Santorum out. But can Romney learn to like himself?

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Candidate Rick Santorum spoke from the tightly constructed belief system of a 17th century religious fundamentalist. And yet, while he will indeed leave the campaign as nominee, he will also leave it weakened by evasiveness and flip-flopping. The personal characteristics that enable others to believe in us the most, are often the ones coached out of us as being most likely to frighten the horses.

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New Decade, New Marketing

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I talked alot in 2009 about doing a marketing Flip Flop. Here’s the link to the special system price: [link]. Yesterday during my workout, I was watching “So You Think You Can Dance&#.

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Audience on the Stage

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I discovered that there are companies like Poll Everywhere that have systems tailored specifically for the use of polling during a presentation. There are audiences out there that will LOVE this kind of two way discussion, and there are some audiences with whom polling would be a complete flop. Last month Nancy Duarte spoke at Web2.0 Expo and it was a huge success.

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Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

Say one thing, then flip-flop. Most of the time the pausing is done so the sound from the PA system can settle and your next words are clearer.

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