Don’t Forget that Marketing Flip Flop!

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If you answered “no&# to any of these questions consider doing a marketing flip flop to switch the order of your home page copy to be more client and outcome oriented. ps: need help with your flip flop?

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Summer Goals, Cha-Chings & Flip Flops

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Where I used to be aggressively thinking about marketing and how to ramp up biz for the Fall, now I base the success of my summer on my flip flop tan line. b) what do you need to let go of in order to move your business forward this fall.

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Let go instead of holding on (to your content)

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It means rearranging what you've written so that the right words , in the right order, make the line funny. Stomach does flip flops* Second of all, I want it to be lean.

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Washed Up - It Happens All the Time, So How Do We Put Together Another Line of Work?

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  ShowBiz411 points out that the last several albums Madonna has put out have been "flops."  Here you can order it from Amazon. " … [Madonna'] 'Medellin' failed to catch on.

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Overcoming Sunk Cost Fallacy: Get Better at Decision-Making


Most business models assume that you first need to spend some cash in order to make some. rather than an obligation to make that investment work no matter what i.e. keep burning money on further product enhancements if it flopped in the target market.

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Old-Fashioned Solution for Multi-Dimensional Problems: Bringing Back Boarding Houses

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Most were flop houses.  Currently, in order to exit my 12-month lease for a one-bedroom rental  in northeastern Ohio I would have to pony up all rent for all the remaining months.

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4 Ways to Use Storytelling in Marketing That Have Nothing to Do With Heart Wrenching Videos

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Relating to your customer can make the difference between a well-received campaign or a flop. The persona exercise relies on interviewing customers in order to tell accurate and meaningful life stories.

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Physical comfort is overrated

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But on stage, every little flop of her sleeves was noticeable. Should we give up the idea of comfort in order to keep our wits about us, as Tim suggests?

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Joke Contest Results — Sounds Like

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HONORABLE MENTION (in random order). Hillary opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Flip-flop. It’s time for the results of our July joke contest. The feedback from our readers was that it was one of our most difficult contests. The theme of the contest was: Sounds Like. New contests are announced on the first of the month. Look for the next contest on August 1, 2015. Here are the top entries. ** FIRST PLACE **.

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Design Your Space

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At the heart of this contest is the importance of adjusting physical space in order to maximize learning. Even the best presentation can flop if the physical space is not conducive to learning.

Speak & Deliver - A Public Speaking Blog For the Speaking Public: The Climax - The Make or Break Moment in Speaking

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Do you have to tell them in a certain order? This was confirmed when, instead of going straight into her conclusion, she went for one more point, one more laugh, and it flopped.

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Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

Say one thing, then flip-flop. Methodical people want order and get things done. BNET All Bnet Articles Library Stocks Dictionary Search Advanced Search in free and premium articles free articles only premium articles only Arts Autos Business Health Home & Garden News Reference Sports Technology Search Login Newsletters My BNET Today Management Strategy Work Life Insight Industries Business Library Video download Email Share My BNET Twitter

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