Taking Productive Action Now with Brian Fanzo

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On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we welcome “Digital Futurist”, Brian Fanzo who will share his insight on current tech offerings and how we can all easily move forward […].

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From Information to Imagination: Delivering a Good Story

Kate's Voice

Rolf Jensen, futurist and author of The Dream Society I [.]. “The highest-paid person in the first half of the next century will be the ‘storyteller.’ The value of products will depend on the story they tell. Nike and many other global companies are already mainly storytellers. That is where the money is — even today.” intention Storytelling vocal delivery Expression public speaking tips


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How to Land Speaking Sponsorships with Julie Austin

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Julie is an award-winning author, inventor, futurist, and innovation keynote speaker. Julie is an award-winning author, inventor, futurist, and innovation keynote speaker. How many times have you been told “I’m so sorry, we don’t pay our speakers”? Too many times, I’m sure.

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What I Look for in a Speaker When I'm in the Audience

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Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter Home About Contact Us Current Programs Inner Circle Newsletter Products 20 Presentation Skills That Kill: Audio CDSeminar Social Media and Public Relations: Audio Task Oriented Teams: Audio CDSeminar What We Do What I Look for in a Speaker When I’m in the Audience by Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon on March 3, 2010 If you’re in business and do any amount of networking, you’ll see some sort of presentation or speaker on a regular basis.

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The Future of Email and Why You Are Ahead of the Game

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He is a “technology futurist and disruptive innovation expert.” My friend, Dan Burrus, is really smart. It’s a mouthful but when it comes from his mouth, he makes it all make sense. So when Dan mentioned that the future of communication is a blend of science and art, he made that make sense too. The science part – the transactional, factual and informational – will soon be taken over by AI. Anybody can provide facts. The other part is art.

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16 Graphic Design Trends of 2019 To Use In Presentation Design


And here’s another color trend fueled by the Retrowave and Futuristic design trends. Futuristic design elements in neon colors are among the hottest design trends in 2019. If you aim for a futuristic sci-fi aesthetics, use this technique in presentation design as well. Surprisingly, this year it’s a mixed bag – with opposite trends (pastel vintage design vs futuristic colorful design) being equally popular.

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Category 6 Hurricane - Not Only Possible, Also Probable

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Only, it might not remain futuristic for long. It's a deadly combination: 5% to 8% more water vapor in the atmosphere and warmer temperatures. The result makes not only possible but probable the Category 6 Hurricane. The winds are over 200 miles an hour. The storm surge double-digit.    The most scary part of all this, reports The Guardian , is that the Category 6 can occur where such powerful storms never used to happen. So, no one can play it safe.

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Rats As Big As Cats in Fort Greene, NY - Could Be Blamed on Trumpism, Too

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This isn't a futuristic matter, such an increase of X feet in sea level by 2100. Environmentalism is not just about climate change and rising seas. It also provides ways to deal with the trash which is over-running landfills - and bringing on the rats. There are plenty of the latter in Fort Greene, New York. According to those who live in places such as Farragut House, those rats are as big as cats.

LinkedIn Pulse - It's not about clickbait (it's about developing new business)

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They don't position and package themselves as thought leaders or futurists in wealth creation. LinkedIn Pulse is located on LinkedIn, a professional social network. Unlike Facebook, the focus is business. Therefore, you post on it with the objective of developing new business. Obviously, then, the amount of page views, likes and comments is irrelevant.

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Get ready, get set, go! Be ready to win!

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Bell Systems had this Jetson type futuristic phone – the picturephone! The wonder of it all! When I was a kid living on Long Island, my parents took me to the Worlds Fair in Queens, NY. – where you could actually talk and SEE the caller. It freaked me out but my parents assured me that future was very far away. And it was. Until late February. It wasn’t that we didn’t have the modern technology to communicate virtually. We just didn’t have the desire. Or need. Or both.

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How to craft a story

Pivotal Public Speaking

Rolf Jensen, futurist and author of The Dream Society. Kate started out with a powerful quotation … “The highest-paid person in the first half of the next century will be the ‘storyteller.’ The value of products will depend on the story they tell. Nike and many other global companies are already mainly storytellers. That is where the money is — even today.” She makes the point. Not all stories are created equal.

Robot Walks into Bar, Calls Human "Stupid" - The Legal Issues

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The titans in legal fiction, such as Scott Turow, could lead in the way in sketching out futuristic scenarios.  The nation of Estonia is  the pioneer in regulating that wild west technology niche: artificial intelligence (AI). In terms of the law, AI is where the internet was back at the turn of the century. On the books, there is little regulation, legislation, or litigation. 

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Robots - Of Course, You Should Be Territied

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Way back around the turn of the century futurists predicted the few jobs left would be those involving in-person hands-on services. The robot threat really is that bad. Research by Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo found that for each 1 robot introduced to manufacturing: 6 Jobs are eliminated. Wages drop between 0.25% and 0.50%. As Recode reports, the number of industrial robots could quadruple by 2025. Currently, there is a shortage of 100,000 truck drivers.

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Power Outage - Another Sector of Capitalism Getting Hit

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It doesn't take a futurist to envision the seismic change in law firms. "The Utah Supreme Court’s unanimous vote on Thursday establishes a regulatory 'sandbox' for non-traditional legal providers and services, including entities with non-lawyer investment or ownership." " - Bloomberg Law. August 14, 2020. The law firm, as we have known it, could become an anachronism. Crushed could be the divine right of partners.

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It's Out There: Projecting a World Without Facebook

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

To give solidity to this futuristic projection he interviews a number of experts in various fields. On Axios , Steve LeVine actually does it: He puts out there the possibility of a world without Facebook. The unthinkable becomes thinkable. Among them is Scott Galloway, author of the book "The Four," who frequently writes on antitrust developments in EU against social networks such as Facebook.    Of course, many interests will be hurt if Facebook goes poof.

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Online Communication – Email is Not Dead

Matt Eventoff

If you spend enough time too close to the fire of the Valley’s futurists and “elite”, you start to believe that the future has already arrived. Elie Saidman, a friend and a very succesful entreprenuer , had a great post on his blog this morning that I not only found very interesting, but completely agree with. Email’s impending death has been written about ad nauseum, and never seems to come.

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Deutsche Bank, Smart Contracts - The Beginning of the End of "Work," As Civilization Has Known It

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" That's the monetary safety net which used to be considered futuristic talk. Sooner than many employees at Deutsche Bank anticipate, their new colleagues could be a robot. And, once those robots settle into a routine, the human finance people could lose their lucrative jobs. The financial institution's chief executive officer John Cryan is candid about the possibility that robots could take over half of the 97,000 jobs. Cryan is determined to shift from manual operations.

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A World Without Work - Unlearning Mandates of Protestant Ethic

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Framed in a futuristic way, UBI could be considered a stage of civilization in which every human being can search for his or her unique fulfillment. Already in the United States, Spain, Netherlands, Kenya, Uganda, and India, there are pilot programs for UBI - Universal Basic Income. Essentially, UBI provides string-free monthly income. The objective is for human beings to pay their bills without having to work, at least not in the traditional understanding of "work."

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"Hunger Games: Catching Fire"- Why the world isn't missing it

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  There are also the futuristic high-technology bits and pieces. Sci-fi film "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" opened this weekend to expected boxoffice sales of $250 million, reports FORBES.   Here is that coverage.   The Rave movie chain provided multiple screenings of it at each location.  The viewing I attended Friday in North Haven, Connecticut, although early evening, was packed.

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Speakers worth catching - 1: Mitch Joel

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  The match of the casual, comfortable style along with the message – that he’s a ‘presentist’, not a futurist, works very well.  I’m going to start a blog series on current speakers worth watching and begin with Mitch Joel , author of the bestselling Six Pixels of Separation (what a great title!), prolific blogger under the same name, and frequent public speaker on the subject of social media and marketing.  

Law - Already Being Run by Artificial Intelligence

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The ability of technology to replace lawyers is no longer futuristic. Of course, B2C LegalZoom has been around for a while. You might have set up your LLC through that or another online legal service. But all that is old stuff. In The Atlantic , Jason Koebler presents real-life examples of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already solved traffic-ticket problems for 215,ooo. The locations are New York, Seattle and London. And no lawyer was needed.

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Public Relations - AI Can Wipe Out Humans

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It is not futuristic to anticipate that a mid-level public relations expert enters the office and finds a robot sitting at his or her desk. In the prestigious, lucrative fields of law and finance , humans are already being wiped out by artificial intelligence (AI). Those responsible for the bottom line can achieve cost efficiency and improved quality by creating models to replace human manpower.

Revolutionary New Touch-Screen Projector

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

If you’re looking for the future of presentation technology, you only need look as far as CSI Miami and its futuristic rainbow-lit headquarters. That’s where you’ll find image scanners that can query a database of all the left-handed golf gloves in Florida, and bring up a photo and address of each owner. We’ve previously discussed their image sharpening software that can take a grainy security camera image and enlarge it to full HD.

If you're a professional speaker, who is your customer?

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Dr. Lowell Catlett (futurist, economist at New Mexico State University; lowellcatlett.com)) ??Lt. health-care futurist; kaiser.net)?? I often blog that the way to a successful speech is via the audience -- in other words, start with understanding your audience, and make the speech about its issues.    Solve the audience's problems and they'll reward you with fierce loyalty. 

Universal Basic Income - Psychic Shift From Work Ethic to Taking Hand-Outs

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  Essentially, that goes like this: Some entity, be it government or a futurist such as Y Combinator chief executive officer Sam Altman, selects a group to fund with a certain amount of a monthly payment. From Oakland and Stockton, California all the way to the nation of Finland, there are experiments in Universal Basic Income (UBI). Here in Fortune Grace Donnelly describes what could be The Future: Accepting a payout in exchange for not working. 

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PopTech Announces 2009 Social Innovation Fellows

Duarte Blog

–Andrew Zolli, futurist, curator and executive director of PopTech. The world is full of visionary minds, whose ideas are lost simply because they lack the resources to foster their growth. Each year, PopTech selects a group of these individuals, and supplies them with not only access to a supportive network of peers with whom they can collaborate, but the technology and training they need to amplify their message.

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Is Your Business On-Demand?

Raise Your Profile & Your Profits!

And while I dont claim to be some brilliant prognosticator or highly-touted futurist, I am simply reminding those in business that customers are looking for solutions, products, services and information, and they expect immediate access. In his books and presentations, Generation Why expert Eric Chester speaks of how impatient this young, emerging workforce tends to be. As a father of three, I certainly know this to be true.

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Public Speaking : HATS

Great Public Speaking

When I talk about the future, I would use some kind of spaceman, futuristic looking hat that maybe had antennae attached. Hats can be lots of fun during a presentation and they can also help you keep on track without using notes. I use hats as an outline of my presentation. Let's say I was talking to a company about the past, present and future of their marketing.

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Creating Curiosity: Three Ways To Be Compelling


Thats why futurists are so popular on the speaking circuit. Go too broad, and you become a futurist who is a moving target. );} else {document.write( );}return true;}LoadMenus(); NAME E-MAIL ZIP CODE Resources Articles Events Online Tutorial FAQs Links Article: Creating Curiosity: Three Ways To Be Compelling RainToday.com, October 2007 By Vickie K. Sullivan What makes potential clients check out your website? What drives reporters to call you and feature your comments?

ORGANIZING: The 5 D's For Paper and Information Management


In our futuristic lives, that are supposed to be "paperless" Alas, were swimming in it. MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

Everyone Deserves a Defense - Jones Day Representing Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  That's futuristic.  This has all the makings of an episode from "Law & Order SVU." " The plots for that long-running series are, as the saying goes, "ripped from the headlines." " So, the ongoing saga of sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic clergy will likely be a two-hour special on "Law & Order SVU." " The extent of the traumatic horror will shake Olivia Benson to the core.

2018 40

SEO: The new language of commerce, the way English was

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" Therefore, it's not futuristic or hyperbolic to consider SEO the new language of commerce, the way English was.  Want This tells you something, in fact, a lot.    There are many more help-wanted on Craigslist for those who know SEO - Search Engine Optimization - than for those who know Mandarin.    And that high demand is global.    Recently, I created a SEO proposal for real estate in Costa Rica, which was accepted.  

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