Delayed applause for Cameron's government - from the Conservatives!

Max Atkinson

During David Cameron's speech at the Conservative Party conference, quite a few mainstream journalists were tweeting on Twitter about how much applause he was getting. These included warm words from Nick Clegg and Vince Cable about the coalition government ( HERE & HERE ), Ed Miliband's claims on 'the centre ground' ( HERE ), William Hague's boast about being in government ( HERE ) and George Osborne's good news about being in government ( HERE ).

Delayed applause for Ed Miliband's claims on the 'centre ground'

Max Atkinson

Yesterday, the media made much of the fact that Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman applauded when Ed Miliband declared that Labour's involvement in the Iraq war was was wrong - and was apparently chastised for doing so by David Miliband because she'd voted for it. The mainstream media didn't seem to notice either of these hints that LibDem activists' support for the coalition might be rather less enthusiastic than the official line suggests it is.

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