Hot Meeting Industry Trends Speakers Need to Know About

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The post Hot Meeting Industry Trends Speakers Need to Know About appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy event social media meeting industry meeting trends speaking business trends to watch video at eventsMany years ago, someone predicted that video conferencing would take over the world and speakers would no longer be invited to speak at live events. As we all know, that did not happen. And do you want to know why?

Own Your Industry - Book 23 of 52 in 52 - A Review of Douglas Kruger's latest book

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He''s had a few other products created, but the first I''ve gotten my hands on is his latest book, on which his speech that week was based: ''Own Your Industry: How to Position Yourself as an Expert.'' Branding Douglas Kruger Expert Positioning Own Your Industry Toastmasters

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The Presentation Industry Salary Survey Needs You!

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The Presentation Guild’s annual Industry Salary Survey is now open and are welcoming responses from all over the globe. The Presentation Guild is working hard to advance the role of presentation professionals and promote the industry.

Podcast: PR for the Nuclear Industry After Japan | Communication.

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Tim ‘Gonzo’ Gordon and Roger Pike discuss the PR challenges of the nuclear industry in the wake of current events.

Famous Speech Friday: Ida Tarbell's 1916 "Industrial idealism"

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Around 1916, she was on the speaker circuit, represented by the Affiliated Lyceum Bureaus of America, speaking on issues surrounding World War I, with a focus on the home front and her specialty, scrutiny of industrial practices.

[Podcast] How Do I Find an Agent or Hire a Coach?

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Each episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast features a guest star in the speaking industry…someone who is ready to share knowledge about their specific area of expertise, whether it is marketing your speaking business, booking more gigs, perfecting your presentation, or something else. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast agent coach hiring speaker speakers speaking agent speaking coach speaking industry

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Romantic Love - Not for i-Generation, So Expect Industries to Be Shaken Up

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The implications for industries are huge. Falling in love is not on the minds of the I-Generation, that is, those born between 1995 and 2012. That's what the survey of now-famous psychologist Jean Twenge found.

Famous Speech Friday: Elisabeth Murdoch's lecture to the UK television industry

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The MacTaggart is the headline performance at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, the biggest event in the UK television industry. She reels off a list of female industry leaders who should have made the grade and chastises the committee for ignoring them.

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U.S. Tech Industry - 40 & Finished

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Technology has become  the  glam industry. The work is stimulating, well-paid, and high profile. So, no surprise, in it, the players tend to be finished by age 40. That ageism is more of a problem than gender discrimination. The culture is youth-based. 

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Industry Execs Meet Social Media: Five Reasons Your Firm Needs A Social Media Strategy

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Yeah, I know, your company is a b2b industrial firm with a quality product, good market penetration and a solid reputation among your target client group. Go online and type in the name of a leading industrial firm.

Do I use Industry Buzz Words in my Elevator Pitch? « TJWALKER.

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» Do I use Industry Buzz Words in my Elevator Pitch? Why certain industry buzz words are ok to use during an investor pitch and why certain jargon should be avoided during a presentation. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Public Relations Industry in U.S. - Slowing Growth

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

While other kinds of professional services, such as law, were struggling during and after the financial crash, the public relations industry was growing. 

Media Training Tips for Industry Experts | Media Training

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Kristy Manzanares - Tragedy Another Blow to Cruise Industry Branding

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This is yet another branding blow to the cruise ship industry. Those of us in public affairs will watch how the cruise industry responds to this serious threat to its branding as ultimate place to relax and see the world.  The murder happened on a cruise ship.

Motorcycles - An Industry Now in Distress

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The motorcycle industry, reports Bloomberg , has become a victim of our growing sense of caution. Some of us Baby Boomers went directly to a full-powered motorcycle. The rest, such as myself, were more timid. We started with a motorbike. As we gained confidence in our ability to navigate traffic, we longed for a vehicle which we could take on the highway. That's when a Honda 250 and I became inseparable. Then was then. A very joy-filled then.

The Difference between being a media spokesperson versus an industry expert | Media Training

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Not Much of Squeeze Put on Airline Industry by Court

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Consumers, critics and now a D.C. Circuit judge all refer to the amount of room passengers have as "the incredible shrinking airline seat."

Donald Trump: LIke Cosmetic Industry, Selling Hope

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Like the cosmetics industry, those who are considering "buying" him have the expectation of a better something. With immigration blocked, there could be reduced competition for employment, especially in the tech industry.

How to Win and Lose Gracefully « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

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While the BAFTAS, Oscars, Grammys and Emmys may lead in the glamour stakes, most industries hoststheir own award ceremonies, in which the achievements of its outstanding performers are acknowledged.

From Law Student to "Game of Thrones" and Porn Industry - Elia Hughes

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

She contends she had been painfully shy before becoming part of the porn industry. You might recognize Elia Hughes from "Game of Thrones." " She's an extra in the series. Or you might have seen her having sex on camera or doing a striptease for a webcam.

Shake-up Could Be Coming for LSAT "Industry"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Now that a prestigious institution like Harvard has adopted this initiative, obviously, the whole niche industry which has grown up around the LSAT could be shaken to its foundations.

Shift Your Expertise to a New Industry in Less than a Week! - Michael Soon Lee

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

At the recent National Speakers Association (NSA) Convention in Phoenix, AZ I had the opportunity to see Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP, give a talk on ways a speaker can re-market their expertise to a new industry. In his presentation “Shift Your Expertise to a New Industry in Less than a Week!&# Tags: Business Communication Marketing Public Speaking industry expertise Michael Soon Lee National Speakers Association

Shift Your Expertise to a New Industry in Less than a Week! - Michael Soon Lee

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

At the recent National Speakers Association (NSA) Convention in Phoenix, AZ I had the opportunity to see Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP, give a talk on ways a speaker can re-market their expertise to a new industry. In his presentation “Shift Your Expertise to a New Industry in Less than a Week!&# Tags: Business Communication Marketing Public Speaking industry expertise Michael Soon Lee National Speakers Association

Gossip: Changing Industry

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, it's no surprise that in capitalist America gossip grew to be a big industry.    But the industry is changing.  From the get-go, civilization learned that gossip was a necessary survival tool. 

Pecha Kucha Night – Tuesday 4/17 San Jose, CA

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Delivery Event 20 20x20 Industry night pecha kucha presentation sonoma chicken coop twentyThe sixth Pecha Kucha Night – San Jose is just around the corner! If you’re interested in diving into a highly creative, low-risk presentation environment, Pecha Kucha is for you.

Gossip Industry: Glut niche

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The gossip industry will always be hot.    A sign of that is that the print tabloid industry is not what it used to be.    Of course, its outsized content is so seductive to us who live little lives. 

Business Models - What Refugees from Other Industries Get So Wrong

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In the highly regulated oil industry those former lawyers in communications proved obstacles to getting things done. No surprise when that oil company was taken over and they had to land jobs in other industries, they usually were fired - pronto.

Industry Experts not Good Speakers

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Sunday, February 28, 2010 Industry Experts not Good Speakers I was the MC at an industry convention. Most of the speakers were industry experts. Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. Transform your business presentations into effective conversations.

(Tradtional) Journalism Industry - The New York Times Reaches Out to Philanthropy

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Many watchers of traditional journalism have been predicting this development: Brandname news corporations, such as New York Times Inc., would have to shift from being a business to being a good cause supported by philanthropy. 

Teamwork In The Music Industry — Part Two

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Teamwork in the Music Industry–Part Two. Featuring Jorma Kaukonen, lead guitarist for the Jefferson Airplane, with Terry Wall. In this interview, they talk about: - Teamwork. Micro Management. Dreams and Creativity. Dealing with Slackers. Click here to read Part Two of this three-part series. link]. Humor In Speaking

Alain de Botton on Dieter Rams and Good Design

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A while back, I wrote a post about Dieter Rams, the German industrial designer who is recognized as one of the most influential industrial designers of the 20th century. Rams worked for 40 years at the German consumer products company, Braun. Today, … Continue reading → Design Slide Presentation Alain de Botton Braun Dieter Rams PowerPoint Presentation simplicity

Stand-alone Eyecare Industry: Doomed

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Midweek I called my health insurance company Connecticare. I wanted to find out about the details of my vision benefit which I didn't know I had until a recorded message chastised me for not checking my eyes for the usual afflictions of aging.

Security Industry, Listen Up! - Motel 6 has adorable approach

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Founding father Franklin was a plain-speaking fellow. he put it bluntly: Honesty is the best policy. But when you are interfacing with consumers. it's wise to add a charming spin. At one of the Motel 6s in the southwest, I am across a laminated card.

Credit Card Industry Needs Fresh Narrative - Under-35 Shun Plastic

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The meme among those under-35 about credit cards is this: They generate debt. And debt is bad. No surprise, as The New York Times reports, credit card use by Millennials is the lowest it has been since 1989. Only 37% of Millennial households use credit cards.

ConAgra Splits Into 2 Companies - Disruption In Food Industry Continues

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Tech, communications, delivery of legal services, and retail aren't the only industries being disrupted. Food is also in the center of a revolution.

Manufacturing Industry: Why China will win, hands down

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I download podcasts and listen to them on my drive to work. Today, driving my 16-year-old car which has any number of replacement auto parts keeping it on the road, listening to a 3-year-old Apple iPod, I heard two stories which described how electronics and auto parts are manufactured in China and America. Apart a [.]. Business Communication Cultural Differences Culture Shock! Foxconn NPR

Broadcast, Newspaper Industries: More layoffs

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The media, while it's exciting and high-profile space to be in, remains a volatile, insecure game.    Last week we heard that CNN was cutting loose editors and photojournalists. 

Will Information about Competitors take Away from My Financial.

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It is important to include information about your competition in your financial presentation so that your audience knows you have an industry for your product and that you are well educated about both the products and people. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

227,000 Jobs Created - But, They May Not Be in Your (Downsizing) Industry

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Some industries are shrinking in both the number of jobs and how much they pay. They might have retired, been involved in a scandal or moved on to another industry. The job situation brightened in January 2017. According to the official government statistics, 227,000 were created.

Presentations - What about Specific Industries?

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If you are looking for stories and humor in a specific industry , you must work a little harder. Start a file right away for industry- specific information you find. A good place to start looking for information to fill this file would be in a trade journal for your industry. Almost every industry you can imagine has one or more associated trade journals. Watch for industry newsletters so you can extract usable material.