Public Speaking: Improvise Your Flipchart

Great Public Speaking

It was two minutes until start time and I realized there was no flipchart in the room. I was not using an overhead projector either, so I could not simply write on a blank transparency.Now one & 1/2 minutes left. I saw a flipchart in use by the AirForce folks who were in the next room. I borrowed one piece of flipchart paper and went back into my room. I asked for three volunteers to BE my flipchart. Oops!

What’s a Presentation without Visuals?

DeFinis Communications

A few weeks later I walked into a client’s conference room to find an overhead projector. And just yesterday I watched a presentation where the presenter used a flipchart. So, when was the last time you used a chalkboard, an overhead projector, a whiteboard, a flipchart, or even no visuals at all? When it comes to visual aids for a presentation, what’s the first thing you think of? If you said “PowerPoint™” or “slide ware,” you’re in the majority.

Visual 158

PowerPoint and the demise of Chalk & Talk: (1) The beginning of the end

Max Atkinson

AN UNEXPECTED RESULT OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION Slide-dependency can be seen as the legacy of a change in the way the overhead projector – PowerPoint’s immediate ancestor – was originally intended to be used. A warm welcome to anyone who's arrived here via the BBC website - in which case you're probably interested in speaking and presentation.