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"Gray Mountain" Resonates With Those Who Had A Piece Taken Out Of Them During The Crash

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Kofer's law firm offered her free health benefits for a year and a shot at being taken back (although she was now too cynical to trust that) if she interned at a non-profit. So much so that when two lucrative offers from law practices came her way she didn't bite. With the $39,000 offer in hand, she committed to stay 18 months. Will Kofer return to piling up wealth and status or will she open a small law firm with a sliding-scale fee schedule?

2015 43

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Like Thrown Confetti - Bits and Pieces of Emotional Growth Throughout "A Million Little Things"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Then it comes: Two members of the law firm offer Katherine partnership.  Then she will return to the law firm and, if necessary, work through the night. Later that evening, the powers that be call and say the firm needs her total commitment. Then she tells her new boyfriend, who also works at the firm, that she was turned down for partnership - and got her life back. She worked for that moment for nine years.

2018 40

Industry Execs Meet Social Media: Five Reasons Your Firm Needs A Social Media Strategy

Communication Steroids

Yeah, I know, your company is a b2b industrial firm with a quality product, good market penetration and a solid reputation among your target client group. Go online and type in the name of a leading industrial firm. Then count how many hits you get that are blogs or social media mentions that talk about the investment potential, for good or ill, that firm offers.

An Executive Guide to Management Consulting


If you are planning to pursue this profession or switch between different management consulting jobs or niches, the guide below will offer you some essential guidance. More common, however, are management consulting firms that have individual teams, either categorized by specific areas or by business sectors. Who Are the Top Consulting Firms? Until the late ’90s, there were actually eight major consulting firms in the world. Who are Boutique Consulting Firms?