Embedding fonts in a presentation with non-standard fonts

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Are you a font freak? Do you just LOVE interesting fonts? I must admit that I’m a font idiot who can hardly tell the difference between Arial, Tahoma and Verdana, unless they’re right next to each other. Embed fonts. PowerPoint lets you embed fonts.

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Adjust font spacing — both vertical and horizontal

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Then, on the Home tab, in the Font group, click the Character Spacing’s down arrow and choose an option, such as Tight. (If If the image below looks strange, that’s because I took the screenshot in the pre-release version of PowerPoint 2013.). Text & fonts

12for12 April Challenge: Review Your Image

Speak Schmeak

Now, for our fourth challenge: Review Your Image. The question is this: What image are you consistently portraying to your customers, clients, audiences and prospects? Review Your Image Challenge 1. Are your fonts and colors consistent across your pages?

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Images are not fluff

Speak Schmeak

I've heard this several times from clients who've come to me for help with their slide shows: "My boss/conference organizer/client wants me to take all the images out of the PowerPoint.

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Design for quick changes–because changes always happen

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If you design an image in Photoshop and include text in the image, when you import it into PowerPoint, you can’t edit it. Instead, if you need that image, bring it in without the text and add the text in PowerPoint. Don’t use custom fonts and don’t embed fonts.

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Use text as a graphic

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Then you show your point with an image, chart, or diagram. The slide that says “High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Program” is just an image of a slide from another presentation. Beneath that image are 2 text boxes with the words BIG and DEAL.

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12for12 April Challenge: Review Your Image

Speak Schmeak

Now, for our fourth challenge: Review Your Image. I'm going to start this post with the shocking lack of attention I see every day to professional image: clothes that don't fit; an e-mail full of typos; disheveled hair; a website that looks like it was built by a 5-year-old; a voice mail message spoken so fast, I can't understand the phone number; a week or more response time to a phone message. Review Your Image Challenge 1.

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5 great tools for presenters

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Compfight is a tool to search for images on Flikr. letting you easily find images that have Creative Commons or Commercial licenses. DaFont is a site for free fonts. It always helps to include an original font (as long as it’s appropriate for the topic and legible). Resources Design fonts images video

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Slide design rules–what are yours?

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Rule 1: The text color should contrast highly with the background color — or the color of anything else the text is on, such as shapes, images, charts, or text. Images. Slide design can be very subjective but there are some rules that are objective.

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Five Typographical Errors to Avoid on Your Slides

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They will not likely be as egregious as the ones in the first bullet in the image, but even minor spelling mistakes make a presentation look sloppy. However, in the image above, all the points are on the same level. Font Size. Font Style.

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PowerPoint Tip: Is Your Font Big Enough?

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

One of the questions that comes up often in my workshops is "How big of a font should I use?" These two presentations have set the record for smallest font used on a slide in my experience. They used a five point font. So how do I answer the font size question? I did the research to come up with a way that I could determine an appropriate font size. Now I can answer the font size question based on research, not on a feeling.

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My latest SmartArt faves

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There were lots of images, too, but still the SmartArt got tiring after a while. Charts, tables & diagrams Text & fonts SmartArt

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7 quick fixes to your slides based on my experience with clients

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Use them for image captions or labels. Take the time to think about each slide and what image would help make the meaning clearer or more striking. If the presentation is persuasive, consider images that incorporate emotion.

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Import text from Word or Notepad

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Of course, the next step is to add images, split up some of the slides, edit out some text, etc. Content Text & fonts Notepad outline paste text PowerPoint presentations slides text Word

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Getting the line spacing just right

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I was SO pleased to get a public domain image of a portrait of him — considering the quote was from 1628! Text & fonts line spacingI did a makeover of a slide that included a quotation from the man who discovered the circulatory system.

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Create a checklist graphic in PowerPoint

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I’ve also used images from Fuzzimo, which you can get here. The Fuzzimo images contain a number of Post-it notes, so duplicate the file and then crop to the one you want. I used the Fuzzimo image and cropped it to eliminate some extra white space around the edges.

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Slides that pop! Using the 3rd dimension on a PowerPoint slide–Part III: Collages and 3D scenes

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You create the cut-out look by drawing a shape around an existing image, usually a photo. The simplest type of collage might be the image of a piece of paper on a bulletin board. I chose a font that looked more handwritten than the default.

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10 tips for modern design in 2017

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His designer told him that he should use thin fonts, meaning that the font stroke is thin. Use a thin, sans-serif font. Thin fonts are popular now. There’s a reason that you’re seeing thinner fonts on your phone. Use large images.

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Success with Slides: A PowerPoint Presentation Guide

DeFinis Communications

1. Dense sentences in small (6-8) point font : If you have to make your font that tiny to get all the information on the slide, you’re saying too much. . 3. Impenetrable number slides: Numbers are important elements of a business presentation; but when they appear in long columns of 6 point font they do nothing but overwhelm an audience. . . 5. Text only word slides: We are a visual society and images keep us engaged. Part 1: The Seven Deadly Sins.

No Excuse For Scary Slides

Professionally Speaking...

Way back near the dawn of time, when PowerPoint was invented (1987), our limited technology skills and the scarcity of easily sourceable images made it sort of (note I said sort of) acceptable to fill our slides with text and the odd clip art stick figure.

2016 177

5 principles for easier and faster slide creation

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This meant that all of the fonts were huge (88pt instead of 44pt, for example). My problem was that I was going to insert a lot of images and they were too small in relation to the slide. There was no way for her to simply add a slide title and some text or an image!

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Free PowerPoint alternatives – Canva

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For Signing up, first select your profile, as shown in the image. When you click on the text, you will see multiple formatting options just as in PowerPoint, such as font style, font size, bold, italic, line and letter spacing, and much more. Click “ Upload your own images.

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Share Your Nominees for the 2017 Best Speaker Website Contest

Speaker Launcher

Hero images have gotten bigger. Fonts have gotten bolder. It has been two years since we ran our “Best Speaker Website Contest” and once again, much has changed in website design and fads in that time.

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Hilarious PowerPoint Wisdom

Manner of Speaking

Also check the uniformity of your fonts, line spacings and indentations.). However, 50 well designed slides — full of compelling images, few words, shown in quick succession — can have a powerful and positive impact on your audience. Choose a font that is legible. I recommend Sans-Serif fonts such as Arial or Gill Sans. The bigger the font size, the better. I recommend that your fonts be 24 point minimum, and preferably bigger.

Day One review

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

While the app is great, there are a few things that I think would make it amazing: Basic customisation of the styling in the posts using my choice of fonts and colours. If you use a Mac and keep any sort of journal this is an app to look at.

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What’s your design style?

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Big photography: Single large image, compelling photo, bold typeface, high contrast text color, horizontal orientation. Mix & match typography: Many types of fonts, text in shapes, text is the graphic. Fonts have varied attributes.

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6 steps to create a quick PowerPoint makeover

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I have created a PowerPoint theme that has the settings I want for font, font size, title justification and more. Inconsistent fonts and font sizes, which make the presentation look chaotic. Step 4: Add images. Images are powerful! Images are persuasive.

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PowerPoint: It’s Child’s Play

Manner of Speaking

” His first slide had a nice image and lots of white space. He used an appropriate font for the presentation. In case you are wondering, the font is called “Kristen”, which is also my second daughter’s name.). Who knew that PowerPoint could make you feel all warm and fuzzy? But big kudos to Microsoft for this commercial. Very clever. I have to give the young man credit. Heck, even I’d buy him a dog after that!

2 ways to save time and effort by setting default shape formats in PowerPoint

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Remember that themes don’t have any objects in them, unlike templates, which can have sample slides, logos, images, etc. Remember that many defaults are set in the Slide Master, such as the font, text alignment, etc. Remember, themes don’t contain objects/text/ images, etc.

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Create consistent slides with layouts

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Layouts provide a framework for your slides so that they are all consistent: Fonts. Font sizes. Image and text placement. I like using a slide title and filling the rest of the slide with an image and the Title Only layout lets me do that. I see lots of bad slides!

2011 194

23 PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Creating Engaging and Interactive Presentations


Use more images and less text. Use high-quality images. He was known to use large font size, the bigger, the better. Use more images and less text. Use high-quality images. He was known to use large font size, the bigger, the better.

PowerPoint: It’s Child’s Play

Manner of Speaking

” His first slide had a nice image and lots of white space. He used an appropriate font for the presentation. In case you are wondering, the font is called “Kristen”, which is also my second daughter’s name.). Who knew that PowerPoint could make you feel all warm and fuzzy? But big kudos to Microsoft for this commercial. Very clever. I have to give the young man credit. Heck, even I’d buy him a dog after that!

Turn a presentation into a report or e-book

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You can export to Word, using the Notes Below Slides option and then delete the slide images. ” What about images? You can use your slides as images, especially if you created slides that are highly visual. To export the slides as images, choose File, Save As.

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Working with multi-speaker presentations

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” That was because of the many fonts and colors used, even within each presentation. Didn’t add any images, or they added horrible images that you need to replace. I just finished work for a client on a multi-presenter presentation.

2017 146

Use Contrast in Your Presentation For Better Memorability

Professionally Speaking...

Now I’m not just talking about contrast between the background color and the font color, although having strong contrast here is indeed a good idea. I’m talking about using contrast in the size and placement of visuals as well as in color and font choice. Fiddling with the placement, size and color of your images on the slides may seem like a small thing. We humans love contrast.

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Switch rows and columns in a chart

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After changing the chart to a line chart and increasing the font size, here’s what it looks like. I’m closing out 2 training videos on formatting charts, diagrams images, and shapes. How to Format Images and Shapes for Stunning, Irresistible Slides: Original price $59.

2015 152

How to create a poster in PowerPoint 2013

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Many people use Microsoft Word for this purpose, but PowerPoint offers more graphic features and greater flexibility in placing your text and images. From the Font Size drop-down list, choose a large font size. Use a clear, sans-serif font. You may have to resize the font.

2013 260

Create presentation handouts using Notes pages

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That means putting a slide title on each slide that tells the point and adding an image, diagram, chart, etc. You can also format the text–the font, font size, etc. In the Notes Master, you can drag the slide image itself anywhere on the Notes page and resize it as well.

An evocative slide show

Speak Schmeak

Something I rarely see at conferences are slides like mine: image-based, minimal text, one idea per slide. More of an ambient backdrop behind me where the theme is clear from a key quote, and a pleasing image creates a setting.

2012 176

Infographics Help Audiences Visualize Data

Professionally Speaking...

There are a variety of pre-existing themes where you can insert your own text and customize background colors, icons and fonts by dragging and dropping. Most presentations are filled with truck loads of data, communicated through slide after slide of mind-numbing bullet points.

Visual 172

Would you hire this handyman?

Speak Schmeak

It's like an image consultant who is always in disarray, a professional organizer who's constantly late to appointments, or a teacher who misspells his lessons on the chalkboard. Does your website have a different size font on every page? Would you hire this handyman?

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What about PowerPoint 2016 (Windows)?

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To change the “Office Theme” — called that just to confuse you and make it sound like the type of Office theme that lets you create backgrounds, theme colors, and font sets — choose File, Options. You’ll also get an image search.

2016 245

Create a numbered list with shapes

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The reason for using a short rectangle is that if you create a wide rectangle across the slide, when you add the circle and then decide that you want to resize it (perhaps to add an image on the right), resizing the rectangle distorts the circle, as you see here.