparation

DeFinis Communications

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the center seat of a packed auditorium—hemmed in on both sides by people and laptops—listening to a keynote speaker who is supposed to be imparting knowledge and wisdom, but instead is droning on and on? Not practicing your delivery ahead of time: Most people know better than to wing it in front of a large, high-stakes crowd, but there are plenty out there who think they have enough experience to stand up and speak with very little rehearsal.

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Presenting with an iPad

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You no longer take your laptop to a picnic if you want to play music; you take your MP3 player instead. An iPad is an oversized iPod, without the functionality of a laptop. Practice first. Presenting from an iPad is a different experience from using a laptop.

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Presenter View: Your secret presentation tool

PowerPoint Tips

I’ve never seen a laptop that didn’t, but many desktop computers require two video cards. Most laptops also have an F key that sets this up. Presenter View is a great tool for presenting, but it’s also excellent for practicing.

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Circular Economy to Save the Planet


This can help put in place environmentally friendly practices, increase the longevity of items and encourage reuse instead of throwing away things that might be deemed outdated. What is the Circular Economy?

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23 PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Creating Engaging and Interactive Presentations


Best Practice PowerPoint Presentation Tips. He was known to practice, practice, and keep on practicing. Best Practice PowerPoint Presentation Tips. This best practice focuses on the idea that simple messages are easy to retain in memory.

How to Engage Your Audience In Three Sentences or Less

Matt Eventoff

•People typing on laptops. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” The audience is seated. The lights dim and the room quiets. All eyes are on the dais. All too often, these are the words that are heard next: “Hi, thank you for having me.

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Prepare Your Speaker’s Toolbox

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By now, we all know that practicing your presentation and working on key public speaking skills will make you a better presenter. But practice and skill aside, there are other, more tangible, things that will help you excel at business presentations.

What do you do when you run out of time?

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When you have 5 minutes left to speak and you’ve promised a Question & Answer period, just type that slide number on your laptop, and press Enter to go to the last slide. If you regularly overrun your allotted time, you need to practice and time those practices before you present. Your final time will vary (mine tends to run shorter than when I practice), but you won’t be off by much. What do you do when: Your talk goes longer than you expected?

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7 steps to beating presentation procrastination

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Ask any accomplished presenter and they will say that the sure-fire way to becoming accomplished is to get out there and practice, as often as possible. Procrastination is putting off a task we don’t want to do today, so that it can become a task we want to do even less tomorrow.

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PowerPoint Tip - Equipment Connections

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Two other connections seem so obvious that they are usually taken for granted - the power cords for the projector and the laptop. And I have seen laptops display a low battery warning in front of 1,200 people because the cord wasn't plugged in. When you have the computer and projector connected, make sure you set the laptop into the display mode so you see the slides on the laptop screen and the slides are displayed on the projector.

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Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Time to get the conference room set up was short, but the slides were ready and I had practiced ahead of time. Well, when it came time for the presentation, I was scrambling to get the laptop set up, the virtual machine launched, and everything else that needed to be hooked up hooked up.

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7 Deadly Sins of Presentation Preparation

DeFinis Communications

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the center seat of a packed auditorium—hemmed in on both sides by people and laptops—listening to a keynote speaker who is supposed to be imparting knowledge and wisdom, but instead is droning on and on? Not practicing your delivery ahead of time: Most people know better than to wing it in front of a large, high-stakes crowd, but there are plenty out there who think they have enough experience to stand up and speak with very little rehearsal.

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Tweet your way to better speaking

The Eloquent Woman

At some meetings, the practice of live-tweeting is controversial --that's the practice of using your laptop or mobile device to send short updates, often on Twitter, about what the speakers are saying, in almost real time.

Progress and the intentional selection of less

Presentation Zen

Technologies such as our laptops, iPads, and cool software packages are wonderful tools that can, when used well, increase the quality of communication and engagement.

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PowerPoint Tip: Solve your presentation delivery problems

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The underlined phrases are the measurement criteria you should pay attention to when practicing before you deliver your presentation. Make sure you practice connecting your laptop to a projector if this is unfamiliar to you. Make sure you know how to toggle the display so that is shows on both the projector and your laptop screen (check your user's manual if you need to). It allows you to advance your slides without being tied to the laptop.

Thinking of doing a Hangout? Read this first!

Speak Schmeak

If you''re using a laptop, elevate it on some books or a box, so that you''re looking directly into the camera or even looking up a bit. This takes practice, and it helps some people to tape a picture of someone next to the lens.

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Successful preparation is the basis for a successful presentation

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You need to say thank you and pack up your laptop and projector. You’ll use these notes for practicing. Do your 1st practice in front of the computer. Do your 2nd practice standing up and get feedback from colleagues, if possible.

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Buddhism = Accessible, Convenient, Low-Cost Path to Mental Health

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

At the Shambhala Buddhist temple in Tucson, Arizona, there was no fee when I had attended meditation practices and discussions. For example, on my trip from AZ to Ohio the motel, two hours behind me, notified me that I had left my attache case, with my laptop and wallet, in the room.

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Sacred Cow #10: Web Site Addresses Are Helpful

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

If any of us had the wherewithal to copy them down or even go to those sites on our phones or laptops, then we’re even more distracted. Granted, there are plenty of examples where the web page launched successfully, but this practice is just inviting Murphy to make a grand entrance.

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*New* 2Day VisualStory Workshop – June 27 & 28

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What not to bring: A laptop. Practice rapid brainstorming to generate content. By popular demand, we’ve added another date to our 2Day VisualStory lineup! If you missed out on getting a seat at the April or July sessions, join us on June 27 & 28.

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PowerPoint Lessons at 30,000 Feet

DeFinis Communications

So I pulled out my laptop and showed her the PowerPoint presentation we use in our programs. Then I did a short lesson of the best practices of PowerPoint design and development.

6 great gifts to encourage your favorite speaker

The Eloquent Woman

Help your speaker practice and promote her talks with a Sony Bloggie Touch , the same ultralight camcorder I use in group training workshops for speakers. Give your speaker a practice advantage with a portable presentation lectern.

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Review: Targus Bluetooth Presentation Remote

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

It was that much more annoying in off-site meetings where table-top space was at a premium and I had to have a USB transmitter sticking out the side of my laptop. If you’re like me, you probably subscribe to either MacWorld Magazine or Mac Life.

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PowerPoint Presentation Do’s and Don’ts

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Practical Tips for Creating Persuasive PowerPoint Presentations On 22nd May 2016 it will be PowerPoint's 26th birthday! Use a clicker to control your slides Using your laptop keyboard or mouse to control your PowerPoint Presentation is usually a bad idea.

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5 ways to look your best on Skype, video chat and Google+ Hangouts

The Eloquent Woman

Get familiar with new platforms: You'll look and feel more confident if you've practiced using different video chat and call platforms. Ask a colleague to practice with you until you're both at ease. It's worth practicing, because it will feel awkward at first

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Holiday gift list for speakers!

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Unhitch yourself from the laptop with a wireless presentation remote. I''ve updated my annual shopping list again this year to help you find the best gifts for your favorite speaker -- who might just be you! You''ll also find the oldies but goodies here, so take a look and have fun shopping!

Doing Nothing is the New Doing Something

More than PowerPoint...

I used my laptop to call her via Skype & explained that I forgot my cell phone. Every productivity expert on the planet tells you to only check messages at a few planned times a day, so not carrying a phone is probably a best practice.).

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Branded "Spirituality" - How will that niche do in recovery?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Part of that is practical, of course.    A lot more work than before has come in and if I am doing chanting in a spiritual program I'm not at my laptop knocking out assignments. 

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My 2015 holiday speaker gift list is here!

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Unhitch yourself from the laptop with a wireless presentation remote. It''s the most wonderful time of the year! And it''s also the time of the year, when I update my annual list of speaker gifts, to help you find the best gifts for the speaker in your life -- who might just be you!

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Workshop: What goes into a TED-quality talk, 15 April in Cambridge, UK

The Eloquent Woman

I''m delighted to announce my newest and next workshop for speakers and speechwriters: What goes into a TED-quality talk , set for 15 April in Cambridge, England, at the Spring Speechwriters and Business Communicators Conference.

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The Most Unusual (and Amazing) Speech Preparation Story I’ve Ever Heard

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This is my third year working with them, so we’re practically like family now. She asked all visitors in the delivery room to remain quiet, as the only microphone she had for the voice over was the one included in her laptop, which was low grade at best. I just completed a week’s training with the faculty at the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

Two unconventional (okay, downright weird) anxiety techniques

Speak Schmeak

Conversation buzzes as students’ fingers busily craft dollar signs, cars, nursing caps, laptops, initials, “stick” people, etc. While I'm moving this week, I've invited some of my favorite public speaking and communications bloggers to guest post here on Speak Schmeak.

TEDxUCLA: Maybe next time

Speak Schmeak

This did happen once, and I missed the first few minutes of an excellent speaker who I was unable to write about because I was standing at the back of the auditorium holding my laptop.

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PowerPoint Tip: Presenting from someone else’s computer

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In my workshops it is common that participants ask about what they need to take into account when they must take their PowerPoint presentation to another computer on a USB drive instead of using a laptop. It may be that the room they are presenting in has a fixed connection between the projector and a computer in the room, they don’t have a laptop, or they want to travel lighter and use the equipment they know will be in the room.

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An elevator pitch with a difference!

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

As we sit stunned, our speaker scuttles across the room and starts typing on the keyboard of a laptop he had previously set up. Why haven’t you signed up for a maintainance contract with Zuumedia?&# “For only £10 a month they can take care of all that&# – More laughter and another dash across the room and more typing on the laptop. I know that Brian rehearsed, refined and practiced this particular pitch several times before he went public on it.

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iPad app Prompster is all-in-one speechwriter, recorder & teleprompter

The Eloquent Woman

I've told you about open-source software that will put a teleprompter on your desktop or laptop. Teleprompters were once the province of conventions and television studios.

Tip: You and your visuals

Pivotal Public Speaking

If you can practice beforehand, do so. During these practice sessions, work out how you will move around the visual supports and equipment. Think about how you will work with the laptop or the overhead projector – standing beside, or behind? Using visuals of any sort in a presentation has to be as unobtrusive as possible. The first step here is being prepared.