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He was an orator. I grew up having one friend in my Iowa high school who was black (sadly, even as I type this, I don''t know if I should actually type ''brown'' or ''African-American'' instead, or perhaps something else altogether), and we got along great. Fear of Public Speaking Freedom Great Orators I Have a Dream Speech Martin Luther King Every year, Martin Luther King Day rolls around, and I feel a responsibility to post SOMETHING.

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A conversation with Bob Lehrman

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He’s an editor of the new book ‘Democratic Orators from JFK to Barack Obama‘ (Palgrave/Macmillan 2016) and authored the chapters on the oratory of J.F.K. from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he studied with Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Yates. On Thursday September 1, members of the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable hosted a conference call with with renowned author, speechwriter and professor Bob Lehrman. Robert A.

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The Speechwriting Secrets of Jon Favreau

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

There’s only 24 hours in a day, which is why President Obama, despite being an accomplished writer and orator, needs help with his speeches. There’s only 24 hours in a day, which is why President Obama, despite being an accomplished writer and orator, needs help with his speeches. During his first term in office, much of this help came from a young man who is arguably the most famous living speechwriter—Jon Favreau—who began working for then Senator Barack Obama [.]

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After dinner, I drove for two hours to Sioux City, Iowa, where Ill get to settle in for two days and nights (finally, a chance to dryclean my suit!),

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How Paul Harvey Can Help You Find Your Speaking Niche

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Yes, none other than the venerable orator/preacher/radio personality Paul Harvey. Growing up in Iowa, Paul Harvey was on the radio twice a day, once in the morning, once at night, always speaking in his authoritative yet soothing, reassuring bass tones, first about general news of the day, then launching into one inspiring or ironic anecdote or another. Guess who's cool again? Or, perhaps for much of today's generation, cool for the first time, at least for a day or so?

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Speaking Season - 22 of 107

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Started in an Australian accent again, then humorously admitted my Iowa roots. Twas the Reading Before Christmas The Greatest Thumb Sucking Orator in History You're Not As Good As You Think You Are Toastmasters Friday: Ready At Any Moment!

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How to Write a Good Speech or The Key to Good Speechwriting

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Capture your orator’s meaning and cadence through familiarity and a few essential guidelines Veteran speechwriter Hal Gordon says that speechwriters need to know three things—the speaker, the audience, and the subject. Bush’s speechwriting team, tells of the time Bush had to deliver a eulogy for 47 sailors killed in an explosion on the USS Iowa. Finding a speaker's 'voice' is the key to great speechwriting By Ian Griffin.

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