Iowa Caucuses: Battles won, Wars lost

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Wednesday January 3rd will yield the first results in the form of the Iowa caucus. Presentation Content Presenting audience Bachmann base caucus election 2012 GOP Iowa Paul Romney SantorumHere come the caucuses, and I don’t mean the mountain range between Europe and Asia. This is the process by which the US Republican Party will choose the individual who faces-off against President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

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Political Debates: Post Iowa debate Republicans need to heed advice given to Nixon

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Richard Nixon in 1967, a Washingtonian Magazine article in 1984, and an experience with political bloggers in 2009, all came into alignment as I was thinking back on last week's Iowa Republican Debate. Persuasion 2012 presidential race conservatives Iowa Republican debate Lou Hampton Nixon persuasion political debates

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Iowa Republican Presidential Debate-Winners, losers, gotcha answers, no more huddled masses yearning to be free

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Current Affairs Bachmann Bret Baier Cain gotcha questions Huntsman Iowa Republican debate Lou Hampton Newt Gingrich Pawlenty Romney Ron Paul SantorumOver the years, I have come to loathe U.S. Presidential debates. I've viewed (double entendre intended) them as one of the rare curses of my profession. I've watched because I know clients will ask me what I thought about the.

Obama “On Fire” in Iowa

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If you’re looking for an example of someone who knows how to create a fire in the belly of an audience, look no further than President Obama’s speech last Friday in Urbandale, Iowa.

Mike Pence in Iowa - The Crowd Is Fickle

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vice president Mike Pence's attempt at a loyalty hack in Iowa. The conservative Drudge Report headlines with U.S. Since Matt Drudge has down cold the dynamics of Midwest conservatism, we can consider credible the media coverage he curates on this.

Bruce Springstein, The Boss, will campaign for Obama in Ohio, Iowa AP

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Public Speaking - Clintons Do Un-Christie in Iowa

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At the Senator Tom Harkin Steak Fry Sunday in Iowa, they held their own in their speeches. Hillary and Bill Clinton are all grown up - in terms of public speaking. But they didn't overshadow the Senator. This must have required extensive restraint for Bill, the Great Speechifer.

Iowa Caucus: Mitt Romney Wins Squeaker Over Rick Santorum. Mike Bako on Headline News

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Romney came out on top after running in a tie with Santorum at 25 percent of the vote for much of the night, winning the Iowa [.]. Mike Bako on Headline News: It came down to a razor-slim margin of votes Tuesday night (January 3) between former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Senator Rick Santorum. Analysis Crisis Communications Government & Politics News Press Room Video headline news mike bako Mitt Romney Ron Paul

Big 10 QB Kirk Cousins – The Heisman Speech

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There are many reasons why Michigan State Quarterback Kirk Cousins has a bright future – and his public speaking skill is one of them. Cousins delivered a Heisman-esque speech last week while addressing the annual Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon.

Famous Speech Friday: Gwen Ifill on politics, policy & leadership

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Ifill gave numerous public speeches, including many commencement addresses, but this 2011 speech as the Mary Louise Smith Chair at Iowa State University's Carrie Chapman Catt Center stands out as a terrific example of the kind of speaker she was.

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Christie, Now Santorum: Birth of blue-collar meme

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  No surprise, Santorum, son of an Italian immigrant coal miner, is surging in the polls about Iowa. Let's hope Santorum does as well in Iowa as it appears he will.

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Famous Speech Friday: Simone Campbell and the Nuns on the Bus Tour

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But we''ve chosen the Des Moines, Iowa kickoff speech launching the 2012 bus tour to showcase Campbell''s skills and and style as a public speaker. What''s more, she is savvy about tailoring her speech to show how these numbers affect her Iowa audience.

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The Speechwriting Secrets of Jon Favreau

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The payoff of this story-centered approach was illustrated in the November 2007 Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Dinner primary debate when the opposing Clinton campaign delivered the forgettable tagline Turn up the heat, turn America around.

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How Paul Harvey Can Help You Find Your Speaking Niche

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Growing up in Iowa, Paul Harvey was on the radio twice a day, once in the morning, once at night, always speaking in his authoritative yet soothing, reassuring bass tones, first about general news of the day, then launching into one inspiring or ironic anecdote or another.

Why Internet marketing is green

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Locally (Fairfield, Iowa), I help people with Internet marketing. Along with two colleagues, I recently held a free “Marketing Makeover Session&# during which we went over the basic structures: blog/website. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. LinkedIn. social commenting and bookmarking. email marketing. all guided by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

Famous Speech Friday: Ida Tarbell's 1916 "Industrial idealism"

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I''m delighted that Allegheny College, the Chautauqua Daily and the University of Iowa Libraries could make available the documents about her speaking tour, giving us a fuller picture of the early 20th century lecture circuit and Tarbell''s speaking.

Getting Your Audience to Love You

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I don't understand it, I can't dance to it, and I'm from Iowa, so that's three strikes against it from the get go. I hate rap. Always have. But I know a great performance when I see one, and Astro gave us one on the first live edition of X-Factor USA last night.

Rick Santorum: He's a contender

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It doesn't matter, at least not at this stage of the game, who finishes first in Iowa.    And this showing in Iowa will also encourage a lot more influential Republicans to support him.

Happy New Year! What are your goals for 2015?

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It highlights photos I’ve taken during all 4 seasons, from New York, to Florida, to Iowa and Nebraska. Here’s my New Year’s card to you. I hope you enjoy it! I have big plans for 2015 — a weekly 15-minute webinar series, a new/old e-book, and more. How about you?

During the Break - WGN news anchors entertain

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But, to quote Hillary Clinton in Iowa, "Im Baa-aack!" I've taken a long break from posting - 11 months. So, before I get to insights from my hiatus, here is a chance to see two WGN anchors during their two. Television Hillary Clinton Lou Hampton Speak to Lead tv anchors WGN

During the Break - WGN news anchors entertain

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But, to quote Hillary Clinton in Iowa, "Im Baa-aack!" I''ve taken a long break from posting - 11 months. So, before I get to insights from my hiatus, here is a chance to see two WGN anchors during their two. Television Hillary Clinton Lou Hampton Speak to Lead tv anchors WGN

The debates - More media event than input for voters

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But, based on the results in Iowa, it seems that the debates have primarily turned into a media event. But, in Iowa, he did a belly flop. Yet, in Iowa, Bernie Sanders came very close to winning.

Tips from my first professional Pecha Kucha

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You can read more about the Fairfield, Iowa pecha kucha group and about the International organization here. What’s that? Pecha Kucha is a presentation format that gives you 20 slides that display for 20 seconds each. So the entire presentation is 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Speaking of MLK

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I grew up having one friend in my Iowa high school who was black (sadly, even as I type this, I don''t know if I should actually type ''brown'' or ''African-American'' instead, or perhaps something else altogether), and we got along great.

A conversation with Bob Lehrman

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from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he studied with Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Yates. On Thursday September 1, members of the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable hosted a conference call with with renowned author, speechwriter and professor Bob Lehrman. Robert A.

The Wonderful Trump Marketing Machine - Free Viewing Of "13 Hours"

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His latest tactic in the War on Hillary is renting a theatre in Iowa. If Donald Trump doesn't become next U.S. President, he can get a position teaching marketing at Harvard Business School. There he is offering a free viewing of the film critical of Hillary.

10 resources for finding women's speeches--and using them in yours

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The Archive of Women's Political Communication at Iowa State University has a searchable speech database that's organized by subjects from abortion to welfare. I've written about women having a tough time getting on the program as speakers -- but how often are they quoted in speeches?

Donald Trump, Possible Pres. Candidate, Badmouths Possible Establishment Candidates

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"Many in the room [at the Iowa Freedom Summit] applauded and cheered at the idea [launched by speaker Donald Trump] that Romney and Bush should not run. " -  Steve Holland for Reuters, "An Iowa Crowd Had A Surprising Reaction When Donald Trump Bashed Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush," Reprinted in Business Insider, January 24, 2015. At the Iowa Freedom Summit, he indicated he was considering a run.

Speak & Deliver's Reckoning Day - Part I

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Keynoting Toastmaster Conferences in South Dakota, Iowa, and Ohio. I put out some public goals last year for 2012. Today, it's time to look back: 1. Write my definitive keynote - Yes & No.

IABC Silver Quill Awards: Pacific Region

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The Pacific Plains Region includes communicators from: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Earn recognition for your speechwriting skills (and other business communication expertise) from the Pacific Plains Region of IABC.

Public Speaking In A Digital Age: It Can Still Do You In, As It Did Sarah Palin

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"Her [Sarah Palin] address [at the 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit] was a 34-1/2 minute roller coaster ride of cliches, non sequiturs and warmed-over grievances."  And, it seems to be her speech at the recent 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit which is doing her in.

Sex and Humor in Speeches – where’s the line?

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  Humor doesn’t travel well, so if you’re determined to use jokes, then do your research in advance, and make sure that your great line about rednecks will play as well in Iowa as it does in NYC.  I often get asked about injecting humor in speeches, and that other question, which might be summarized as “how blue can I go?”    Let’s take humor first.    The clichéd advice is to begin your talk with a joke, ‘just to put the audience at its ease’. 

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Mitt Romney Set For More Battles In New Hampshire: Mike Bako on Headline News

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Mike Bako appears on Headline News to discuss the upcoming battle Mitt Romney will have in New Hampshire after his win in the Iowa caucuses. Analysis Body Language celebrities Communications Government & Politics Media media relations News Politics Video headline news mike bako Mitt Romney Ron Paul

Rick Santorum + Rupert Murdoch: Will this take candidate all the way to the White House

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  We will know a lot more after the people of Iowa vote. Jejaphtog - Can the road to the White House be navigated through tweets?    Maybe if the author of the tweets is an influential like Rupert Murdoch. 

Ron Paul Twitter Post backfires

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This is probably what Ron Paul is thinking this morning after the following was posted on his twitter account : @JonHuntsman we found your one Iowa voter, he's in Linn precinct 5 you might want to call him and say thanks. Ever had that one idea. It's a great idea. Almost epic! Of course, the next morning you wake up and think - wow, that was a really, really bad idea - next time, probably not going to challenge the bikers at the biker bar to a fight.

Trump: What's Next For His Rhetoric? (3 recommendations)

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Well, Donald Trump didn't get crushed in Iowa. But he didn't get the lead. Ted Cruz did, at 28%. That means Trump will have to re-visit the performance art which got him so far, until now. What might he wind up changing?

Donald Trump 1, Fox News 0

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This latest antic is a brilliant move so close to the Iowa primary. Come on, who's going to invest time watching the Fox News GOP debate Thursday if Donald Trump isn't present. The ratings will be lackluster, at best. And, of course, this has very little to do with Megyn Kelly.

Sarah Palin Is Back - Will It Be All The Way To VP Position?

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So, her speech endorsing him in Iowa has been getting a lot of attention. Sarah Palin's folksy kind of rhetoric fits perfectly with Donald Trump's populist campaign. Also getting attention, though, has been the arrest of her son Track, charged with domestic assault.

Chris Christie - Without His Signature Brashness Can He Work A Room?

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"The new Chris Christie [in Iowa] was serious, earnest, calmly gesturing as he spoke - hoping to reach the kind of moderate, business-friendly Republican voters he will need if he is to compete in Iowa and eventually take the GOP presidential nomination."

Suzanne Sawyer Told The Des Moines Register She's "Over" Trump - Is This Beginning Of The End?

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" She and other women in Iowa just can't stomach his verbal denigration of females. Two weeks ago, middle-aged Suzanne Sawyer was bullish on Donald Trump. Then came his vicious attack on Carly Fiorina's appearance.