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The Power of Visual Information

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April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About The Power of Visual Information February 2, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments We live in information overload. Today’s advances in graphic design means we can clarify messages through visual information. I believe visual information should have 3 main characteristics in order to be effective.

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Information doesn't excite your audience

Speak Schmeak

He told me he''s afraid that if he doesn''t give enough information, the audience won''t be as excited as he is. But for now, let''s just address this issue of giving a ton of information so people will get excited. Do people get excited from information? Information has never excited an audience, I''m sorry to say. All information does is overwhelm your audience. It makes their brain freeze up and stop accepting new information.

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The difference between a persuasive and an informative presentation

PowerPoint Tips

I think that most presentations can be classified as persuasive or informative.These two presentation types can cover quite a range — more entertaining or less, informal or keynote,for example. What is an informative presentation? Many informative presentations are delivered for training or education. What do persuasive and informative presentations have in common? How are persuasive and informative presentations different?

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9-Step “Create Anything” Outline for Information Products

Succeed Speaking

Business Strategy Product Creation Writing Books Information Products Product Creation for SpeakersDo you have a message and/or expertise that can help people? Of course you do. Are you able to “download&# everything you have to offer in a 45-90 minute keynote? Of course not. So do you currently have products or resources that allow your attendees to “take you home&# with them? I hope.

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Know Your Information

Dahle Communication

One of my favorite radio programs is On The Media on NPR. I especially like how On The Media describes what they are. They state that they "explores how the media 'sausage' is made." " Essentially, they make sure that what the media is covering is honest, transparent and correct. In this weekend's episode , they take a peering eye at conspiracy theories and the eulogy of Walter Cronkite.

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Job Search/Career Change - Informational Interviews Are THE Power Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Next is researching those you can meet with, That process is what is called the "informational interview." Pay attention: Informational interviews are a power tool in a job search as well as a career change. Not only do the interviews result in information.

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7 and a Half Ways to Make Your Information Matter

Speak and Deliver

If you're a regular person with a regular job living a regular life, chances are the only times you get asked to speak is to share straight information. Sales data, new product information, company reports - if you're lucky maybe training for new employees, or teaching new technology to the current staff. Even client sales presentations, if you aren't careful, can become massive information dumps. Information isn't inherently bad.

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How Executives Can Keep Their Organization Informed via an Online Platform

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

In two weeks time I’ll be hosting an free webinar on How Executives Can Keep Their Organization Informed via an Online Platform on the INXPO Social Business TV network. I’ll be sharing tips on how executives can effectively inform and engage with their extended teams. Based on my experience with Silicon Valley technology companies, I’ll [.]. Business Communication Social Media Technology INXPO Webinar

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A List of the “Best of the Best” in Public Speaking Information

DeFinis Communications

So if you’re tired of endless searching for reliable information about public speaking, check out the list (scroll down to entry #6 and you’ll see me!). In many career paths (business, media, PR, etc,), public speaking skills are essential. Whether giving a presentation to your boss, a group of your peers, or simply interviewing, knowing how to express yourself and your ideas clearly is critical.

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Microsoft Office Subscriptions - Verify Information Retailers Provide

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

There could have been an information gap at the retailers. Orange juice and PCs don't mix well.    Sure, I held out hope that the PC would dry out and be functioning again. But, from experience and internet research I knew that was unlikely. PCs can bounce back from other kinds of spills such as water. But the sticky composition of and chemicals in orange juice doomed that. The odds were that I would need to purchase another computer.

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Information Needs Inspiration.

Speak and Deliver

as much as Inspiration needs Information. In most cases, speakers know their information - that's why they are speaking about it. Great information - useful and specific. In our desire to put forth the best information. While some of these speakers don't have actual information to back up their plans for us, most do. They either don't think they have enough, or get so caught up emotionally they forget that the importance of information.

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Information Is Beautiful

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

So stop reading this blog, and spend some time considering the work of David McCandless on his Information is Beautiful site. Tags: Speaker Support David McCandless Information Is Beautiful presenting numbers When you present with numbers a lot, the reflex instinct is to go straight for graph template #1 on the PowerPoint menu. Good old trusty column graph, a friend you’ve known since primary school.

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Too much (personal) information

Speak Schmeak

Some speakers and performers have a tendency to give too much information; I recognize this because I'm one of them. I mentioned last week that we saw Rufus Wainwright on Thursday night. Julianna Raye was the opening performer, singing a bossa nova-inspired set from her new CD. Singers often talk between songs, telling stories about their inspiration, or just entertaining the crowd. Sometimes a singer seems to talk more to cover up an awkward silence than to enhance the show.

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Time vs. information

Speak Schmeak

Determine the key pieces of information/main points that will be relevant to the audience (and later, their clients). Once she has an idea of how long each section should take, based on what the audience really wants and needs to know and based on the data she chooses, then she can refine it by taking out entire sections or shortening the less important ones to make more time for the more critical information.

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Facebook - We're sharing less personal information

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"Facebook Inc. is working to combat a decline in people sharing original, personal content, the fuel that helps power the money machine at the heart of its social network, according to people familiar with the matter."  "  - Sarah Frier, Bloomberg, April 7, 2016. Here is the article. What I have noticed in my little world of Facebook is that social has become the platform for promoting career activities, advocating points of view, and raising funds for good causes.

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From Information to Imagination: Delivering a Good Story

Kate's Voice

“The highest-paid person in the first half of the next century will be the ‘storyteller.’ The value of products will depend on the story they tell. Nike and many other global companies are already mainly storytellers. That is where the money is — even today.” Rolf Jensen, futurist and author of The Dream Society I [.]. intention Storytelling vocal delivery Expression public speaking tips

Book Review: The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics, by Dona M. Wong

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Dona M. Wong’s slim volume is a beautifully printed guide to “The Do’s and Don’ts of Presenting Data, Facts, and Figures” As a former graphics director at the WSJ she set standards that made sense of complex data for readers. As a student of well-known PowerPoint critic Edward Tufte she takes the theories of [.]. Business Communication Technology design financial data PowerPoint

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Will Information about Competitors take Away from My Financial.

TJ Walker Interactive

» Will Information about Competitors take Away from My Financial Presentation? It is important to include information about your competition in your financial presentation so that your audience knows you have an industry for your product and that you are well educated about both the products and people. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Mar 11 - Win Anyway LIVE - What's Important to YOU

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Action Information Motivation Priorities St. Patrick's Day


Free Webinar tomorrow: Learn the Physiology of Information Overload

Beyond Bullet Points

Have you ever wondered why your blood boils or you grow ice cold when you experience an overwhelming amount of information? There actually may be a physiological explanation, which heightens the need for getting it right when it comes to presenting information effectively no matter what tools you use. Join Cliff Atkinson at Noon Eastern on Friday, July 20, 2012 , for this complimentary 1-hour webinar and you’ll learn: The physiology of overwhelm.

Public Speaking tips – What use is information?

Pivotal Public Speaking

Yes you can present mountains of information. Choose the pieces of information that will be of most use to them. Yes you are an expert in your field. But it will not impress your audience, nor will it create an impact … unless you make it relevant. Make it relevant to your audience. How will it solve their problems? How will it make life better or more profitable? Each piece of data or fact should be couched in a point about its usefulness.

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Give Employees More Information: Prevent misconduct

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 One way to reduce the fallout after a layoff or even new leadership is to provide employees with more information about what's going on and why.    CEB found that only 34% felt they were receiving adequate information. Change rattles employees.    So much so that they are are three times more likely to engage in criminal mischief or worse - such as insider trading. That's what CEB discovered in its research, reports CORPORATE COUNSEL. One

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Need More Information? Stop Talking


Assuming you are not asking for private or embarrassing information, a pause is a powerful tool. In the process, that person will often provide more information in relation to the question—exactly what the silent person is looking for. An executive, who is a coaching client, and I were discussing the use of questions to uncover what’s behind a person’s position on a particular issue.

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Presentation Tip: Word clues to better organize information

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

With information overload being the number one issue for audiences today, how can presenters better organize their information so it is easier to understand? The problem is that this assumes that the audience can remember all the points across multiple slides and put all of the information together to figure out the message. A much better way to organize the information is in a comparison table. Organize your information into two parts.

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Bill Maher Battles Frank Luntz Over Obama, Romney, And ‘Low-Information Voters Mediaite

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized And ‘Low-Information Voters Mediaite "Barack Obama (US President)" "Bill Maher (Comedian)" bill maher Frank Luntz hbo r Obama real time romney

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Losing Credibility in the Instant Information Age

Speak and Deliver

Sourcing our non-original material and quotes has always been ethical and important, but in today's lightning fast information age, its essential. {EAV:311a9f443c52784a} Did this picture of Morgan Freeman make you want to read this post? Or was it because you know ME, and want to read what I'm about to write? By now, many of you may have read the following statements regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT. If not, check out the Inquisitr article here.

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Selling - It's about Results, Not Information, Now How Smart You Are

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  In all mediums - digital, print, video, in-person - they are putting out there information and, yes, evidence of how smart they are. The glut of just about everything has thrown many otherwise savvy sellers off their games.  For example, the weight loss spa might clutter its website about articles on how the human body operates and the genius of its founders. Instead, those struggling to sell services, products, ideas, and causes should be hammering results.

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Presentation Tip: How to use “About Us” information

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In a past article I spoke about the way to structure a sales presentation and suggested that the information about your firm should come after you have demonstrated the solution to their problem. In this article I want to expand on what to do with the “About Us” information that too many presenters feel is essential to include at the start of a presentation. So, based on what I just said, do I think you should have any information about your firm?

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At Work - The Informal Power Grid (including knowing where the bodies are buried)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In organizational theory and practice, that's known as the "informal power network."  No one would survive on the job or in a contract assignment without an intuitive feel for the dynamics of the informal power grid.   During that transition, there are almost infinite opportunities to acquire informal power. From the get-go at work, we look for who has the power.

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5 Tips for Presenting Boring Technical Information - so It Isn't Boring

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  First, realize giving a presentation is all about persuasion, not information.    Ask yourself, what is the problem that the audience has for which my information is the solution?    That’s when it’s appropriate to give them said information.    Don’t give out information, give examples and case studies.    Case studies and examples bring dry information to life. 

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A source for career information

Joan Detz Speaker Services

For more information on a variety of job trends, visit . It contains very practical information (and a healthy dose of motivation, too). The February 15 th CareerGrowth Group newsletter (produced by Beverly R. Daniel, MS, MBA), reports increased hiring for Public Relations specialists. These monthly newsletters address a wide range of topics: readiness toolkits … asking for a raise … New York Area market trends … etc.

Need Comfort, Information, Insight? - Have Conversations with Those Who Don't Need to Sound Cool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Cool gets in the way of conversations with payoffs. Those payoffs range from receiving comfort when in distress to gaining insight into a marketplace or job niche.    That's because those whose signature is sounding cool are preoccupied with showcasing that persona. There's no possible passageway in. The New York Metro area tends to the Cool's second headquarters. The first is much of the West Coast.

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Gilded Age Kind of Murder of Lois Colley - Arrest Made But No Information about Alleged Motivation

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Rural North Salem, New York is horse country. The Colley family had 33 of them. One images that lifestyle something out of the gilded age. Were there gala ballroom dances during the holiday season? But, the family had also become infamous. That was because their son Bruce had broken up the Kerry Kennedy/Andrew Cuomo marriage. In the process Bruce's own marriage went kaput. For Cuomo, that was also a time of being exiled to the political wilderness. 

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PowerPoint Tip: Sequence of Information matters

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Research by Michael Posner reported in John Medina’s book Brain Rules shows why the typical sequence of information is not helping our presentations be as effective as they could be. I’ve been sharing this with my workshop audiences this year and I’d like to share it with you in today’s tip. The usual sequence is to methodically share every piece of supporting data we have in a logical order and present the conclusion after all the data has been shared.

Great Speakers Perform, Inform, Transform | Public Speaking Training

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized public speaking training

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Public Speaking - Informative Speech Topics

Great Public Speaking

Get 30 days of public speaking training for only $5.00! seminar training tomantion Tom Antion public speaking get paid to speak free speaker tips Tom Antion tom antion business

What Information do I tell Investors? « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

TJ Walker Interactive

How to Start Investor Pitch » What Information do I tell Investors? The information that you tell your potential investors is crucial during your financial pitch. Its important to organize what you are going to say and how you are going to present this information before you step up to the plate. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

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Green Room Speakers: Speak to Move, Not to Inform

Green Room Speakers

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 Speak to Move, Not to Inform In this TED video, Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, discusses his revolutionary approach to education: Khan advocates flipping the traditional classroom model. Khans talk reminded me of the problem with speaking to a group in order to simply give them information. After all, people remember much more how they felt when they hear a speech, rather than the information they learned. Inform?

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TED Talk Analysis: Tony Porter “A Call to Men”

The Speaker Point

He only spoke for 11 minutes, but he managed to introduce an outstanding amount of information in a clear, informative, persuasive, entertaining, and shocking manner. Related Articles: The Power of Visual Information 3 Presentation Skills You Can Practice Any Time How to communicate social issues through art and parody Filed Under: Featured , Speech Critiques Tagged With: engaging , Resonate , story-telling , TED [link] Nancy Duarte Thanks for the mention, Alex.

PowerPoint Slide Makeover #55: Using a table to organize information

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

If you want the audience to understand results or numeric information, don't use text on your slides that reads like your speaker notes. Just a quick note to let you know that a new Slide Makeover Video Podcast based on the ideas in "The Visual Slide Revolution" is available for your viewing through the iTunes Store, online or through my YouTube channel. Use the ideas in this makeover to create a table that makes it easy for the audience to understand what the numbers mean to them.

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Sales Calls: Vendors are the ones looking for information, insight

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The new story is that, with fast-moving technology and mutating business practices, we vendors look to prospects to provide information and insight about the marketplace in general and application of technology in particular.  Black Friday [no longer a holiday for us hustlers] I am going on a sales call to a major car dealer in the Connecticut area.    In this particular situation, what I will be pitching is my social media marketing services. 

Presenting to Teach and Inform — PowerPoint for Education & Training

Pivotal Public Speaking

How to combine verbal and visual information. You are invited to a training webinar. … presented by Ellen Finkelstein. … Wednesday, February 24th at 11am PT, 12n MT, 1pm CT, 2pm ET. Ellen Finkelstein delivers high content in everything she does. She explains her material simply, demonstrates and provides follow-up support after the event. At the end of this webinar, you’ll know how to: Present so your students understand and remember.

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