The 8th annual Outstanding Presentations Workshop is free this year

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The 8th annual Outstanding Presentations Workshop is free this year. Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY." The post The 8th annual Outstanding Presentations Workshop is free this year appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

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Free photo-editing tools

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So here’s a list of free photo-editing tools. Picnik is typical of free online photo editors. Pixlr is a free online photo editor that is also a drawing tool. GIMP is free software that you install. Other free tools. Here are some other free tools.

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Free PowerPoint alternatives–Prezi

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They provide 3 options: Free-Public , Enjoy and Pro. Review free PreziPrezi has created quite a buzz because it uses a completely new paradigm for presentations–a canvas rather than individual slides. It also has an innovative menu.

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Free PowerPoint alternatives–Google Docs

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Google Docs is probably the most commonly-used free PowerPoint alternative. Resources free PowerPoint alternatives Google Docs

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Pixar Studios Offers Free Storytelling Lessons Online

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In cooperation with the Khan Academy , Pixar and Disney have been offering Pixar in a Box , an on-going series of behind-the-scenes lessons taught by Pixar's professionals (storytellers, animators, directors, artists, etc.).

Free video training: How to Turn Your Organization’s Leaders into Powerful Presenters

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I recently did the second of two free webinars for the good folks at Training Magazine Network. The recording is now available…and still free, of course! The topic is a timely one: How to Turn Your Organization’s Leaders Into Powerful Presenters.

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Free PowerPoint alternatives–

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There are other free Office alternatives, such as LibreOffice (also open-source), but is the most widely known. Miscellaneous PowerPoint Tips Review free PowerPoint alternative OpenOffice

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Think free or die

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The people of the state of New Hampshire live by the state motto “Live free or die” To be effective as presenters we guard and nurture that same freedom. Genuinely free thinkers are few and far between, and that makes them memorable. We walk amongst those thinkers whenever we cut free from the dogmas and orthodoxies that seek to hold us down. Because presenting is inventing, constantly check yourself for dogma.

Free PowerPoint templates

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Here is a pretty cool website that I have been looking at: Slide Hunter , an online collection of free PowerPoint templates. I am not sure exactly how many there are, but at about 40 pages of 7 templates I estimate at least 280 or so templates (and they are all free).

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Free PDF book giveaway: Books on writing and business of freelance writing

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In short, if you are interested in books on business, promotional, article or non-fiction book writing , or the business of freelance writing , or even my book of short stories, go to [link] , pick the book that is of interest to you and email and request a free PDF of the book of your choice. 8) to get your free PDF book. To kick off the New Year, I am giving away PDFS of my books–any of my books that might be of interest to you.

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Why memorizing your high-stakes speech frees you: Sen. Amy Klobuchar

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But Klobuchar learned to see it as freeing her from that nervousness, or the prospect of technological failure.and then freed herself from one of the other rules, while she was at it. How important is it, really, to memorize your speech.especially if you will have access to a teleprompter?

How to Find and Select Great Free Photos for Your Presentation


When looking through the many sources of copyright-free photo sites available on the Internet, it is important not to get carried away with quantity and neglect quality. The post How to Find and Select Great Free Photos for Your Presentation appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog.

A remote control can set your presentations free!

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You do not have to use multimedia in a live talk to be successful, but if you do choose to present with the amplifiying power of multimedia, then a small, remote control device is a necessity.

Free PowerPoint tutorials

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GCF Learn Free is a website that offers free tutorials, both in text and video format. Do you know of other free PowerPoint tutorials People often ask me where they can learn PowerPoint from scratch, and this is a good place to start for the basics. Go to the Computer Training page , choose PowerPoint, and choose the version you want. They have tutorials from 2000 through 2007 (PC only). If you try these, let me know what you think.

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Free PowerPoint backgrounds and how to make your own

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For several years, I created backgrounds and offered them as free downloads. Also, I used to offer a free e-booklet, called “5 Easy Sure-Fire Backgrounds.&# You can now sign up to get that free e-booklet on the same page–and subscribe to my PowerPoint Tips Newsletter. (If

A Message from Zimbabwe – Sometimes Speech is Not Free

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Welcome to Zimbabwe and the Mugabe regime; the land of free elections that have resulted in all of the above. On November 2nd, in between getting off the train and going to the gym, I pulled up to my polling location, ran in, voted, and ran back to the car. .

Free webinar: How to Find Corporate Writing Gigs

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Free webinar: How to Find Corporate Writing Gigs. Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (EDT). . . For freelance writers (and editors), this webinar looks at how to find corporate writing (and editing) gigs.

Resource for free sounds and sound effects

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The Freesound Project is a web site that collects sounds and sound effects (not music) that are available under Creative Commons licensing, and therefore free and legal for anyone to use. It’s also a community; you can register and upload your own sounds for sharing. At the top right, enter a term in the Search box. For example, try entering thunder or bell , and you’ll find lots of options.

The 10 Best Websites for Downloading Free Stock Photos

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One of the best ways of making attention grabbing presentations is to use eye-catching visuals. The most convenient way to do that is to make use of readymade presentation templates and high-resolution images. However, many websites offering stock photos can cost a fortune.

Free webinar by Eric Lofholm: How to Generate More Sales During Your Presentations

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I want to invite you to a special free webinar that I’m sponsoring for Eric Lofholm. Eric Lofholm. I was referred to Eric Lofholm several months ago. Eric is a sales expert. He has great ideas that can help you make more sales.

Advice for speakers and presenters - 7 ways to turn a free gig into a financial windfall

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Your heart sinks knowing that speaking for free will cost you in the long run. You think of all the expenses you’ll incur gas, parking, photocopying materials, babysitter and speaking for free means you won’t be reimbursed for these incidental costs.Although a free gig can eat into your bottom line, you don’t need to refuse it altogether. The only way you can make money if you’re speaking for free, is to sell something.

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How to Control your Computer Using an Android Device – And It’s Free!

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All-In-One (AIO) Remote is a free app which enables presenters to not only control their PowerPoint slides but the whole computer via an Android device. There are a number of apps which enable smartphone users to control PowerPoint presentations.

Tweet & win free business writing or freelance writing e-book

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It's time for a spring blog contest. All you have to do is sent out on of the following tweets, notify me, and you can win one of my ebooks. My Books business writing book contest freelance writing book contest

Public Speaking: Joan Stewart's Top Ten Ways to Get Free Publicity

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While you're buying expensive advertising to deliver your message, they're doing it for free. Today, as a media relations consultant, professional speaker and ezine publisher, I teach people how to create free publicity to sell a product or service, champion a cause, create an image and establish their expertise. Here are my Top 10 tips for free publicity: 1. Air time is free. They're referred to as Publicity Hounds and I'll bet you know at least one.

Famous Speech Friday: Countess Markievicz on 1909's ideal free woman

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have got to get rid of the last vestige of the Harem before woman is free as our dream of the future would have her…. Countess Markievicz, an Irishwoman born Constance Gore-Booth, made a lifetime out of defying description.

Free Livestream: NSA Conference

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I’ve just found out that parts of this years National Speakers Association (NSA) conference in San Diego are being livestreamed for free from Sunday June 29th at 5:00pm through Wednesday July 2nd 5:00pm.

Free Query Letter webinar on YouTube

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Free Query Letter (selling article ideas to editors) webinar on YouTube: [link]. Contains sample query letters and other information you should know before you pitch your article idea to newspaper or magazine editors. Based on the books Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing and Business of Freelance Writing –

Speeches from Film: The Pursuit of Happyness

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Tags: Speeches from Film public speaking Emotion pauses Arts Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith Chris Gardner Film Basketball Free Movies dream Business Pausing while speaking

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Free Speech

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2.17.2010 Free Speech Student’s Facebook Tirade Against Teacher Is Protected Speech | Threat Level | Heres an interesting summary of cases involving students and teachers and free speech and would make for an interesting class discussion of what constitutes free speech and what are its limits. Categories: Facebook , free speech 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Loading.

Free resources from Udemy

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The folk at Udemy have put together good collection of youtube videos focusing on public speaking. The videos are short, and give good examples and advice on become a better speaker. Udemy also has a several online public speaking courses for sale. But like many learning sites you may have to look around to find the one that best suits you (hint: click on the courses and check out the table of contents).

Tom Antion Endorses Daniel Hall's Speakers Cruise Free

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[link] Trade your talents for free luxury cruises

Never Ghost-Free, But.

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Is it possible for adults determined to move forward with our little lives to become "ghost-free? Not likely. I've been wrestling with ghosts since the mid 1960s.

Free teleseminar

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I’ll be giving a free teleseminar on Tuesday, August 18th at 12N PT/1PM MT/2PM CT/3PM ET. I’ll be offering a free evaluation of a. I’m offering this free consulting as a way to let people know what I can do. Many people have free long-distance on their cell phones. The topic is: Top 10 Mistakes Professionals Make that Hurt Their Career!

Litigation Financing - Not Free Money

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  So, it might appear to plaintiffs that this is "free money."" Litigation financing for individual plaintiffs is being positioned and packaged as a gift to the cash-strapped seeking justice.

Famous Speech Friday: Essie Washington-Williams: "I feel completely free"

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I am Essie Mae Washington-Williams, and at last, I feel completely free." She waited until she was in her late seventies to speak in public about it, and even though the facts were known by many, she''d kept them secret even from members of her own family at different times during her life.

Free Speech - LOL

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Many murders are triggered, pun intended, by a too-free run of the mouth. And, no, I am not free to complain to my four-footed son that I deeply resent walking him when I am exhausted, it's freezing outside, and I'm on deadline. To me, free speech is like the Easter Bunny.

What Matters Now: free ebook

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Internet Guru Seth Godin has compiled and released a free ebook containing thoughts and ideas from some very big thinkers. Related posts: Free Ebook – Putting the POWER back into PowerPoint I have finally completed the initial version of my e-book, Make a name for yourself Here is a great little book that I discovered – In the Company of Leaders – free ebooks On the the keynote sessions at the recent Toastmasters Convention.

Superior Presentations 75: The Most Striking PowerPoint Slide to Include in Every PowerPoint Presentation

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business presentations effective executive speaking free presentation tips presentation coach presentation skills presentation tips public speaking

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Amazon offers free Kindle ebook today - 12 Simple Tips for Superior Presentations

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You can grab your free copy of this Kindle ebook today and tomorrow - Sept 10 & 11. A two day special offer from Amazon. Get your copy of the 12 original tips that launched the Superior Presentations Tips series. It was originally published as Power Presentations Tips.

Attend a FREE Outstanding Presentations webinar this week with Cliff

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This workshop is free! Join this free webinar on Wednesday September 14th at 11am PT/2pm ET. Learn from the top presentation experts in the world as Cliff joins Ellen Finkelstein in her series “Outstanding Presentations.&# Learn how to eliminate Death by PowerPoint and make your presentations come to life as you listen to guest experts like Cliff share their best techniques and answer your questions. Sign up for the webinar here