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Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

And thanks to my compulsive postings on the Rhode Island lead paint litigation [see them under "legal"], I was interviewed by THE NEW YORK TIMES, CRAIN'S, and PLAIN DEALER.    In addition, I delivered by keynote speech at the annual meeting of the Coatings Society.  On digital tabloid, head blogger Elie Mystal is always running off to be interviewed on TV, such as Fox News, about some matter related to law. 


Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  I found that out when I was live-blogging the Rhode Island lead paint trial [November 1, 2005 - February 22, 2006].    Here are some recommendations derived from what worked splendidly in positioning, packaging and promoting the RI lead paint trial, territory I came to own.    I delivered a keynote speech also on that Download Ccskeynoteaddress. *    So would old-fashioned in-person keynote speeches. 

Alan Weiss and Patricia Fripp "The Odd Couple" set a date!

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

At the time, I was primarily a keynote speaker, one of the original founders of the NSA Northern California chapter and National President in 1984. Alan and I take turns leading the presentations. Can you imagine my thrill to be invited to the highlight of the social season in Rhode Island, the wedding of Alan and Maria's daughter? Dates for The Odd Couple Marketing and Strategy seminar are set for June 12-13, 2010.

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