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But sometimes people steal without realizing it - especially intellectual property. Some might suggest that the theft of Intellectual Property doesn’t hurt anyone. I wonder how those corporate executives would feel about entrepreneurs stealing their Intellectual property. She warned entrepreneurs that corporate purchasing departments would steal their designs if they could. She warned the entrepreneurs to protect their Intellectual property.

LinkedIn: Content player, big time (probably figured out this direction from all its data)

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  Security analysts have been speculating that the threat to LinkedIn isn't from me-too professional networking sites but from customized niches which focus laser-like on specialties such as family practice doctors or intellectual property lawyers.  So, it's no surprise, as MASHABLE reports, that LinkedIn has purchased Pulse for content.  LinkedIn started out as a no-nonsense (hold most of the photos) social networking site for professionals. 

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What is a Business Model Canvas?


Do you have a special intellectual property or patent that introduces a new knowledge into the niche? Testing means that they should really purchase the MVP and that they complete the different sections of the BMC for true validation.

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Guest Blog: Lessons from Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City – How to Build Income

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Platform is a powerful concept that reflects the content, brand, positioning, credibility, audience, and intellectual property you develop. Frankel was able to negotiate the astronomical purchase price of Skinnygirl because of her unique idea and powerful influence. Got Platform? Part 3 of a Three-part Series: Income. Greenleaf Book Group is a publisher and distributor that specializes in the development of independent authors and the growth of small presses.

Part 1 of a Three-part Series: Got Platform?

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Platform is a powerful concept that reflects the content, brand, positioning, credibility, audience, and intellectual property you develop. Building valuable content that an audience will care about enough to use, share with others and, ideally, purchase, depends on four components: (1) finding your passion; (2) knowing your audience; (3) choosing an effective content strategy; and (4) creating solid, new content on a regular basis.

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recording, writing, online education, and other innovations) Taking necessary precautions to protect your intellectual property Eloquence This competency refers to the art of speaking and the use of powerful and persuasive presentations. purchasing supplies, managing inventory, cost control) Creating and organizing office systems (e.g.,

Presentation Crisis: How a Quote, Cartoon and Story Could Save.

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The auditors had submitted a report suggesting that I, as the chief supply manager, had exceeded my purchasing approval authority. Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. Transform your business presentations into effective conversations. George Torok is a Toronto based presentation coach and presentation skills trainer.

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