Mainstream Media - Infrastructure Crumbling?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Champions of retaining mainstream media [MSM] contend that is necessary to ensure factual accuracy.    This is an arrow in the heart of the push to mainstream mainstream media through government help. Tags: Media   After all, unlike much of citizen journalism, MSM has the infrastructure for cautious reporting of the facts, fact-checking, and the editing process.    Well, those champions might be losing their thunder.

Delayed applause for Cameron's government - from the Conservatives!

Max Atkinson

During David Cameron's speech at the Conservative Party conference, quite a few mainstream journalists were tweeting on Twitter about how much applause he was getting. These included warm words from Nick Clegg and Vince Cable about the coalition government ( HERE & HERE ), Ed Miliband's claims on 'the centre ground' ( HERE ), William Hague's boast about being in government ( HERE ) and George Osborne's good news about being in government ( HERE ).


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Oil Spill Photos: Our hearts break for the animals

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  We went to the mainstream media and government officials.  Public opinion about the oil industry and others whose business impacts the ocean will never be the same.    We animal lovers are a passionate vocal constituency, with a track record for protecting those non-human inhabitants of planet earth. 

Delayed applause for Ed Miliband's claims on the 'centre ground'

Max Atkinson

Yesterday, the media made much of the fact that Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman applauded when Ed Miliband declared that Labour's involvement in the Iraq war was was wrong - and was apparently chastised for doing so by David Miliband because she'd voted for it. The mainstream media didn't seem to notice either of these hints that LibDem activists' support for the coalition might be rather less enthusiastic than the official line suggests it is.

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New Profile of Power

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That mover and shaker might be a fellow on a think tank such as Manhattan Institute, plus instructor for a course at New York University or the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, a member of the board of a nonprofit, and guest on television talk shows.   Supreme Court to block access to the media of the sealed documents from the settlement with the alleged victims of clergy sex abuse.

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'Telegraph' or 'Sleazygraph': the ethics, uses and results of covertly recorded conversation

Max Atkinson

Following the covert bugging of Vince Cable by two people sent by the Daily Telegraph to pose as constituents attending his surgery, the media has been making quite a meal of it. There are a number of reasons why I've risked 'coming out' as more sanctimonious than most Twitterers, bloggers and mainstream media journalists. Nor do I think they can have given much thought to the new standards of media reporting that they were helping to establish as 'normal'.

The Madness of Steve Ballmer

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

Steve Ballmer and his crazy on-stage monkey dances have attracted a lot of media attention and on-line ridicule. I worked on some of his roadshows in the 90’s, where he’d fly into town and do six or seven hour-long presentations in a day, to wildly differing audiences – clients, staff, government, hard-core coders. The fact that we even know his name via mainstream media is a major endorsement of his communication strategy.

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The Visual Thinking Revolution is Here!

Duarte Blog

Mainstream media catches on. Beyond traditional supporters like Fast Company, 2011 saw coverage in mainstream journalism, with stories on visual thinking featured in Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post and CNN. It’s for business people, entrepreneurs, NGOs, government leaders, teachers, kids. We are in the midst of a “Visual Thinking Revolution” and leaders in all types of organizations are embracing visual thinking as a literacy of the future.