Your Client's LinkedIn Pulse Post Flopped - Delete

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The good news is that Pulse platform allows you to delete. The potential exposure provided by posting on LinkedIn Pulse can be as great as having an opinion-editorial (op-ed) published in The Wall Street Journal. The potential downside can be equally huge. There is little traffic. No likes. No comments. That data - or the lack of them - are made public on the Pulse site. Your client looks bad. And that's what I recommend. Products fail and are taken off the market.

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Washed Up - It Happens All the Time, So How Do We Put Together Another Line of Work?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" Out in mid June, "Madame X" is supposed to be the 60-year-old's comeback platform.    ShowBiz411 points out that the last several albums Madonna has put out have been "flops." 

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How to Start a Presentation: 5 Strong Opening Slides and 9 Tricks To Test


Knowing how to start a presentation is crucial: if you fail to capture the audience attention right of the bat, your entire presentation will flop. Here’s how you can frame your intro: “My name is , and I am a lead software engineer at our platform [Your Job Title].

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Audience on the Stage

Duarte Blog

Biases against different mobile platforms. There are audiences out there that will LOVE this kind of two way discussion, and there are some audiences with whom polling would be a complete flop. Last month Nancy Duarte spoke at Web2.0 Expo and it was a huge success. In preparation for her talk she asked me if there would be a way to reproduce an exercise called “Speaker & Audience Mapping&# that she usually leads in the slideology workshops.

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20 tips for better conference speaking ~ Authentic Boredom

I’ve had my share of presentations that have been total flops, along with some very successful ones. One of the “total flops&# I mentioned was a workshop that went (I felt) horribly bad. Works fine with any platform. 20 tips for better conference speaking ~ 16 February 2009 ~ View from on stage as I’m preparing to speak at An Event Apart New Orleans 2008. I’ll be straight up with you: I don’t profess to be an expert speaker.

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Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

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