Adjust font spacing — both vertical and horizontal

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Then, on the Home tab, in the Font group, click the Character Spacing’s down arrow and choose an option, such as Tight. (If If you want finer control, you can choose More Spacing to open the Font dialog box with the Character Spacing tab on top. Text & fonts

How to create a logo in PowerPoint

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Don’t worry about the text size, font, or color right now. Pressing Shift makes sure that the copy moves perfectly vertically.) At this point, make the following slight adjustments: Change the text size, color, and font.

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How to top or bottom align slide titles

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I’m talking about vertical alignment, not the more common horizontal alignment, which left-aligns, centers, or right-aligns text. Vertical alignment is not considered as often, but it can be quite important. How to change slide title vertical alignment for an entire presentation.

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Adjust the location of the X (horizontal) chart axis in a PowerPoint chart

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Right-click one of the labels of the axis and choose Font. In the Font dialog box, select the current font in the Size box. Here’s the resulting slide after increasing the font size of both axes and removing some irrelevant junk.

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Create a numbered list with shapes

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Use the alignment guides to center the circle vertically and horizontally on the rectangle, like this. Insert another smaller circle and center it vertically and horizontally over the larger circle. You might have to recolor the number and will probably have to change the font size.

Create cool animation with Morph in Office 365

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Change font, font style (bold/italic), and font size. For example, you can change the font, the font style, and size. Flip objects horizontally or vertically. Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled new new features for PowerPoint, Morph and Designer.

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5 principles for easier and faster slide creation

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This meant that all of the fonts were huge (88pt instead of 44pt, for example). My client took an image from that website that was vertical and huge and put it on every slide to create a background. 5) Be consistent with fonts and text. The slide master used Helvetica fonts.

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Create a checklist graphic in PowerPoint

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In the Symbol dialog box, from the Font drop-down list, choose Wingdings and use the vertical scrollbar to go to the bottom of the symbols. Adjust the size, font and color as desired. I often create a slide that talks about x number of items: 6 tips for stunning slides.

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How to create a poster in PowerPoint 2007 & PowerPoint 2010

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Using the horizontal and vertical rulers as a guide, drag from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner, and release the mouse button. From the Font Size drop-down list, choose a large font size. You may have to resize the font.

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Create a better PowerPoint template

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Instead, give them a vertical justification of bottom and that bottom left corner will stay steady. Click the Text Box category and set the Vertical alignment to Bottom. When setting the font size for titles, if some of your titles will be long, make the text size smaller. Select the text and use the Formatting toolbar (mini toolbar in PowerPoint 2007) to change the font size. PowerPoint’s default blank template is annoying! It really needs work.

Apostrophes and quotation marks

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The "dumb" apostrophe Most people know where an apostrophe goes, but they often unknowingly put in a "dumb apostrophe" (a vertical stroke rather than the proper mark designed for the typeface) when they type, for example, 2009 as ‘09.

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Top Tips for Using a Teleprompter or Autocue

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Ask the operator to set the font size to suit your eyesight. The bigger the font the fewer words on the screen, so the less chance you have of seeing what’s coming up. In fact it only needs tiny movements laterally and vertically to stop it getting locked into the “stare”.

When "white space" on a PowerPoint slide is a bad thing

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The slide contained a paragraph of text (it was quoting a document, so it was OK to have a paragraph), but it was in what appeared to be 14 point font and only took up the top one-third of the slide. It would have been better to increase the font size and vertically center the text on the slide to give it balance. If you have a small amount of text on a slide, try to use a larger font and position it in the center of the slide so that it looks even and not lopsided

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Public Speaking: Adding a Lower Third to Your Video

Great Public Speaking

Click “Vertical.” Next, you can change the font size. Select the “Edit” tab in the media generators and change the size of the font so it will fit in the gray box.

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