Have a Legal Issue? Research It Just Like a Lawyer

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Glossary. On television legal dramas what plays out is the the brilliant strategy this or that lawyer creates. That's the theatre. But underneath the glam is the tedious task of research. That's what generates the strategy. And research is what non-lawyers like yourself can do.

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How To Create Online Courses


Create a glossary to define new terms. When you need to quickly define a term or two, use the notes section as a quick glossary. The e-learning industry keeps growing at a rapid pace. By 2025, it is expected to reach $325 billion , up from the estimated $107 billion last year.

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Digitizing and Widgetizing Our Textbooks

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A widgetal textbook (see glossary at the end of this post), on the other hand, is not only digital but interactive. A Glossary Some of the terms and definitions in this glossary are standard; some are made up to provide a way of talking about the new textbooks. The textbook as many of us have known it, it on the way out and the digital/widgetal textbook is in. Well, not exactly, just yet but it’s coming.

What is the Word?

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I recommend developing a glossary of words that would like to use and practicing them ahead of time. And now I’d like to… (Pause…um…err…ah…). Do you ever find yourself grasping for words or losing your place in the middle of a sentence? If so, you’re not alone. This behavior is often a symptom of “under preparation,” speaking too fast or just plain nervousness. And for some people it can also be a sign of something else: Perfectionism. .

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The Nonverbal Communication Book TOC

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Glossary of 200 Nonverbal Communication Concepts. Glossary of 200 Nonverbal Communication Concepts. Here is the Table of Contents for The Nonverbal Communication Book. The Nonverbal Communication Book. Contents in Brief. Welcome to The Nonverbal Communication Book. Part One. Foundations of Nonverbal Communication. Introducing Nonverbal Communication. Part Two. The Codes of Nonverbal Communication. Body Messages. Facial Messages. Eye Messages. Artifactual Messages. Space Messages.

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Lost in Translation – Ten Tips for Working with Interpreters

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Here, I am thinking of things such as a glossary of technical terms you will use, copies of materials that you will reference, copies of slides that you will show, etc. Lost in Translation is a terrific film that received critical acclaim when it was released in 2003.

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The Nonverbal Communication Book Preface

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The Nonverbal Communication Book is divided into three parts, consisting of ten chapters, two appendixes, and a glossary of technical terms. A glossary of nonverbal concepts is included as the end of the text to clarify further the technical terms of this area of study. Recently, I published The Nonverbal Communication Book with Kendall Hunt. Here is the preface; the TOC will follow in another post. Welcome. The Nonverbal Communication Book.

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Public Speaking: Simple Sells

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The glossary lists most of the important things that all speakers should know." I've come up with example after example over the past couple years of how having a simple, yet professional website attracts business better than a complicated flashy site. Again, this month I've got an awesome example of a site that for a very tiny investment has brought me an enormous return. That site is [link] This month it got in the very prestigious section of "Inc. Magazine" called "Best of the Web."

What Every Leader Should Know About Nonprofit Practices

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You'll see practices and pitfalls in each area, along with a thorough glossary, as well as access to trusted experts. "Google the word 'nonprofit' and you'll get over 40 million results," explained Krista Rye, Marketing Coordinator for the Nonprofit Leadership Institute at Grand Valley State University. For most nonprofit leaders, being overwhelmed with information is not helpful. They want easy access to relevant information from a trustworthy source."

Rands In Repose: Keynote Kung-fu


home tech life management vegas glossary archives about Tech Life Simple, clean, and easy Keynote Kung-fu It’s WWDC season and that means Keynote.

Rands In Repose: Keynote Kung-fu Two


home tech life management vegas glossary archives about Tech Life You’re the presentation Keynote Kung-fu Two You’ve taken some hits. Being taken apart by the execs because they could smell you weren’t prepared. The slide deck you loved that the audience ignored. That guy… snoring. In the front row. However, you’ve also hit it out of the park. The unexpected standing ovation. That seven-slide deck that turned into an hour of ad-libbed brilliance.