Romney Concedes Florida

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Orlando, Florida - Jinxed?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

No surprise, some of us have a hunch that Orlando, Florida might be the victim of a jinx. Those of us with experience in voodoo believe in The Jinx. Someone, anyone, or even a non-human entity somewhere in the ether can cast a spell.

Florida Vs Las Vegas

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23 Reasons Florida (Yes, Florida) Is Quite Possibly The Best State in. If you want the Miami Heat, go to Florida. Thank Florida the next time you’re on a commercial flight to Las. Museum in Florida. Life Skills Florida best state Las Vegas Best City America (Huffington Post). 23 Reasons Las Vegas (Yes, Las Vegas) Is Quite Possibly the Best City. in America. This will make more sense if you read the Huffington Post article first.).

Andrew Sullivan To ABC: If Romney Wins Florida And VA, It’s The ‘Confederacy’

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Retiring - Florida Isn't So Affordable, Not Any More

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"There's a myth that Florida is so 'cheap.'"   Florida is not the only source of myths about relocating during semi-retirement and retirement.

Former Republican governor Charlie Crist of Florida backs Obama on Today Show

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Bad Friday for Gawker's Nick Denton in Florida Court

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"A Florida judge [Justice Pamela Campbell] slammed Gawker founder Nick Denton in a ruling Friday for making her think of the gossip website's stock was worth $81 million when it was actually valued at less than $30 million.

Post-Florida School Massacre - President Trump Takes on (wrong) Role of Comforter-in-Chief

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For example, in a press conference with Florida officials, there was talk of proposals to detain anyone making violent threats in any medium. In this time of national tragedy, of course, President Donald Trump would adopt statesmanlike rhetoric.

ABC's David Muir Humanizes Shooter, Survivors, and Victims of Florida School Massacre

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Through the dramatic genius of ABC's David Muir and the skills of his production team, we in the audience experienced the myriad facets of the tragedy in the Florida school shooting.

Law Office/Title Company, South Florida - Marketing Reps

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Here  are details and how to apply. careers

Tom Antion Teaching in Florida

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2 Day VIP Intensive Internet Marketing "Butt Camp" Training Featuring our Mentor, Tom Antion! July 28-29) Saturday July 28 - Our 50 VIP's will receive upfront seating. 9:00 am-Sign IN and Networking at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Seminar Training-10:00am-2:00pm-Buffet Lunch Included. Nine Different Revenue streams You can have on the Web.

Who Won The GOP Debate In Florida?

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[link] TJ Walker offers his analysis of why Mitt Romney gets the nod as winner of the GOP Debate in Florida over Rick Perry and Ron Paul. Analysis

Palm Beach County back in election spotlight- Politico

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Did The Culture Of Football Make Bobby Bowden Hide His Cancer? : Mike Bako on 1620 News Radio Florida

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Daily National Managing Sports Editor Mike Bako on 1620 News Radio Florida offering his analysis of the news that former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden hid his 2007 cancer scare from players and the media. Audio bobby bowden cancer 2007 florida state football mike bako

Christie Administration, Dr. Sidney Gilman, Richard Florida: Reason for studying English Literature

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

And Richard Florida told economic developers that attracting the Creative Class or upscale professionals to their area would raise all income-level boats. Nothing is as it seems.   That's the dominant theme in Shakespeare's comedies.

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Florida State Attorney David Aaronberg and Donald Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The political is always the third rail in justice. Everyone in the loop tries to avoid it. Or, more accurately, position and package their decision-making and actual behavior as apolitical.

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"Creative Class" Theory by Richard Florida Discredited - Politicos should run like hell

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In 2002, a professor in Pittsburgh - Richard Florida - rose to fame.  His book "The Rise of the Creative Class" posited that economic development blossoms when those "creative" types move in.  A rising tide lifts all boats.  Not so, it's been found.

Rick Perry Doesn’t Know What State He Is In

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Rick Perry Plays Second Fiddle To Mitt Romney At GOP Debate In Florida

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[link] It was not Rick Perry’s night at the GOP Debate in Florida. TJ Walker offers analysis on why Perry gets lower marks than his first debate appearance. Analysis

Florida Governor Rick Scott Booed at Professional Soccer Event | Media Training

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The Third Presidential Debate 2012. Analysis and Commentary. And Who Won?

The Presenter's Blog

Tonight was the final round…… So who flourished in Florida? Up till tonight, it was one round each. Both candidates had proved themselves. Governor Romney had shown himself an admirable debater when the battleground was formed of facts.

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Florida Welfare Drug Tests: Unconstitutional? TJ Walker On RT TV

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TJ Walker debates on RT TV with Thom Hartman about the new bill that will require individuals in FL on welfare to take a drug test. Analysis Crisis Communications Debate Central

New Bain Attack Ad Against Mitt Romney to Air in Florida

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The ”Romney/Bain” TV ad vividly tells the story of how Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital took over 5 separate companies, (including the Florida based Dade Behring company) plunged them into debt, pulled [.]. NEW YORK CITY-AmericanLP, a Democratic Super PAC, just released a new 60 second TV ad attacking Mitt Romney for his role in Bain Capital.

FL paper that backed Obama in ’08 switches to Romney…Drudge

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Richard Florida tells me I'm part of the reset, not just poor

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  And economic development expert Richard Florida is putting forth a new one about what we have been going through since 2008.    Instead of being the worst of times, Florida positions it in his latest book  THE GREAT RESET as just a bit of creative destruction.    I don't know if I agree with Florida's jolly positioning and packaging of such profound human misery.  Perspective is everything. 

Public Speaking and Marco Rubio: The Senate May Have A New “Speaker”

Matt Eventoff

Florida Senator-Elect Marco Rubio gave what I feel is one of the most effective speeches in the recent past, for reasons having absolutely nothing to do with his politics. Last evening, there were well over 100 combined victory and concession speeches. One stood out among all of them.

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Tiger Woods and President Obama

Matt Eventoff

Define yourself before your opponent, or anyone else defines you (and if you don’t define yourself first, someone WILL take the opportunity to define you). Whether you are campaigning for elective office, to get/keep the public trust, to get promoted, to get a job, to keep your job – it is paramount to define yourself before anyone else does. How do you define yourself? Messaging. President Obama understood this.

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Cats have 9 lives. Do Tigers*?

Matt Eventoff

*Pardon the joke, and I believe that this Tiger can still resurrect his career. Even a gas leak at his home is newsworthy ! It is impossible to escape the nonstop headlines , blog posts and breaking cable news stories about Tiger Woods and his alleged dalliances. Every day (often every hour) brings new allegations, rumors, stories and general drama. . From a crisis management standpoint, I believe that this week has been Tiger’s best.

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Talking about Relationships

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and reports on a Florida Baptist minister, George Alan Rekers, an outspoken anti-gay activist who wants to "cure" homosexuals. Rekers now joins a fairly long and well-known list including former Florida Representative Mark Foley, Idahos Senator Larry Craig, Virginia Representative Ed Schrock, evangelical preacher Ted Haggard, and former Florida Representative Bob Allen. 5.07.2010 Talking about Relationships The cover story in yesterdays AM New York was titled "Oh Boy!"

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Podcast: Q&A on Presentation Preparation

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Accelerate 2019

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MYERS, FLORIDA | FEBRUARY 22-23, 2019 with VIP and Inner Circle Mastermind Day February 24th!** Click HERE for more information and to register. LEARN THE SECRETS TO GETTING BOOKED MORE OFTEN AT HIGHER FEES! Don’t Miss This LIVE Event! The post Accelerate 2019 appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Events accelerate 2016 conference

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Acceleration 365

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February 24, 2018 Cape Coral, Florida Join us on February 24, 2018, in Cape Coral, Florida for Acceleration 365 – the one-day event designed to help speakers kick off 2018 building a business they can […]. Acceleration 365 The one-day event designed to help you kick off 2018 building a speaking business you can scale!

Featured Speaker: Jeff Zalaya

The Speaker Point

He is the Founder of Florida Public Speaking and runs the site Jeff is business development specialist who runs online marketing workshops for businesses and college students. I asked him about how he started and how he handles the challenges of public speaking. Who are you? Jeff Zelaya What do you do? I’m a

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Featured Speaker: Jeff Zelaya

The Speaker Point

He is the Founder of Florida Public Speaking and runs the site Jeff is business development specialist who runs online marketing workshops for businesses and college students. I asked him about how he started and how he handles the challenges of public speaking. Who are you? Jeff Zelaya What do you do? I’m a

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Happy New Year! What are your goals for 2015?

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It highlights photos I’ve taken during all 4 seasons, from New York, to Florida, to Iowa and Nebraska. Here’s my New Year’s card to you. I hope you enjoy it! I have big plans for 2015 — a weekly 15-minute webinar series, a new/old e-book, and more. How about you?

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What is Your Sales Posture?

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Last month at Acceleration 365, my live event in Florida, I felt like a rock star. I opened the conference with an inspiring message and really connected with my audience. The program was going so well, I was thrilled. But then it happened… The big wah wah wah (said like the Peanuts school teacher)… It […]. The post What is Your Sales Posture? appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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The Future of the Internet.

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TJ Walker talks on NewsRadio 1620 in Pensacola, Florida WNRP about the future of the internet. Audio internet marketing Press Room

Podcast: PR Troubles with Ozzie Guillen

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Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Miami Marlins, stuck his foot in his mouth this week by saying he ‘loved Fidel Castro’ and caused a rumble in the Cuban Community in Florida. Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Miami Marlins, stuck his foot in his mouth this week by saying he ‘loved Fidel Castro’ and caused a rumble in the Cuban Community in Florida.

How to Answer Questions.or Not?

Executive Speech Coach

In this video, Anderson Cooper points out the ridiculous response from Florida Governor, Rick Scott. How to answer questions or not? Many presentations include time for questions from your audience. This offers the opportunity to clarify key points and nurture trust.

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Alum news: owner and editor of city magazine

Joan Detz Speaker Services

My congratulations to seminar alum Jim DeSimone, who is now president and editor of Winter Park magazine in Florida. Visit to enjoy the wide range of articles in this smart-looking city magazine.

The Power of the National Speakers Association for Professional Speakers

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As we approach the National Speakers Association’s annual convention this July in Orlando, Florida – Influence 2017 – you may be wondering if joining the association is right for you. While I can only speak to my personal experience and the opinions that have been shared with me by others, ultimately it comes down to […]. The post The Power of the National Speakers Association for Professional Speakers appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Fun Friday: Miss America introductions

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From the state where your vote counts, and counts, and counts, I''m Laura McKeeman, Miss Florida." I never managed to post this in January, but it''s a perfect video for a Fun Friday!

Contest Results: Official Book/Movie/Song

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Florida: The Old Man and the Sea. Florida: A Day Without Sunshine. Florida: Some Like It Hot. It’s time for the results of the Official State Book/Movie/Song contest. The top lines are listed below. New joke contests are announced on the first of the month. Our subscribers submitted the Official Books, Movies, and Songs for the different states. Not REAL ones. Just ones they came up with using their creativity. The next contest is November 1, 2014.

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