Criminal Justice Reporter, Honolulu, Hawaii (help-wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Here are details and how to apply. careers

1st prize winner in’s contest: Smoke, the Convenient Truth

PowerPoint Tips

View more presentations from Empowered Presentations, Honolulu, HI. This presentation won first prize in’s World’s Best Presentation contest. Both the message and the graphics are outstanding. The statistics will shock you!

Speak the Movie at Cherry Creek

Speak and Deliver

I''m available , as are many of the other featured contestants, and free if you get me out there, put me up, and feed me, like the good folks in Hawaii will be doing next week for the Honolulu showing on 4/29/13.

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Speak & Deliver Day of Reckoning, 2013

Speak and Deliver

I then categorized a few sub-goals: Speaking Sub-Goals Reach as many people with my Win Anyway message as possible RESULT: I gave this keynote roughly 15 times in my travels to Kansas City, Honolulu, and Toronto, as well as a time or two here in Denver.

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Time Flies When You're Having Fun.

Speak and Deliver

200 people showed up at the Doris Duke Theatre in Honolulu for a movie style showing. Nearly a month since my last post? Doesn''t feel like it, that''s for sure.

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