Have a Legal Issue? Research It Just Like a Lawyer

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Essentially Nolo is a publishing company whose mission is to empower anyone to make many kinds of legal decisions on their own. " Those are posted on the internet. On television legal dramas what plays out is the the brilliant strategy this or that lawyer creates. That's the theatre. But underneath the glam is the tedious task of research. That's what generates the strategy. And research is what non-lawyers like yourself can do.

2019 40

What is the future of publishing?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

There has been a great deal of handwringing in the book publishing world for the last decade or so over what the Internet is going to do to traditional publishing.    And in the last few years, experimentation has increased, with successful authors like Seth Godin by-passing traditional publishing, new ventures like NetMinds from Tim Sanders and team, and the explosion of various kinds of self-publishing