This Doesn't Fit with How FBI Is Portrayed on TV - Allegations about William Tisaby

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"The former FBI agent [William Don Tisaby] who investigated Missouri's former Republican Governor Eric Greitens has been indicted. Previously it had been alleged that he made false statements during an internal FBI investigation suspicion of bigamy. on six counts of perjury and one count of tampering with physical evidence."  "  - Jerry Lambe, Law and Crime, June 17, 2019. Here is the article. Obviously the FBI brand just took a hit.

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Johnson & Johnson Branding, Market Value - 2019 Looks Horrific

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Louis, Missouri awarded a $4.6 Internal documents indicated that the corporation was aware of the health hazard of the talc. This is similar to the presentation of a Sherwin-Williams internal document by the plaintiff in "Santa Clara v. It was in July 2018 that a jury in plaintiff-friendly St. billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson to 22 women.    The issue was that its product - talc-based baby powder - caused ovarian cancer.

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Yale - Still Haunted By Halloween Caution About Sensitivity In Costumes

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Push-back came internally from Yale faculty member/administrator, Erika Chistakis. For example, as Stack points out, that issue has also become a dominant meme at the Universities of Missouri and Louisville. Let's cut to the chase. As Liam Stack reports in The New York Times : For Halloween costumes at Yale, the Intercultural Committee advised Yale students to be sensitive about offending minority students.

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Seven speech-techniques powering Obama’s UN Address

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Five paragraphs later and the technique appears again: “We can renew the international system that enabled so much progress, or allow ourselves to be pulled back by a global undertow. Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt, both internationally respected American figures, but also a quote from Sheikh bin Bayyah of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, thereby extending that reach out to the Muslim world. by Peter Paskale. Powerful speeches contain powerful content.

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Giving Thanks for Mark Twain

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Actors like McAvoy Lane , an internationally known Mark Twain impersonator, brought the dead man to life and delighted us with Twain’s signature wit and charm. Biographer Ron Powers regaled us with stories from his hometown of Hannibal, Missouri. This year, 2010, marks the centennial year of the death of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (a.k.a., Mark Twain). It is also his 175 th birthday and the 125 th anniversary of the American publication of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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Famous Speech Friday: Carol Bartz's keynote at the 2010 Grace Hopper Celebration

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She'd worked her way through decades of being one of just a few women in this profession, and her extemporaneous remarks describe how she fell in love with computing, starting with a job where she "was to add up the total of all the possible license plate combinations in the state of Missouri." interns at the meeting and puts into real terms their goals: jobs, connections and the need to be inspired.

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