Break the Internet

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In just days, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote to end net neutrality—breaking the fundamental principle of the open Internet. If you are concerned, and do not want your ability to surf the Internet to be held hostage by your Internet … Continue reading → Uncategorized Break the Internet Net Neutrality

Why you need to get your presentations on the Internet–and how

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I’ve come up with 4 reasons to put your presentations on the Internet and 6 ways to do it. In these ways, you can use the Internet to train people who can’t be in the same room as you. You can put presentations on the Internet in many ways.

Famous Speech Friday: Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet trends report

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Content matters: Meeker's annual report is sought after because of its unique and comprehensive look at all the major internet and digital trends of the day--not just a data dump, but trenchant analysis, distilled so it makes sense.

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A Day in the Internet

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Thus, I was delighted to receive an email a few weeks ago from Jen Rhee of MBAonline, offering me the opportunity to use her great info-graphic on the Internet. In the info-graphic, which is displayed below, Jen creatively displays how much time is spent on the Internet every single day using statistics and simple graphics. These statistics and images would be very effective in a presentation about the Internet and how much time we spend on it.

Living Without the Internet

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One way to introduce computer-mediated communication and its role in our everyday lives would be to identify important lifestyle habits that we’d be willing to give up as long as we could keep our Internet connection. 32-33), on the percentage of people in various countries who would be willing to give up an important lifestyle habit to keep the Internet: · 89% of those in Indonesia and 65% of those in the United Kingdom would give up alcohol instead of the Internet. ·

Big Time Internet Usage Stats From 2011

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Checking Google I came across an interactive chart that shows “Internet users as percentage of population&# and gives you a list of countries so you’re able to compare them. In this chart, over 75% of the US are on the internet.

20 Best Things on Internet to Help You Become a Presentation Design Hero


The post 20 Best Things on Internet to Help You Become a Presentation Design Hero appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. None of us knows of a certain defined way to create perfect presentation and design what is actually desired.

Tom Antion - Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia

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Visit to learn more! seminar training Tom Antion public speaking get paid to speak Tom Antion tom antion business

Interview about presenting on the Web

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Events Resources Internet online web YouTubeArte Ramgopal of has interviewed me on the topic of presenting on the Web, in an article called, “ Tips about Presentation on Web from Ellen Finkelstein.&#.

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Cryptocurrency - Wild West, Way Internet Had Been

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And essentially unregulated, just as early internet activities had been. It's a $200 billion market. That's where cryptocurrency stands. 

Tom Antion Internet Marketing Retreat Center Home Based Business

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[link] Take an behind the scenes peek at Tom Antion's famous Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center. Tom Antion & Associates Internet Marketing Expert: Tom AntionIf you want a home based business, then you've got to watch this video. There is nothing more rewarding financial and lifestylewise than having an ecommerce operation run from your home office or home based business.

What is the future of Internet video? | Media Training

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Elaine Wright Testimonial for the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center

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Elaine Giftos Wright came to Tom's Retreat Center and loved it. Listen to her explain all that she learned there. link]. tomantion Tom Antion

New York wants to ban online anonymity

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Press Room internet online anonymity

On Internet Presence

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Christoper Bilotta wrote an article for the WSJ in which he talks about creating a web presence from scratch. In today's environment, job seekers must expand the ways in which they search. The article mentions several key points for consideration. Claim your name on social networking sites before someone else does. Also, purchase the domain for your name. Practice prudence. Limit yourself to three social networking sites and definitely include LinkedIn as one of them. Choose connections wisely.

The Internet is NOT making us stupid - It's making us different

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Lots of commentators -- like my old friend Nicholas Carr , for example --  have bemoaned the rise of the Internet, and before that television, arguing that these evil distractions have shortened our attention spans and caused us to become digital idiots, capable of only the briefest moments of focus.    In the past decade, with the rise of broadband and the Internet, the shift has moved into high gear.

What is the Future for Internet Video for Business? | Media Training

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Dr. and Mrs. Jay Shetlin Testimonial for the Great Internet Marketing Training Center

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[link] Watch this amazing video about their experience at Tom Antion's Retreat Center

The Future of the Internet.

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TJ Walker talks on NewsRadio 1620 in Pensacola, Florida WNRP about the future of the internet. Audio internet marketing Press Room

Rhetoric for Persuasive Speaking

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One of its subsidiaries, Dukascopy TV, broadcasts shows about business matters on the Internet. Dukascopy Bank is a Swiss online bank that provides trading services, particularly in the foreign exchange marketplace. I have been interviewed there a few times, for example … Continue reading → Rhetoric Aristotle Business Donald Trump Dukascopy Hillary Clinton John Zimmer public speaking rhetoric

Blogging - Biggest Indie Movement on the Internet

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To so many, blogging may seem like a very mature digital medium. After all, marketers are more obsessed with Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Medium. 

Manner of Speaking recognized by Feedspot

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Manner of Speaking has been chosen by Feedspot, a popular RSS Reader, as one of the Top 50 Public Speaking Blogs on the Internet. And, among the Top 50, Manner of Speaking was rated 7th. Here’s what Feedspot had to say: … Continue reading → Personal Feedspot Manner of Speaking public speaking

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Mary Meeker's Report on Internet Trends at Recode Coding Conference

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And it has been Meeker's presentation and analysis of Internet trends that the world of money has been waiting for. Among the main points Meeker makes is that global growth of the Internet is slowing down. The conference we should all be at is Recode's Coding one.

One year from Tahrir

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2011 saw people-power protests ranging from the Arab Spring through to Occupy Wall Street and the Internet campaigns that led banks to abandon unfair customer charges. Today however, we have access to the internet channels that allow our voices to be heard. Presentation Content "Peter Watts" anniversary arab spring blog egyptian revolution freedom of speech internet occupy ows presentation skills presenters' blog public speaking tahrir square Tips From The Top

Law Firm, Pittsburgh, PA - Internet Marketing Assisstant (help wanted)

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Here are details and how to apply. careers

Law Office, Los Angeles, CA - Internet Marketing/SEO (help wanted)

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Here  are details and how to apply. careers

Pope Francis - Not Bullish On The Internet Of Things

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In surfing the news on their mobile devices, they might have come across Pope Francis' criticism of the Internet of Things. They could encounter "filth" on the Internet. Generations Y and Z might be rolling their eyes.

10 Of The Best Tools For Hosting A Webinar

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There are a number of methods used by individuals and organizations to reach a wide audience using the internet. These may include: advertising online using pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, posting a YouTube video of screencasts, demos and events, or simply, conducting a webinar.…

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Do Ads Enrich Internet Content? - That's What Marissa Mayer Claims

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There have been and always will be cult ads which create value for the content associated with them. Classic were the Ronald Reagan commercials tied to General Electric Theater. That calm, genial voice about progress enhanced the General Electric branding for innovation.

LinkedIn Is New Hangout For Professionals On Internet

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Maybe it's true. Maybe email is dead. And maybe it's also true that blogging is not where global discussions get started. The place to communicate has become LinkedIn. Messages sent are answered almost immediately. No so with email.


How to Design a Presentation that will Convince Investors

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The internet is full of generic advice about presentation design, so I won’t repeat it all here.… Investors are a special type of audience.

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Win a $5000.00 Trip to The Great Internet Marketing Center

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trip to the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center PLUS $500.00 Gift Certificate to the Speaker Shop where you can get extremely high content training materials on Internet Marketing and Professional Speaking.

My First Internet Radio Interview

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Have you made the leap to Internet radio? While many of you will be doing your holiday shopping, I'll be on air speaking with Jerry Kennedy, The Blog Whisperer, who has a new radio show about blogging. Hope you'll be listening, either live or later to the recording. It's a wonderful Stage for speakers! Saturday November 27, 2010 12 noon Eastern Time The Blog Whisperer

A Death, A Narcissist, Query About Internet in Heaven

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 It dawned on me that there could be access to the Internet in heaven. We writers are narcissists.  We suck copy out of whatever. With no apology.  So, it's no surprise that every time content we produce is a homerun we play around in our heads as to who is reading it.

"Criminal Minds" - The Internet & Narcissism

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Tonight's serial killer was likely packaged to warn the world about the perils of the Internet.    Of course he was Internet savvy.    Let's hope it's better than tonight's little lesson on bad people lurking on the Internet.   That's what undermined the quality of this episode.    The writing was so-so and the acting sub-par. The plot line concerned a number of women who had gone missing. 

9 Internet Revenue Streams to Make Your Web Income Soar

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I Love the “IRS”: 9 Internet Revenue Streams to Make Your Web Income Soar. The Internet affords us multiple low-risk/high-return opportunities to earn big bucks and to promote our speaking/training/consulting businesses. Tom’s been immersed in Internet selling every single day for the last 16 years. Tags: public speaking and business public speaking business internet marketing public speaking speaking websites

BUSINESS INSIDER + TIMES INTERNET: It takes an infrastructure

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  Henry Blodget's BUSINESS INSIDER is following in the footsteps of GAWKER in partnering with TIMES INTERNET, the digital part of TIMES OF INDIA.   The Internet has gone to the builders, with mobile heading that way. 

Likes - Critical Feedback In Internet Marketing, Including Of Your Personal Brand

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For those of us determined to market on the Internet (and that includes our personal brand) the likes provide critical feedback. Incidentally, The Internet is a level playing field for all who present themselves authentically and as caring about others.

Internet Marketing Company Student Experts Offering $20 for 1000 Words - It's Come To This

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Okay, internet marketing company Student Experts is based in Tucson, Arizona, not the Big Apple. But still, for copywriting, not straight editorial, $20 for 1000 words still seems quite insulting to content providers. The help-wanted in Craigslist reads: "Student Experts.

Internet As Accelerator, Force Multiplier Of Opinions - James Wolcott, February Vanity Fair

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That's because, as James Wolcott explains in the February 2015 issue of Vanity Fair: "The Internet is an accelerator and force multipler of opinions and perceptions." Reputations, the business of the public relations industries, can be blown up in minutes.

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