Your Client's LinkedIn Pulse Post Flopped - Delete

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Products fail and are taken off the market. The potential exposure provided by posting on LinkedIn Pulse can be as great as having an opinion-editorial (op-ed) published in The Wall Street Journal. The potential downside can be equally huge. There is little traffic. No likes. No comments. That data - or the lack of them - are made public on the Pulse site. Your client looks bad. The good news is that Pulse platform allows you to delete. And that's what I recommend.

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Summer Goals, Cha-Chings & Flip Flops

Speaker Launcher

Where I used to be aggressively thinking about marketing and how to ramp up biz for the Fall, now I base the success of my summer on my flip flop tan line. So this summer you can be thinking about: a) what product you can develop to increase your cha-ching.

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American Conservatism - Rebranding To Become, Well, More American Liberal

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That's the crude slang in sales about flops in products and services. This dog don't hunt. It also applies to political ideologies. As Jack Hunter observes in Politico , many American conservatives are hawking values that are increasingly unmarketable.

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Overcoming Sunk Cost Fallacy: Get Better at Decision-Making


In other words, you incur certain sunk costs when you are launching a new product or an entirely new company. Treat every investment as an option – to experiment with a new product, test a new marker, etc.

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4 Ways to Use Storytelling in Marketing That Have Nothing to Do With Heart Wrenching Videos

Duarte Blog

Relating to your customer can make the difference between a well-received campaign or a flop. In response, CEO Stephen Williamson publicly apologized, recalled the products, and agreed to pay all victims’ medical bills. It also results in more cohesive products.

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POM Wonderful Presents. Good lessons for speakers

Speak Schmeak

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," Morgan Spurlock's advertisement-within-a-movie-within-an-advertisement about product placement and marketing in movies. All three are flops. Because Spurlock's commercials emphasize aspects of the product that are at odds with what POM Wonderful wants to emphasize. It's clear from this scene that he has not researched his client enough, and hasn't actually determined what they consider important features of the product.

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How to Start a Presentation: 5 Strong Opening Slides and 9 Tricks To Test


Knowing how to start a presentation is crucial: if you fail to capture the audience attention right of the bat, your entire presentation will flop. I was receiving thousands of emails saying that someone just bought another product from our company.

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7 Rules of Taking Feedback

Speak and Deliver

If a new idea doesn't work as well as you thought it would, at least it flopped in a practice instead of in front of your paying audience. Commit to the final product, and run with it. The final product is YOUR responsibility.

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20 tips for better conference speaking ~ Authentic Boredom

I’ve had my share of presentations that have been total flops, along with some very successful ones. Once you become familiar with Keynote, which isn’t an arduous process, the productivity and just plain enjoyment you’ll experience using it over PowerPoint is completely worth any switching costs. Don’t drink milk or dairy products as they make you smack your lips. If you have videos or product demos, know how to run them outside the presentation.

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Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

Say one thing, then flip-flop. Putting effort into the costumes and writing a script is highly appreciated when you have a long line of "Use our product because (theres nothing in it for the audience and it goes so long with details no one cares about) I want to make money and hear myself talk."

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