What America Reads…

Matt Eventoff

I found this post from Brian Solis very interesting – a list of the top media outlets, by circulation, as well as the 25 most popular blogs in America, as compiled by BurrellesLuce. . Enjoy perusing the lists. 28 – The Kansas City Star 234,667 333,006. The remainder of the list can be found here. The remainder of the list can be found here and here. The remainder of the list can be found here or here.

2009 142

Speak & Deliver Day of Reckoning, 2013

Speak and Deliver

Last year, I tried a new method to list my goals here in Speak & Deliver. I began with this: My All-Encompassing Goal, that all other goals must honor, the ultimate destination of my ''To Become'' list: Strengthen my family''s position, emotionally, physically, medically, and financially. I''ve absorbed a tremendous amount of information on speaking and marketing - I''ll be posting my reading list from 2013 soon.

2013 67

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Famous Speech Friday: Debi Jackson on her transgender child

The Eloquent Woman

cities this year. In Kansas City in May, Debi Jackson''s turn at the microphone captured listeners all over the world as she described her 6-year-old transgender daughter''s transition from boy to girl at age four. The last taunt on the list becomes the speech''s conclusion: Number six. The Listen To Your Mother tour (motto: "Giving motherhood a microphone") is an important platform for women speakers, with events in more than 30 U.S.

2014 72

Public speaking vs. death

Speak Schmeak

The quoted source for this "fact" is The Book of Lists, which, even in current editions, shows a tiny blurb in the Sunday Times of London from October 7, 1973, as its source. She is a former comic actress, a Past President of the National Speakers Association Kansas City Chapter, and a certified facilitator of SPEAKING CIRCLES®,a revolutionary new approach for building speaking skill and confidence. Happy Monday!

2008 100

TV Debate Claptrap: a warning to those cooking up rules for the leaders' election debates

Max Atkinson

In the Kansas City debate, a technically simpler contrast also brought applause for Mondale: a) Mr. President, I accept your commitment to peace, b) but I want you to accept my commitment to a strong national defense. Having spent several years studying the workings of these and other devices involved in the applause elicitation process, I found myself feeling increasingly sorry for the Louisville and Kansas City audiences as I watched them desperately trying to sit on their hands.