How to Open a Speech or Presentation

Matt Eventoff

All too often, this is what is heard to open the speech or presentation: “Hi, thank you for having me. It is an honor to be here with you today. My name is _ _, and I am going to be speaking to you today about _.” The audience is seated.

How to write a speech outline

Manner of Speaking

How do you write a speech outline? How do you create a good speech outline? In this post, I set out the steps that I follow when writing an effective outline that will lead to an effective speech or presentation. The steps to writing a speech outline. I’m happy to be here.

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How To Close A Speech That Brings Your Audience To Their Feet

Matt Eventoff

Empowered, the time has come to bring your speech to a close, at which point you exclaim: “In conclusion, I appreciate the time you spent listening about _. How did your audience go from edge-of-your-seat to almost asleep? Whether you’re taking a company public, introducing a new product to market or delivering a lecture, the conclusion of the presentation is crucial to its success. There are many effective ways to close a speech. A Call to Vision.

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How to Engage Your Audience In Three Sentences or Less

Matt Eventoff

It is an honor to be here with you today. My name is __, and I am going to be speaking to you today about _.”. It is an honor to be here with you today. My name is __, and I am going to be speaking to you today about _.”. Lackluster openings bore audiences, but there is a way to begin your presentation that will make audiences take notice: skip the formalities and say something that immediately engages them. The audience is seated.

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How to Open a Speech or Presentation

Matt Eventoff

All too often, this is what is heard to open the speech or presentation: “Hi, thank you for having me. It is an honor to be hear with you today. My name is _ _, and I am going to be speaking to you today about _.&#. Looking around, here is what I tend to see: 1) People reviewing a physical copy of the program, their notes, even the labeling on the sugar on the table; 2) T-U-T/T-O-T – Typing under table/typing on table. The audience is seated.

How to Open a Speech or Presentation

Matt Eventoff

All too often, this is what is heard to open the speech or presentation: “Hi, thank you for having me. It is an honor to be here with you today. My name is _ _, and I am going to be speaking to you today about _.” ” Looking around, here is what I tend to see: 1) People reviewing a physical copy of the program, » Read more. The post How to Open a Speech or Presentation appeared first on Princeton Public Speaking.

How to speak with authentic charisma

Manner of Speaking

How can we speak with charisma—authentic charisma—when we are on stage? Charisma can be defined as the ability to transfer emotions to others , whether they be your clients, your colleagues or your friends. Thank you to everyone who attended our webinars.

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How to create a logo in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

Would you like to create your own logo, product image, or course symbol in PowerPoint in a few minutes — following some easy steps? I’m going to show you how to create this logo — and you can customize it in any way you want. Find an image that you want to use.

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How to handle public speaking nerves

Manner of Speaking

Without ropes … Continue reading → The post How to handle public speaking nerves appeared first on Manner of Speaking. On 3 June 2017, professional rock climber Alex Honnold accomplished something that few people thought could be done. He climbed the 3,000-foot granite wall of Yosemite Park’s famous El Capitan, the vertical wall in the photo above. Alone.

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How to Write an Email that Gets Results!

SpeakerSue Says...

My dad (of blessed memory) used to say, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”. You need to ask. Sometimes you can take full control of the action and next step and sometimes you just have to put the question out there. You never make the recipient of your email have to guess about who will do what, when? News flash: “I look forward to hearing from you” is not an ask! Looking forward is not going to get you on their dance card.

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How to Feel Good In Zoom Meetings

Speaking Freely

By now, we are all learning how to look good on video. Next we can focus on learning to feel good in Zoom meetings. Since we are all meeting on video conferencing platforms, we might as well learn to relax and feel at ease on camera just like movie stars. […].

How to Give an Acceptance Speech

Matt Eventoff

And the Oscar goes to… Jane/John Doe. Before anything else, everyone please give a huge round of applause to the people that make this magical night occur… The audience. Without fans waiting on line for hours to see our productions none of this would exist. The people who wait for hours and hours just to get a glimpse of the red carpet. You are the reason I do what I do, and you are the reason I am able to do what I love.

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How To Close A Speech That Brings Your Audience To Their Feet

Matt Eventoff

Empowered, the time has come to bring your speech to a close, at which point you exclaim: “In conclusion, I appreciate the time you spent listening about _. » The post How To Close A Speech That Brings Your Audience To Their Feet appeared first on Princeton Public Speaking. You’ve engaged your audience from the beginning of your presentation. They nodded as you delivered your message.

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How To End A Speech or Presentation, Pt. II

Matt Eventoff

Whether taking a company public, introducing a new product to market, delivering a new lecture or simply leading a team meeting, the conclusion is crucial to the success of any presentation. It is the final impression to you will leave your audience with. Last week we went over three ways to effectively end a speech. So what are other effective ways to close a speech or presentation? Vision - Illustrate a vision of what your call to action will result in.

How to Write and Present a Performance Review


However, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating, negative situation. In fact, a manager performance review tip by Harvard Business Review is to pointedly keep the conversation positive. It will lead to much more valuable results than only engaging in the feedback part of the process.

How to speak like a leader

PowerPoint Tips

Do you want to sound like a leader when you speak? A leader tries to guide and motivate others to take action and implement change. Of course, there are many ways of doing that, but it’s important to note that leadership doesn’t involve forcing people to act in a certain way. For that reason, as a leader you need to: Inspire and motivate people. Guide them to work together. Tell a story of how things went wrong last week.

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How to Write Your Best Email Ever

SpeakerSue Says...

A friend asked: “Have you ever noticed how some people’s email persona is different from their direct eye contact self?” But to read his emails, you’d think he skipped grades four onward. Because I really respect this guy, it’s (mostly) easy to give him the benefit of doubt. (He He wanted to respond quickly. What was efficient for him or her becomes off-putting, misunderstood or worse to readers. And usually it leads to another email.

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How to Use Your Next Email to Get Exactly the Result You Want

SpeakerSue Says...

Take a moment to think about an email you sent that got exactly the result you wanted. Based on your email, the client booked the event, accepted your pitch presentation, scheduled a call through your link (a topic for another post) or was available and happy to accept your call. So what did you do in that email – and all the emails that led to that result – to advance to your desired action? By seeing new trends and not being afraid to embrace them.

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How to Build Your Business Vocabulary

DeFinis Communications

No matter what industry you’re in, if you want to reach higher levels of success, having a strong business vocabulary is key. Your vocabulary helps in not only your everyday business communications, but it also enables you to navigate the political landscape within your organization.

How to Communicate with Teenagers, Part 1

Matt Eventoff

In all seriousness, in order to effectively communicate with someone, you need to have a basic understanding of that person’s frame of reference. How different? Thanks to Beloit College , these differences are very clear. They will continue to live on their cell phones and communicate via texting. They may have been given a Nintendo Game Boy to play with in the crib. When you figure it out, please tell me. .

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How to Communicate with Teenagers, Pt.II

Matt Eventoff

As a teenager, I still have vivid memories of rushing home from wherever I was to see if my latest crush had called and left a message. . Teenagers today don’t have to wait by the phone or check an answering machine — they might get a text or call &# on the cell&# immediately after the school day ends. A few weeks ago Matthew Robson, a 15 year old intern at Morgan Stanley, wrote a highly touted paper on how teenagers consume media.

How to do Chiasmus

The Presenter's Blog

Along with “ Come up and see me some time “, to read these words is to hear the sinuous drawl in which they were delivered. She was also a Queen of chiasmus — a little rhetorical device that adds style to any presentation or piece of writing. It even reaches to our assessment of human beauty — the more symmetrical someone’s face , the more beautiful we believe they are. It does not need to be a mirror-perfect reflection.

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How to start a presentation

PowerPoint Tips

Your audience wants you to succeed, but they also judge you pretty quickly. ” …just read the name of your presentation and go to the next slide. Instead… Ask the audience a question: This can be a raising of hands for an informal poll or you can ask individuals to shout out answers. Tell a story: People love a good story, but yours has to be engaging and relevant. Why it’s important to your audience. How do you start a presentation?

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How To Get (And Keep) Others Committed To Change

Duarte Blog

When Graham Weston came up with the idea to move Rackspace’s headquarters to the once-thriving but empty Windsor Park Mall in a struggling area of San Antonio, he was thrilled at the possibility of breathing life back into his hometown and attracting new talent.

How to transform your relationship with nervousness

Speaking about Presenting

There are many aspects to this transformation, and there’s just one that I want to talk about in this post. How can nervousness and confidence co-exist? Here’s a useful way to think about the distinction between nervousness and confidence. When we experience these physical symptoms we say “I’m feeling nervous” As your nervousness is just a set of feelings it doesn’t mean anything about your ability to give a great presentation.

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How To Present an Action Plan


According to Wikipedia , an Action Plan is a list, with a sequence of tasks and resources, which outlines needed actions and when they need to be carried out, to achieve predefined goals. Start by defining and describing the objectives you’re trying to achieve.

Case Study: How to Write and Present It


Marketers, consultants, salespeople, and all other types of business managers often use case study analysis to highlight a success story, showing how an exciting problem can be or was addressed. How to Write a Case Study: a 4-Step Framework. Here’s how you should do it.

How to Start a Speech: The Complete 3-step Process

Successful Speeches Blog

When people come to me for public speaking advice, the question I’m asked most often is: “What’s the best way to start a speech?&#. You see … there is no “best way&# to start a speech. Tags: How to start a speech Presentation Skills Public Speaking Speech Writing Starting Your Speech How to Write a Speech

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How to Use Theory of Change to Plan Successful Programs


Humans are resistant to change; especially one imposed externally. Yet, they manage to drive successful outcomes even for the most challenging initiatives. How come? Before getting down to work, they put down comprehensive plans. How to Create a Theory of Change Model.

How to Decide Between Top Down & Bottom Up Management Styles


For decades, the predominant management style at most companies has been top down management, where leadership at the top of an organization dictates strategy and tasks for subordinates to carry out. Each tier of the chain of command reports to another until they reach the top.

How to animate 3D objects in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

I explained this feature in an earlier blog post, “ How to Insert 3D in PowerPoint.” ” Now, you can apply 5 special 3D animations to 3D models on your slides: Arrive: Fades in the object and turns it slightly. These new animations are specifically for 3D objects and they facilitate showing the objects at various angles to highlight their third dimension. For any animation, click Effect Options to the right of the Animation Gallery to see them.

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How to be comfortable with uncertainty

Speak Schmeak

I had an enlightening conversation with my acupuncturist yesterday about the uncertainty of life, that triggered a revelation I want to share with you as a lesson for public speaking. But first, let's go back to December 1, 1990. Now, let's go back to September 1987.

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How to Become Great in Public Speaking: Presenting Best Practices


Indeed, great public speakers often hold top corporate positions, lead the nations, and rally others to take joint action. But what if talking isn’t your forte, especially when it comes to doing so in front of large audiences? But we also know how great public speakers look and act.

How to Blow Up Your Business

Matt Eventoff

I happened to show up directly after working out, so I was in gym attire. I have not, and will not say anything to her boss or her clients, and I will not use her name publicly, name her employer, etc. I am no threat to her or her business. The one thing that delivers an overpowering message to others – how you treat people. You never know who the person next to you on the subway is.

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How To Prepare and Deliver a Business Case Presentation


No matter how junior or senior an individual is in an organization, there will always be times when they need to convince others why they should fund them, choose them, or do anything else they want them to do. How to Create a Business Case Presentation?

How to Write a Project Proposal and Present it to Stakeholders


Every manager or executive has at some point of their career the need to create a project proposal (or initiative, we will use both terms instinctively in this post). In this opportunity we will briefly define the concept, how to write it and more importantly how to present it to an audience.

How to write emails that actually get results

SpeakerSue Says...

Your words not only need to create rapport and emotional certainty, they need to motivate your recipient to do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it. So how is that working for you? Are you developing new business, engaging past clients, advancing the sale and converting business to closed, profitable, delighted customers? What matters most to them? Answers to their questions. Email is more important than ever.

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How to… Be Mesmerising

Presentation Guru

Your success as a presenter can only be measured according to your ability to change people’s minds, give them new information, or get them to act in a different way, had you not presented to them.… As a presenter, you have one simple goal: get information which is in your brain into those of your audience. So that they feel, think, or do something differently.

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How to Use the Brand Essence Wheel


For any brand to be successful, it needs to resonate with the target market. How a brand makes a consumer feel, be viewed by others, and the utility it offers boils down to the ‘brand promise.’ This seems to be a bit different from the promise of the iconic BMW.

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How to inspire others

Kate's Voice

Leaders often feel a need to be inspiring because they want to get people to embrace their ideas and follow their lead. Performers want to capture the moment to bring an […]. What makes a talk or conversation inspiring? Is it magic? Is it power? Is it beauty that inspires? Is it joy, pain, or sorrow? Musings be inspirational engagement inspiration perception vocal power

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How to prepare for your Q&A session

Speaking about Presenting

I knew this would be the most important part of my performance, and where I was most likely to get hammered if I wasn’t prepared. As introverts we’re great at planning what we want to say ahead of time, winging it – not so much. When there is a high level of stimulation it interferes with our working memory and makes it harder to think on our feet. So I needed to plan for the Q&A. In 2001, I was a candidate for the Green Party in New Zealand.

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How to use Spacing Effect to Enhance Long-term Learning


You might have prepared for an exam just the day before the test or perhaps resorted to skimming through literature, to soak up large volumes of information a few hours before the test. This method, called cramming isn’t the best way to learn.

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How to Create an Ebook (A Quick Guide)


Authors and publishers of every period have long intended to cater to this vast and diverse group of people, and have modified the way books have been published to reach more people. Moreover, there are many benefits to publishing your work as an eBook.

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