Hiring That Elusive Speaker’s Agent

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They would rather hand that particular part of the business to someone else by hiring a speaker’s agent. The post Hiring That Elusive Speaker’s Agent appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Booking Speeches Hiring Speaker Staff Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing agent hiring speaker speaker agent speaker business speaker's agent speaking speaking business speaking gigs


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  There is good news on the hiring front.    Contract chipmaker TSMC, reports  Baker Li in PORTFOLIO, is going to hire 3000.  It's this hiring statistic which has the biggest effect on how just about everyone views the pace of the recovery. Good news, like bad news, can create its own momentum.    Most of them will be engineers.    In addition, chip designer Mediatek indicated it will boost headcount by 10%.

Blockchain Trade Association Hires Lobbying Group

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Therefore, it's no surprise that the trade association promoting blockchain - the Chamber of Digital Commerce - has hired a lobbying group. Globally, the rumble of regulatory noise could slow down the acceptance of blockchain.

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Keeping the Monkeys Off Your Back by Hiring Smart

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The experts at Delivering Happiness (Zappos) say, “Hire slow, Fire […]. The post Keeping the Monkeys Off Your Back by Hiring Smart appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy delegating tasks hiring tips smart hiring

Would you hire this handyman?

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Would you hire this handyman? This is my slightly-too-artful re-creation of a sign on a truck I drove by on Tuesday. I have to say, it was really hard to make my lettering look as bad as his, and it doesn't.

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Who hires a coach?

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I found a great post on Dr. Joan Curtis ' blog about why people hire coaches. Here's an excerpt: "You hire a coach because you know life offers more than you’re getting. You hire a coach because you know you cannot reach the peaks alone."

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Small Business - Optimistic, But Not Hiring

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But, on the other hand, we are not confident enough to hire. It could be we small businesspeople will wind up having heart attacks in our offices rather than taking on the financial risk of hiring. Bloomberg  spells it out.

How To Hire a Media Trainer | Media Training

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[Podcast] How Do I Find an Agent or Hire a Coach?

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The post [Podcast] How Do I Find an Agent or Hire a Coach? I also talk about the number one question you have to ask yourself before hiring a coach, and the criteria that you should use to select a person who is the right match for you. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast agent coach hiring speaker speakers speaking agent speaking coach speaking industry

Ten Common Mistakes When Hiring a Keynote Speaker

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Paul has identified ten common mistakes that people make when hiring keynote speakers. Hiring an entertaining after-dinner speaker to give a mid-morning keynote address might not be a great fit. Hiring an egocentric speaker. Hiring the cheapest speaker.

Recruiting for New Hires on College Campuses - Under Attack as Stealth Form of Age Discrimination

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Is recruiting for new hires on college campuses evidence of a pattern of age discrimination? In a new wrinkle in employment age discrimination litigation, this one focuses on the front end - hiring.

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Crisis Communications Firm Finsbury Hired to Represent Kushner Cos.

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in which Jared Kushner is a leader, hired Finsbury as the feds turned up the heat about the financing of some of the Kushner Cos. Finsbury is a crisis communications firm owned by media giant WPP. Recently Kushner Cos.,

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The #1 thing employers want most in a new hire

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Are presentation skills important to employers? Sometimes I think that employers speak out of two sides of their mouths. On one hand, they seem to let their employees give awful presentations without negative consequences. How can there be negative consequences when everyone is doing it?)

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Cup of Coffee Coaching: How to Hire the Right Speaking Coach the First Time

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In his speech, he warned the group that speakers should not hire a speaking coach, and they should beware of people preying on new speakers […]. The post Cup of Coffee Coaching: How to Hire the Right Speaking Coach the First Time appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Coaching Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy building a speaker business building a speaking business hiring a speaking coach Speaker Marketing speaking coach

Brad Pitt's Brand In Play - Hires Celebrity Lawyer Lance Spiegel

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No surprise, as LawNewz reports, Brad has hired lawyer to celebrities such as Charlie Sheen - Lance Spiegel. More and more becomes at stake in the Angelina-Brad split-up. At first, it just seemed like the legal issues would focus on the distribution of money.

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Displaced Professionals - 4 Tips on Being Hired for "Junk Job"

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How to do it effectively, that is, be hired and access the employer-funded medical insurance coverage? Hiring is a big burden on the team assigned to do that. As for the presentation of self, as every lawyer knows in managing a jury, don't dress better than those hiring.

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Would You Hire This Writing Tutor for Your Child?

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Would you hire this woman to tutor your child? The promotion of her writing tutoring services is placed in the help-wanted section of Craigslist. That's where those needing help put ads seeking vendors or even full-time employees.

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He was hired at 63 and fired at 64. Yep, that could still be age discrimination.

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Hired by the employer’s CEO, the plaintiff was fired about a year later by the same CEO. He was hired at 63. The same person, the CEO, did the hiring and firing. So, hire slow and fire fast.

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Hiring - Employers Perceive Us Same Way They Did in 1970s

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It's 2017, a high-tech era, and employers still perceived the best to hire in the age-old ways.   The only surprise here is that the world of work hasn't moved on from the obstacles to being hired and promoted that we banged up against in Corporate America circa 1970s.  Why some people keep parachuting into plum jobs and others struggle to grab hold of mediocre opportunities hasn't changed over time.

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Please: stop “hiring to cultural fit”

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I bristle at the trendy, thoughtless phrase “hire to cultural fit” And I’m not alone. Generally, it means, “when hiring, consider personality first — consider tech and business skills second” Here’s the loosey-goosey rationale for ‘hiring to cultural fit’: “Hey, it’s easier to beef up a cool guy’s tech skills than it is to teach a nerdy weirdo how to fit in!

Who’s hiring?

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And, w ho’s hiring now? According to her newsletter: New Media ( Silicon Alley) – This is a list of companies that have hired people since June 2011: Tumblr, GroupMe, Kickstarter, MyCityWay, Tremor Video , Yodle, AppNexus, Yext, and FourSquare . Each month, I look forward to reading the newsletter from Beverly R. Daniel, of Career Growth Group in New York City, www.careergrowthgroup.com. In her end-of-summer wrap up, she focuses on: Where are the bright spots in the economy?

Uber Sends Message of New Culture - Hires Pepsi's Tony West to Head Legal

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Here is Eric Newcomer's coverage in Bloomberg of this first major hire at Uber.  Uber has been a magnet for attracting regulation around the world and federal investigations/litigation in the U.S. Most recently, London yanked its license to operate there.

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Ghostbusters: Hiring them now mainstream

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  Or, at least it seems so if we want to hire a "ghostbuster," one of those experts who have the experience and now-high tech equipment to identify where the spirits are hanging out in our homes and getting them to leave. 

Job-Hiring Process, Even For Contract Work, Takes More Time

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The extended time the job-hiring process takes also applies to contract or on-demand-economy jobs. In addition, as I found out later, the hiring powers that be were assessing what they perceived to be my energy level.

Brand Boost: Hiring those over-50

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  Hiring aging = sweet spot in branding. Last night I swung by Big Lots.    The fun of shopping there is not only the bargains but also the continuous change in merchandise.    You never know what you'll find. This time I did not luck out. 

Mark Cuban Hints at Hiring Charlie Sheen For HDnet TV Network.

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News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Getting Hired to Speak: What's Their Why?

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But what happens when you actually get to the stage of convincing them to hire you? If you don't provide a good enough answer to this question, not only will you not get hired, you might actually create negative word of mouth about yourself.

No Shocker - Federal Reserve of SF Finds Bias in Hiring Aging & It's Hurting the Economy

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The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has made it its business to investigate age bias in hiring for jobs. The aging who find it difficult to be hired for jobs could: Opt for enrolling in Social Security early - age 62.

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Roger Ailes Hires Superlawyer Charles Harder for Possible Lawsuit against Journalist Gabriel Sherman

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LawNewz reports that Ailes has hired superlaywer, Charles Harder. It's well know that the odds for success in litigation and legal transactional matters are tilted toward who can afford to hire the most skilled lawyer.

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Etiquette for the newly hired

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If you're one of those who are hired for a job, then you better know how to comport yourself.    There's a new etiquette for how the newly hired have to comport themselves around those still unemployed.    Not on the job, that is.    Here are those rules as I discuss them on AOL Jobs.

Yahoo's $99 Million Quarterly Loss & Marissa Mayer: No one will hire glam again

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When a woman is hired into tech again as a leader she will be the no-nonsense kind like Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg or IBM's Ginni Rometty.  It turned out worse than many of us expected. Yahoo had a $99 million loss for the quarter. 

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Enough DIY Already: Hire Professionals

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Consider Hiring Professionals, Even If You’ve Got the Tools On Your Laptop. Hire a presentation coach for a day. “Uggg… spiral text fly-ons! Nnnyyruurrghh!&#. After 3.0 days, the short life of iSnack 2.0 is over.

Donald Trump - Should he yank the account from Jones Day (and hire Saul Goodman)

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On Yahoo , Michael Isikoff reports: "While Donald Trump publicly calls for mass deportations of all undocumented immigrants, his presidential campaign has hired a law firm [Jones Day] that is fighting against the deportation of thousands of undocumented refugees from Central America."

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Don’t hire me if you don’t have the time to answer these questions

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You should not hire me if you want to hand me a pile of information and tell me to write a web page, web landing page, Google ad, advertisement, direct marketing brochure or sales letter, or case study based on the information, without answering my questions. Tags: Business Writing freelance writer why hire a freelance writier

How to Know When and What to Outsource in Your Speaking Business

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Hiring Speaker Staff Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy Speaking Profession core competencies delegate delegating delegating tasks focus hiring multitasking outsource outsourcing tasks team team members the zoneHave you ever felt unsatisfied in your speaking business? Like maybe you wanted to take all of your marbles and go home? Perhaps you should just call it quits and get a “real job?” ” If you have ever felt this way, know that you are not alone.

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Communications Services: Among top 5 fields hiring

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  No surprise, it's one of the top 5 fields hiring new graduates, reports PORTFOLIO.   The process is thorough because the organizations are cautious about hiring just the right person. 

Twitter hires Edelman to educate users

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No surprise Twitter's Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo has hired public relations agency Edelman to educate, as a start, the U.S. Twitter is a complex digital tool.    That's why whole books are written about its capabilities. 

Media Training | Yahoo News Hire Investigative Reporter Star

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The Onion Hires Investment Bank GCA Savvian For Possible Sale

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Club, has hired a financial adviser [GCA Savvian] for a possible sale." "Onion Inc., owner of the satirical news site 'the Onion' and the entertainment site the A.V. " -  Lucas Shaw and Alex Sherman, Bloomberg, November 14, 2014. Here is that article. For Baby Boomers and members of Generation X, the Onion was the ultimate in sophisticated humor. It was Mad with a college education. There is some speculation that it doesn't have to sell itself.

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Class of 2012: Dollar Stores, Aldi hiring

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A campaign issue, reports POLITICO , is the million members of the Class of 2012 without jobs.    Yet, there are jobs, not just in what those new graduates might have majored in or what they expected to do after four years of college.

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