Overcoming the Gross Out Factor

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Most of the hue and cry I read was about “the gross out factor”. Knowledge grosses people out. And we learn to outgrow, embrace, or at least accept all kinds of stuff that used to gross us out. Gross!

They Went The Ph.D. Route - Now Grossing $20,000 To $25,000 Annually

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Most adjuncts gross annually $20,000 to $25,000. Made by Brave New Films, "Professors in Poverty" captures the financial plight of adjunct professors. They went the Ph.D. route. Fell in love with teaching. But could only land contract adjunct positions.

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U.S. Growth Rate Picks Up to 2% – NYTimes

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Samantha Bee on presenting in a comfortable outfit

The Eloquent Woman

If you've ever found yourself on stage for a speaking gig, teetering in your uncomfortable high heels and an outfit you wouldn't normally wear, you'll find refreshing the advice of America's female late-night comedy host Samantha Bee.

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How much can you earn as a freelance writer?

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Of course, if you write more articles or longer articles, or earn more per word, then your gross incomes goes up. Also, from your annual gross income, you deduct taxes, pension-plan contributions, and business expenses. Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing – Find, Price, Manage Corporate Writing Assignments & Develop Article Ideas and Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines.

Want to boost conference attendance? Add women speakers

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McKinsey calculated that Canada alone could boost its gross domestic product by $150 billion by 2026 if gender equity were promoted across the board.

No amount of technology will make a bad story good

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The film would go on to be the highest-grossing film of the year. When Toy Story opened in the US at the end of 1995, it was met with enthusiasm and great critical acclaim. There was tremendous buzz (ahem) about the film before it arrived here in Japan a few months later.

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Tina Fey: Need to jump into a conversation? Use improv skills, not apologies

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NPR Fresh Air host Terry Gross interviewed Tina Fey last week about her new memoir, Bossypants, and the discussion turned to how women speak and interject--or don't--in their everyday interactions. Gross brought up the topic, noting: you describe some of the rules of improv.

Famous Speech Friday: Justice Sonia Sotomayor's law school question

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Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who talked about not raising her hand in law school until the third year in this interview with NPR''s Fresh Air host Terry Gross. Sometimes, asking a question can seem like giving a high-stress, if short, speech.

Famous Speech Friday: Julia Child's "The French Chef" cooking demos

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So I felt that we needed fuller explanations so that if you followed one of those recipes, it should turn out exactly right," she told Terry Gross in an interview.

Public Speaking: Bureau Tips to Remember

Great Public Speaking

If you team up with 20 bureaus that each get you one $2,000 talk per month, you will gross $40,000 monthly, or $480,000 per year. The bureau must please their clients. Their aim is to have the client use the bureau for speakers on a regular basis.

Is 2016 your public speaking "year of yes?" Advice from Shonda Rhimes

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Interviewer Terry Gross explored what she'd been saying "no" to, and public speaking is right on the list: GROSS: Your book is about your year of saying yes because your sister told you that you don't say yes to things. GROSS: Was it because you were too busy or too uncomfortable?

Giving a keynote when you've just had bad news

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GROSS: About breast cancer, no doubt. GROSS: Your life.

Trumpism - Will It Be Death of Advertising

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There is more gross revenue in that than my creating content for clients. Right now and throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump has an amazing track record in earned media. 

Alan Simpson invokes Snoop Dogg, Eminem in Outburst « TJWALKER.

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News analyzed from a communication perspective.


The Gig Economy Hack - Of Course, There Are Tradeoffs

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After my first seven months earning peanuts as I learned the freelancing ropes, I grossed about 25% more than I had as a middle manager in a food processing corporation. I Disruption in itself is neither good nor bad. It just is.

Working metaphors throughout a message: @rosannecash & @ivanoransky

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The song comes from Cash''s album The List , and in the interview transcript , where Terry Gross asks Cash why she chose to record the song, Cash says: It''s kind of a perfectly constructed country song.

How many gurus are you listening to?

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I don't want to get into gross detail, but I think you get the picture. Photo by Sam Segar This is going to be TMI, but stick with me because I do have a point, and it will be relevant to public speaking. I recently started a new diet protocol for dealing with IBS -- irritable bowel syndrome.

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Connecticut - Taxes Driving Out Rich (and middle-class)

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During 2015-2016, CT lost $6 billion in adjusted gross income (AGI).  In Connecticut, there is annual property tax on every auto you own. It's assessed according to the value of the car. So, if you buy a new one, for several years your tax will be high. Late in paying in?

Dreaming of sex costs the nation £7.8bn a year: the cost of boring presentations

Max Atkinson

Grossed up, the estimated cost to British industry as a whole comes to a massive £7.8 Having just been asked to write a short piece on PowerPoint (on which more in due course), I had a look through some old files for any stuff than might be worth recycling.

Public Speaking - What to Know About Speaker's Bureaus

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If you team up with 20 bureaus that each get you one $2,000 talk per month, you will gross $40,000 monthly, or $480,000 per year. The bureau must please their clients. Their aim is to have the client use the bureau for speakers on a regular basis. If you please their client, the bureau will use you again and again. The client belongs to the bureau forever. Just as a sales rep's clients belong to them.

Bloggingpro.com - Microsoft blocks access

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As of June, Upwork had upped its cut of the gross revenue action to 20% for all accounts under $500. Bloggingpro.com is on the list of a number of content-providers. Its jobs section is among the sites checked daily for possible fits with our skills.

Weinstein Culture of Silence - BigLaw Could Be Put "On Trial" (David Boies branding in play)

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Gross, Kleinhendler. A novel legal theory has been used in a complaint filed in New York yesterday against: Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein Co. Weinstein Co. board members  Miramax Film Corp, and. Others.

Ross Ulbricht, Rogue Lawyers & Silicon Valley Players

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He actually achieved operating outside any government's jurisdiction, peddling items ranging from drugs and firearms to forged passports and fake money, putting out hits on enemies and grossing annual revenue of about $1.2

Research Efficiency and Reliability: An Exercise for Public Speaking

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What film grossed the most money (adjusted for inflation)? An old television game show from the 1950s, Name that Tune , pitted 2 contestants against each other. The objective was for one contestant to name the tune the orchestra would play in fewer notes than could the other contestant. In this exercise, the objective is similar; it’s to find reliable information most efficiently, in as few mouse clicks or time as possible.

Women Who Don't Have Children - Hey, Wait A Minute, How Do You Define "Children"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

On Huffington Post , Dr. Gail Gross published an article on why women don't have children. For once, I'm not an outlier in my point of view. My comment received a lot of "likes."

How to Dress on Camera: Advice from Rachel Maddow

Green Room Speakers

Today on NPR's Fresh Air, Terri Gross interviewed Rachel Maddow , the popular MSNBC host of the Rachel Maddow show: About two thirds of the way through the interview, Terry Gross asks Maddow why she chooses to dress the way she does on TV. Maddow replies, "My idea about what I look like on television is essentially that I don't want you to not notice what I look like on television. I have this basic idea that what I am proud of.is

Upwork - Boosting Its Cut of the Action to 20%, for Small Assignments

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Traditionally, for providing that middleman role of bringing employers and freelancers together, it took 10% of the gross revenue. Upwork is among the digital platforms we on-demand-economy players turn to for assignments. Starting in June 2016, that will be increased to 20% of the first $500 billed on any one account. After than $500 is reached, then the fee falls back to 10%. That means, for example, that, say, we get an assignment for $200. Before we are paid, Upwork siphons off $40.

Rep. Scott Rigell (R) Of Virginia Actually Said Something Honest On The House Floor Monday Night

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Historically, we’ve been around 19 percent of expenses as a percent of our gross domestic product. “…I would say to my friends, who are Democrats, let’s consider this. Right now, we’re over 24.5 percent. This is putting America on a perilous course and I believe that it threatens our country in a fundamental way. “Now, [.]. Audio Government & Politics Politics democrats Republican Scott Rigell Virgina

The Clio Healthcare Awards 2011: Inside Communications with Mike Bako

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gross national product. [.]. Karl Vontz joins Mike Bako to discuss this years Clio Healthcare awards. The CLIO Healthcare Awards is an extension of The CLIO Awards, one of the world’s most recognized awards competitions for advertising, design and communications, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2009. Healthcare accounts for more than one-third of the U.S. Analysis blogging Body Language celebrities CEOs/Financial Video clio awards karl vontz mike bako

Trump's Remarks at Soap Opera - Fall-Out Is Real, Not Soap Opera

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Among those may be Donald Trump's gross comments regarding women. In life as well as the professions of public relations and defense law, there are situations from which there are no comebacks. Those who place themselves in them or get caught in them are finished. And that's that.

Looks Always Marketable Asset - SeekingArrangement.com Provides Platform for Those Transactions

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And annual gross earnings of about $250,000. The digital platform bringing Sugar Daddies (and Momas) and Sugar Babies together is SeekingArrangement.com. The arrangement is open-ended.

Brand Recovery: How is it doing?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 For example, law firm Quinn Emanuel which reconfigured itself as lean had double-digit gross revenue increases. After a good 2013 in terms of gross revenues and the acquisition of brandname clients, I had a slow January.

The Donald & The "P" Word - Youth Smirked

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Many of their male sexual partners perceive that kind of hair as "gross." The world knows that The Donald referred to the female private parts as "p y." " And, the youth among them probably just smirked. By using that term, Donald Trump sounded old.

Uber, Lyft - Cutting Prices, Angry Drivers (freelancers perceive sweatshop conditions)

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But when they have to bill at a lower price they have to work longer hours to gross the same revenue. The on-demand-economy is not always sweet to its contract workers. Both ride-hailing services, Uber and Lyft, have cut pricing in myriad U.S. cities to increase demand.

Upwork & Other Outsourcing Digital Platforms - Tarnished brands, if Donald Trump wins?

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 The site charges freelancers 10 percent of the gross revenue for its services. Those who lost jobs or had their wages lowered because of outsourcing could get Donald Trump elected. If he makes it to the White House brands associated with outsourcing could become tarnished. One of those brands is Upwork. It's a digital platform enabling American organizations and individuals to search for labor around the world. Their

Virtual Eating Professional Services Firms Tethered to Offices

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The firm it spun off from - FisherBroyles - predicts, in 2018, it will be listed in the Am Law 200, based on its annual gross revenue growth. Culhane Meadows is what should keep BigLaw partners up at night.

"Thank You" - Universal Term to Bypass Rage Response

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That sucks off 10% of the gross revenue a journalist will receive. An editor in chief proposed to me the "opportunity" to do a complex article involving legal services. For peanuts in compensation.

Big Star? Well prove it, otherwise you get a pay cut

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  His last film "Knight and Day" only grossed about $74 million. We all knew that The Tom Cruise show was getting long in the tooth.    Now we know that Hollywood also knows that.    NEW YORK Magazine reports on the pay cut Cruise has accepted.    He had to.      He can't prove - and that proof is now being demanded of all performers - that he's still a big star. 

English Majors - Research Blows Up Myth We Don't Earn Much Over Our Lifetimes

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Within seven months the gross earnings were about 25% higher than my former corporate ones. English majors don't necessarily finish last in lifetime earnings. Actually those earnings can total nearly as much or even more than majors in business and STEM fields.