PowerPoint Tip: Government Photos You can Use

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Governments have staff who take photographs as part of their jobs, and many times these photos are quite good. Fortunately, these photos also belong to the government and the various departments and agencies have generously made a lot of these photos available for use without charge.

Thought Leadership - Anything Less Than Openness Erodes Trust

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Some of us might have worked for corporations or government organizations in which just about everything was considered confidential. Secretary of State out of the public domain.

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Why is Mr Brown bothering to speak to the TUC?

Max Atkinson

Don't risk it [the recovery] with the Tories, whose obsessive anti-state ideology means they can't see a role for government in either recession or recovery."

'Telegraph' or 'Sleazygraph': the ethics, uses and results of covertly recorded conversation

Max Atkinson

My initial reaction was that it hardly seemed news that politicians say things in private conversations that they wouldn't dream of saying in public. Scientific and public interest as legitimate defences? I also remember a sense of relief from any such worries when I first started studying recordings of political speeches - which had the advantage of already being in the public domain.