Have You Done Your Marketing Flip Flop

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Have you done your marketing flip flop? Many speakers I run across don’t realize their positioning needs a flip flop. Well, they are either positioned as a speaker first, expert second. You’re positioning as a speaker first. ps: The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

Who is Your Website About?

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As my friend Brian Palmer of National Speakers Bureau says “clients no longer want to hire “speakers,” they want to hire smart people who happen to speak.” See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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So, what’s a great website really look like?

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This is THE BEST speaker website you’ve seen?&#. Many speakers struggle to come up with a promise that really works, so don’t think you are alone. For more on Promise Statements, refer to Chapter 4 of The Wealthy Speaker.


Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Because of my personality and expertise at cutting their hair, my clients thought I would be a pretty good speaker. In 1984 when I finally retired from hairstyling and was a full-time professional speaker, I was hired to speak to AT&T National Account managers.