How many corporate birds can you kill with one PowerPoint presentation?

Max Atkinson

The ‘no notes’ illusion Manufacturers of overhead projectors used to proclaim yet another alleged benefit of the acetate revolution: with our machines, you can speak without having to use any notes. Grossed up, the estimated cost to British industry as a whole comes to a massive £7.8 It's just over a year since the BBC website magazine invited me to write a short piece on The Problem with PowerP0int to mark the 25th anniversary of its invention.

Content Meets Delivery.The Art of Capturing Attention

Numbers, dates, and background information flashed up on the overhead projector. Pacing from the projector to the white board, to the side door, along the isle and down towards the back row. As a result, Hollywood resorts to special effects that are quick, visually exciting or gross, and story lines move at a pace where the viewer feels somehow empty at the end of the movie because the characters were never fully developed.