Annoying PowerPoint survey

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Following up on this post , I've just been reading the results of Dave Paradi's Annoying PowerPoint Survey. Then, you spend so much time preparing the data and charts for the slideshow, you don't have time to practice the presentation, so you end up reading it off the screen. Make a commitment to learning the principles of effective visuals, whether they're flip charts or computer-generated.

2007 109

Top ten torments to terrify your audience

Speak Schmeak

Frightful confessions I''m terrified of what''s to come when this speaker tells us she''s sorry, she''s not very good at public speaking, or she didn''t have time to prepare, or she only got two hours of sleep. The walking dead A speaker who follows every known speaking rule and memorizes ever facial expression, gesture and word, comes across like a zombie, making it difficult to create a human connection. People fear speaking more than they fear death."

2013 162