Success with Slides: A PowerPoint Presentation Guide

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You can see from the comments above that many people think that this one simple software program can do everything. 1. Dense sentences in small (6-8) point font : If you have to make your font that tiny to get all the information on the slide, you’re saying too much. . 3. Impenetrable number slides: Numbers are important elements of a business presentation; but when they appear in long columns of 6 point font they do nothing but overwhelm an audience. . .

Work faster in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

When I work with clients in 1-on-1 coaching , I use webinar software so we can work together on a presentation. Take font changes, for example. To change the font or its color or size, use the mini toolbar. At first it’s semi-transparent but if you move your cursor over it, you’ll find tools for quickly changing the font and its properties. Sometimes I wield the mouse and sometimes my client does.

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Switch rows and columns in a chart

PowerPoint Tips

After changing the chart to a line chart and increasing the font size, here’s what it looks like. Through Wednesday, June 17th, I’m selling 2 training videos for way less than the price of one because I’m changing my shopping cart software and want to clean out and also because they’re older — through PowerPoint 2010. Have you ever created a chart in PowerPoint from data in Excel and discovered that it was configured all wrong?

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How To Create Online Courses


Software discount or credit related to your course. Below you’ll find format and layout tips, advice on fonts and navigation, plus some great educational PowerPoint templates you can swipe. Here’s one simple gamification hack for PowerPoint presentation that does not require you to purchase any additional software. Fonts and Font Pairings. Avoid using overly decorative or script fonts as those will be harder to comprehend, especially on smaller screens.

The End of PowerPoint?

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And while Poehm is making the assault on PowerPoint the focus of his platform, he states that he’s really targeting all presentation software. His party has done studies on presentation effectiveness, and they’ve found that 85% of participants in meetings think software-based presentations are “killing motivation.” I recently read a Fast Company blog about a new political party in Switzerland that wants to make PowerPoint illegal.

What is your intention?

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These cluttered and distracting multimedia creations, filled with the superfluous and the nonessential, incorporating seemingly every special effect, color, and font the software had to offer, end up assaulting the brains of anyone who dares to look in the general direction of the screen. In the world of presentation visuals, I often have new students in university or clients in the business world who are very eager to come to me to show off their "visual masterpieces."

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How to create a poster in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint Tips

From the Font Size drop-down list, choose a large font size. With the text still selected, choose a bright font color from the Font Color drop-down list. Use a clear, sans-serif font. Here are 2 tips to help you make your heading look its best: Make the text box larger: To fit as much text on a line with the largest possible font, you can make the text box bigger. From the mini toolbar, choose a font color that shows up well against the fill color.

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Professionally Speaking...

You can manipulate fonts, layouts and colors to achieve customized outputs. Wordle is the brainchild of Jonathan Feinberg , a senior software engineer at an IBM research lab. In many presentations, a thousand words is what it feels like as slide after bullet point-laden slide goes by. When I teach and consult on how to use PowerPoint effectively, I always encourage people to ditch the bullet points wherever feasible and replace them with visual images. graphs, charts, pictures.

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Timeline 3D: A Review

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If you’re a Mac user like me, you might be aware of those software bundle deals like Mac Heist and MacUpdate Promo. I bought the promo bundle last year, which gave me $500 of legit, full-featured (not demo) software for $50. This year’s bundle wasn’t as impressive dollar-wise ($376-worth of software for $50), but what caught my eye was Timeline 3D from BeeDocs. Exporting is where you get your real use out of this software.

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Find a Presentation Designer Here

Speaking about Presenting

Rick Altman is one of the few in the presentation community who blends presentation design, best practices, and software technique to serve his clients. I am not a designer, I don’t use graphics software, and that’s exactly why I might be right for you. It means fewer words, more images, unique fonts and large images. Are you looking for a presentation designer?

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Presenting with an iPad

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Highly usable presentation software. Transferring PowerPoint slides into KeyNote is an easy WiFi process, but do check for font changes that knock your formatting around. You no longer take your laptop to a picnic if you want to play music; you take your MP3 player instead. The same thing is happening to how we deliver presentations, with tablets and even phones becoming potential delivery devices for mobile presenters. Light and easy for carrying around.

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If PowerPoint caused the war, Excel caused the financial crisis

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The authors concluded that the software forces you to create complex formulas that few understand or can explain. The software should know better. It is interesting that when we use the familiar logic of blaming the software for anything other than PowerPoint, the critics cry out that, oh no, it doesn’t apply to word processing or spreadsheets. Fourth, the diagram uses different font sizes to indicate the major items and the minor items under each grouping.

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How to create a poster in PowerPoint 2007 & PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint Tips

From the Font Size drop-down list, choose a large font size. With the text still selected, choose a bright font color from the Font Color drop-down list. Here are 2 tips to help you make your heading look its best: Reduce text box margin: To fit as much text on a line with the largest possible font, you can reduce the text box’s margins. From the mini toolbar, choose a font color that shows up well against the fill color.

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Apostrophes and quotation marks

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Your software may have thought you were beginning a quotation and thus gave you the open single quotation mark. In most software apps all you have to do is go to the preferences and turn on the "use smart quotes" feature. For example, if you copy and paste a quotation from a website or an email including the quotation marks, it's very likely that dumb quotes will appear in your text (if they appeared that way on the website) even after you change your font in your application.

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Results of survey: What resources would help you improve your presentation skills?

PowerPoint Tips

Basics: Quick simple show: use this background and font and colors. Other software: Adding animation or videos, best way to use/setup powerpoint for use with other software. MS Web Apps for companies who may not want to commit to large software investment. Interested in how to integrate other software and programs with PowerPoint and what formats to use. Thanks to all of you (about 100 people) who answered the survey!

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People I'm Grateful for #7: Garr Reynolds

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  A Garr Reynolds slide would show the one number that was important, in a big font, immediately legible, with perhaps a picture of the pigs and sheep in the background.    But don’t make a move toward that slide software without picking up a copy of Presentation Zen. This blog is the seventh in a series of blogs on people that have added something important to the world of communications.    Today, my gratitude is for Garr Reynolds.

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Is Prezi Right For You?

The Speaker Point

Prezi is fairly easy to learn and use if you’re familiar with presentation software. There are only a handful of fonts and color schemes you can use. April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About Is Prezi Right For You? February 2, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments Prezi is an online presentation editor that looks and feels really cool ( ).

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Holiday gift list for speakers!

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I still love it for the excellent quality video, and I can boost the audio with software if it''s not quite loud enough. I keep my notes to the side of the stage, on a table or lectern, and in order to see them clearly (I also use a big font!), I''ve updated my annual shopping list again this year to help you find the best gifts for your favorite speaker -- who might just be you! You''ll also find the oldies but goodies here, so take a look and have fun shopping!

Your Audience’s Audience

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In 2006, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stood in front of an audience of software developers and thanked them for building applications that run on Windows. His slides featured large images, simple fonts that can easily be read in a YouTube-sized video window, and a clutter-free template that keeps the viewer focused on the speaker and the product during video close-ups.

Modern Presentation Design?

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Ellen Finkelstein offers 10 suggestions of modern style including thin fonts and borders. Ken Molay reminds us that modern design can make it more challenging to use the software. I was challenged to write about modern presentation design. The challenge was intended to focus on slide design. I choose to relate that to the overall presentation purpose and delivery. PowerPoint MVP, Ellen Finkelstein orchestrated this challenge to a group of presentation specialists.

Why buy a PowerPoint background template when you can create your own?

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The template industry would like you to believe that you need a degree in graphics and high-end software to create templates, but you don't (they don't tell you that do they). You just need to know what colors & fonts work, how to lay it out and the steps to do it in PowerPoint. The most searched for term in the area of PowerPoint are phrases around background templates. This is the basic look of your slides.

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Cover Letters - Creating Illusion They Are Custom-Made (5 musts)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That includes making the salutation specific, as in "Dear Company X" or, if the name is not given, "Dear Software Development Team." Here the trick is to ensure that the fonts match. The search for work has become increasingly time-consuming. And we have to do it more often. The shelf life of a job, project assignment, or new business service has become shorter. Therefore, we try to use that time most efficiently.

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iPad app Prompster is all-in-one speechwriter, recorder & teleprompter

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I've told you about open-source software that will put a teleprompter on your desktop or laptop. Teleprompters were once the province of conventions and television studios. Now, iPad owners can take the teleprompter with them with new app Prompster , demonstrated in the video at the end of this post.

Presentation Tip: Paperless Handouts

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With the full Adobe Acrobat software, you can create PDF files from source documents, combine files if you want a more detailed handout, and turn on the Commenting setting so participants can take notes with the Acrobat Reader program. Other PDF software allows annotations regardless of the Adobe setting (one that works well is PDF-XChange Viewer available for free at ).

Designing Presentations in the Cloud

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Loosely speaking, designing in "the cloud" means you can produce your presentation content online, without downloading any presentation software to your computer. Well, much lighter than the gazillions of options PowerPoint and Keynote and Open Office pack into their software, anyway! That's what happens in the cloud -- new features can be added and changed more rapidly than they can in the boxed software world.

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PowerPoint Tip: Presenting from someone else’s computer

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Use standard fonts that will be on all computers, like Arial or Calibri so your text appears the way you designed it. It plugs in to any computer and doesn’t require additional software, so it is easy to take with you. In my workshops it is common that participants ask about what they need to take into account when they must take their PowerPoint presentation to another computer on a USB drive instead of using a laptop.

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PowerPoint Tip: Top Ideas from PowerPoint Live

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It is now known as The Presentation Summit, reflecting the evolution of the content beyond just software features to many other techniques and ideas that presentation professionals need to know about. She gave a clear workflow to follow and explained how we can create a theme in PowerPoint that can carry colors and fonts over to Word and Excel for even greater consistency in our communications.

Public Speaking: Adding a Lower Third to Your Video

Great Public Speaking

This article describes how to make a lower third using the video editing software Sony Vegas. Next, you can change the font size. Select the “Edit” tab in the media generators and change the size of the font so it will fit in the gray box. Public Speaking: Adding a Lower Third to Your Video Public speakers who produce and sell videos have extra opportunities to draw people to their websites.

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PowerPoint Tip: Making Accessible Slides

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Use sans-serif fonts that are at least 24 points or larger so they can be easily seen. The next step is to create a document that hearing impaired people can read and sight impaired people can have read to them using screen reader software. Last year I worked on a project for my publisher, Prentice Hall, that was interesting and highly informative. The topic was how to make PowerPoint presentations accessible to those who have hearing or sight impairments.

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Rands In Repose: Keynote Kung-fu

Turn on the following palettes: Inspector, colors, and fonts. Me, I put the inspector and colors next to each other with fonts below. Explore the Inspector The use of color and font palettes is obvious, but you probably don’t know everything which is going down in the inspector. home tech life management vegas glossary archives about Tech Life Simple, clean, and easy Keynote Kung-fu It’s WWDC season and that means Keynote. Lots of it.

Rands In Repose: Keynote Kung-fu Two

In addition to the preferences tweaks and enabling the color and font inspectors, I enable the following: Rulers: you’re going to start worrying about spacing at some point. home tech life management vegas glossary archives about Tech Life You’re the presentation Keynote Kung-fu Two You’ve taken some hits. Being taken apart by the execs because they could smell you weren’t prepared. The slide deck you loved that the audience ignored. That guy… snoring. In the front row.